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  1. i quit

    Sporadic Development Director?
  2. Reform the LT

    Please forgive the lore team for writing lore on the areas they are most knowledgeable and experienced in.
  3. Nexus grinding promotes toxicity 

  4. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    I for one want to see the developer arguments for keeping these features on the server when they clearly aren't desired by those who use them most.
  5. Where is 6.0

    Hopefully it's it's implemented before the Christmas break. Really don't want to be missing the holiday activity boost.
  6. Got more soul than a sock with a hole

    1. cuckio


      Set the stage with a goal.

  7. Cornivore Reaching His Dream

    A reminder to those giving feedback to keep it directed towards the applicant. If you disagree with someone's criticism do not degrade to flinging insults. This is not acceptable anywhere on the forums and the rules still apply to staff applications. Everyone is entitled to give their opinion on a potential staff member and nobody has the right to try and shut someone else down over it.
  8. I believe Sky would be a quality FM and a good addition to the team. Being another Australian is an added perk. +1!
  9. [✓] Mandatory Automatic Aging

    I certainly agree with you, the problem is that then we will just have swarms of Race: Human Age: 128 Bio: Real Age 24 I think the only way you could remedy this is, like you said, auto killing characters. However, this would lead to anger when someone logs in to find their beloved persona dead. Perhaps instead make it so when you're online and your character lives past an arbitrary age limit they have a low chance of dying from old age in the form of being sent an ingame notification or something along those lines notifying you of their death. Perhaps it would not have to be instant and instead give them a chance to give their character some closure. Then as they grow older the % chance of death increases per year until they eventually kick the bucket. This would serve to thin out the ultra elderly you see running around while not forcing people to instantly kill their characters once they reach a certain age. However, I don't agree that people should be punished for not killing their characters, only reminded.
  10. Tidemanno's LM application

    Very nice dude, certainly knows his stuff +1
  11. Quelling the Bandits!

    Warclaim moved to denied section upon request.
  12. The Calling for War against Oren

    Peter Walsh thumbs his chin and frowns. "How can this fool be claiming to light the flame of peace when calling for war?" He pondered to himself, furrowing his brow as he attempted to make sense of the logic.
  13. You mentioned FM school but I highly doubt such a thing exists since you generaly need to be literate to go to school if any meaninfull kind, and I think we can all agree FMs can't read or write with 80% of their posts being random combinations of letters that somehow through sheer luck manage to form sentences vaguely related to the topic with the other twenty percent beinv memes so stale you could sell them as yogurt

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    2. Jaeden


      The irony in this

    3. HedgeHug
    4. Starfelt


      You've summoned the wrath of the forum mods. Cower in fear.

  14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yes great thanks +1
  15. [Accepted] [Trial]Sir_Niccum's New GM App

    Who could be more qualified +1