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  1. Actually....farryn...just...plea... sighs...
  2. doesnt allah just mean...god? i mean people go around preaching to god all the time, i mean praying to mohammed would be different but ive seen no one do that so i Think its all good...
  3. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Gruvan321 Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Logging off mid RP Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Sobermutt,vrarrdata,ibraheemc2000 and adamc2000 Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) My character had been called to witness in a trial. After the trial it was decided that he the witness who had done nothing but witness was to have his tongue cut out. This was decided by the judge his IRP Brother. I thought it was bullshit that a man would cut out the tongue of his own brother. My char is lead out to the place where his sentence is to be carried out, there this very same judge. My chars BROTHER decides that he should instead be killed. This here is where i logg off. At this point i have grown tired of what i considered and still cpnsider is ooc harassment aimed at me. Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) I do not regret my feelings but I do regret my actions. Logging from RP is never aw ay to go if i actually want to solve the situation. I have thought my actions over and decided that i shall never commit these mistakes again but try to solve the problem. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable)
  4. He sat there on the cliff. On the outside he was silent, yet inside his head ideas were buzzing around like bees round a flower. "A tower there......by that great tree we shall keep our steeds" He mumbled to himself. In the lush Landscape around him his mind painted him a small town. The Nature around him shared few similarities with that of his place of birth, he thoughts a the merciless wind played symphonies in the trees. Vilinkia, the village hadn't been very big, a few houses and his fathers manse. Highfield...he didn't have many clear memories of his family home. A large hall...a kind chef sticking pies to him as he played in the kitchens. When he was nine it had all been destroyed, ripped from him. The large hall set to flames, the kind chef killed,brutally murdered. His father had brought him a long to a siege, he didn't remember their lieges name, nor the defenders, all he remembered was the fire... They had attacked in the night, like the fox attacking the sleeping hens they had been brutally slaughtered. His father had been lucky enough to survive,barely... With the few of his surviving men he had taken refugee to the south, to a people who shared hate for their common enemy. The people of the Sultanate had been kind, they had been well taken care of, yet his father was never the same again. He had lost everything. Returning from the memories of the past Jens stood up. He had many a things to do, people to talk to, lands to be inspected. He had to take care of his people, but most importantly...He had a sultanate to serve. Jens Ulvenrand inspecting the Waywindwoods of Haria.
  5. @drfate786 You gone depressed?
  6. Split here.... On one hand you were nice while you were nice....on the other hand...well...your werent when you werent....
  7. 1040 for both!
  8. Mr ulvenrand bids 300 mina for both
  9. Flapman trying to leave Lotc is like an old smoker trying to quit smokeing, they just cant...

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       Vape nation


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      I only smoke when there is civil war in Oren :^)

  10. As a swede with Sami heritage (long esy back tho) I really like this.. U from sweden or finland yerself?
  11. Ornsund Trade Company The Ornsund Trade company is a co-operation by several Merchants and companies of different renoun and tasks. The company is based in the proud city of Haria and is currently led by The honorable Alexander Ornsund and his great companion Waleed of the Noble house Al Nabeel. The main branches of the company are; Ornsund Beverages Limited. Ornsund Beverages Limited is Company specifying in providing taverns and other fine establishments. The company provides Beverages and meals. It promises to provide food and beverages of highest quality to all and every one. Amongst the companies most honorable customers are fine taverns and even several Noble families. The Company is currently led by Alexander Orsund and hase two bases; Haria for any alcoholless beverages and food, and an anonymous location for alcohol related drinks. Should ye wish to buy wares and servics from this company please contact Alexander Ornsund ((Gruvan321)). The Inter-Axios Transportation fleet The IATF is a group of merchant fleets providing the possibility to rent ships for war or trade. The Company provides ship to anyone with the need and a bit of gold. Do ye need to Transport large amounts of any ware? Contact the IATF! Do ye need a way to transport yer troops? Contact The IATF! The ship `Ebb`of the fleet, transporting wares from Johannesburg to the free city f Sutica. The IATFs shipyard is currently building several ships more Suitable for military purposes. The fleets is based in several locations all around axios. Should ye wish to buy its services, please contact Alexander Ornsund ((Gruvan321 or ormz)) Yer compnay with us? The Ornsund Trade Company is always looking for new partners! Should yer honorable company wish to join us, do not fret to contact any representative of the company"
  12. The government would begin investigatin wherer these posters come from. Diplomats would be sents to Ethiopia to secure relations with in the south europe area.
  13. Nationaly the UK would aim the update and upgrade their oil and gas fields. For such resources would be needed. With their extended source of money they would aim to further fund their farms and ageicultural buisness as if to prepare for isolation. They wanted to be self propellant. UK would also gain a contract with SAAB Aero to construct a plane specificly designed for the Uk military and the new Isle militia. From the same company they would also order new submarines for the navy.
  14. U.K Diplomacy: A diplomat would be sent too the Irish occupiers on north Ireland. He would bear the following message: This is not ypur land, yet you dear occupy it, you see it as your land. We understand your yearning. Once we wanted to be great. We share the same blood. We are the brittish people. We may not fight. We are one. Your government may officialy keep the occupied land on one condition. Together with us you will form the new two isles military and you will pay such military with a quarter of your natural resources. Gas and Oil. Yearly. Fail to accept these terms andyou will find yourself in a full front war. *All brittish Navy would be moved towards Ireland.* To Russia: Europe finds it self in a difficult time. We were once united, we were once strong together. Our two glorious nations shall not wage war on eachother, instead we must work together to ensure...stability in europe. Work with me !