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  1. Well you got alot of time :3 I'm still editing the post
  2. Not Swedish or Finnish myself, but the one playing the leader is ^^ got me interested in it honestly- and wrote the majority of this culture. YourLocalNath
  3. Even that thing is ridiculous!
  4. If you decide to, pm me and I'll give you someone to contact and be added in the chat ^^ The whole religion is ridiculous, but it's supposed to be that way!
  5. Only thing there is on the Cultures are adunians and another thing. LET US MAKE MORE AND DON'T DISCOURAGE ME ;-; It is! And if you like, you can join our already made group.
  6. The Inemho “Eh-Nem-Hoh” (Keep in mind this post isn’t done yet, still need to work out the bits and bobs and expand on it more. Huge huge HUGE credit goes to YourLocalNath for writing the majority of this, aswell as to Crines and anotherwhomidkwhotocreditas for this post! And me of course, I did work ahem ahem. I hope you enjoy reading what we got so far, pics and skin examples will be added soon.) Introduction: The Inemho are a generally peaceful tribe who follow a pagan belief by the name of ‘Kuikka’. Followers of Kuikka believe that there is a council of gods watching the world whom take control of different areas in life. Few care much for humans most choosing to keep to their own kind, while others are downright dangerous to anger. To appease the gods sacrifices and rituals are performed, accompanied by prayers. Through the clergy they believe that they can contact spirits. Though generally a peaceful tribe, if a battle comes, most tribe members are expected to join in defense of the tribe. Any man and woman no matter how young or old is expected to pick up their spears or knives to defend their fellow brothers and sisters. Shamans and old housewives are responsible to protect the wounded from infections using prayers….with a bit of herbs and basic medical aid. The Inemho people rely on the old ways of hunting, using knives, spears and bows in a hunt. During the winter, the tribe use a specifically shaped long planks of wood under their feet on flat surfaces of snow to easily move around in the form of skiing, using two sticks as a means to maneuver. The main staple of the people are dried beans, dried peas, grains, jam, dried meat and dried fish during winter. During summer or any other season except winter, the people eat a varied amount of foods. Most of summer and autumn is spent on preparing for the coming winter and spring is spent on recovering from the harsh and long dark. Religion: The Inehmo believe that Time was an entity of its own that created the world, and from Time came the Gods to watch over and perfect the world. The Inehmo believe in the Gods aswell, and that each had different goals in their non eternal lives, some sought the love of what they created and others sought their misery. Soon they began to turn against each other and battles of unbelievable scale that took place until a single God emerged victorious. This God frowned upon the evil thoughts that started the conflict and pleaded with Time to give them a new chance under his rule. This wise God’s name was Mäkki and he proclaimed himself to be the king of Gods. . . what he lacks in power he makes up for with mercy and persuasion. Mäkki managed to convince time to save the gods from their fates and to bring them to Mäkki. They begged for his wisdom and together they created a council under his watch so that they could work together. In total there are 10 different gods that make up the council and their ultimate leader: Jalmar The god of the hunt is the most able hunter of all. He often visits his people in the form of a wolf or eagle. He is most pleased by a prayer in the early morning and a gift in the form of a cut of meat after every successful kill. It is said that a good relationship with this god increases chances of a fruitful hunt. Käppi She is the mother of all herbivores in the forest and despises Jalmar with a passion. She is responsible for fertility of all creatures and she is often seen in the shape of a fox. This humble mother of all herbivores loves a gift of flowers or fruits and may only be prayed to by couples. It is said that a married woman who prays to this goddess receives great fertility for the rest of the season. Luviissa Another goddess but this one is responsible for all of the jealousy in the world. She has the power to turn the most humble of people into into jealous monsters. She is thought to appear in the shadow of crows and it's very difficult to contact her. . . Few know how to please her since her demands are endless. The best choice would be to accept that you can't please this goddess and instead simply avoid incurring her wrath Mikkel This is the god of men and trees. He is responsible for the strength of men and trees, and so works constantly to make sure that his male followers are fertile and able to provide for their families. Mikkel often takes the shape of an oak or bear. He is pleased by having his name called out after battle or when given an offering of water after felling a tree, usually by pouring water on a nearby tree or sapling close to that of the chopped one. A man who angers this god might experience nightmares after felling trees without leaving an offering or infertility in the bedroll. Nani The goddess of the day and night cycle. She keeps the winter cold and long by hiding the sun from us and pulls the moon into the sky each evening. One might see her rarely in the shape of a squirrel. She cares not for the petty acts of kindness to her and is just satisfied with her job. One does not simply pray to her and she cannot be angered. Tarro This god is the god of seasons and weather. He blows enormous clouds from his lungs and grasps the very mountains, clapping them together to create thunder. He is always in the shape of a goat and is satisfied by any general sacrifice or prayer. If content- he will give the people good weather and if upset he will send thunder and storms upon the people. Jarmo This god is the god of war and is responsible for the transportation of souls to the spirit world. He gifts men the rush they feel in battle and strikes fear into the heart of their enemies.The chosen manifestation of this God is a Lynx. This God demands prayers to be said before entering battle and one daily prayer before bed. If angered this God curses his follower to be inept at harming others in battle. Hakkamill This is the god of water and wealth. He provides great lakes and prosperity to those who follow him. His manifestations are often a fish or toad. Hakkamill is the greediest out of the gods and constantly demands sacrifices of food and figurines. He cares very little about prayer but it is said that praying to him twice daily will ensure you do not incur his wrath. If upset he will flood whole forests and the people will slowly die from famine, due to this threat- the Inemho people keep a separate supply of figurines and food offerings to the god to prevent such disaster. Sartolakki While he may be a god himself, he is usually dubbed the ‘Servant God’. He’s a bit of a jack of all trades and does the work that is not taken care of by the others. All people are required to respect this god and offer him a gift of appreciation every day. The poor may offer prayers if they are not able to please him by sacrifice. His forms are often a rabbit or snake but can sometimes turn into a butterfly. Anger him and you will suffer from bad luck in general. Mäkki The king of gods. He sits on his throne and advises the other gods on what to do. He does not appear in our world and is too humble to accept prayers. He forgives almost all people and is a pacifist since his rule began so long ago. He sits upon his mighty throne made out of grass and stones with a crown out of wood. Prayers are often done in private in order to have a more personal contact with the gods being prayed to. Often its done during a certain time of day and a general prayer often involves humbly laying in front of something of importance. Sacrifices are done often a walk away from home but can be done anywhere where there is grass. Sometimes it's alright to throw sacrifices into fire if no other place can be found. It's good to express one's fear of what might happen to oneself while sacrificing. Appearance: The Inemho people generally look like most Highlanders with their height ranging from 5.2ft (160 cm) to just above 6ft (185 cm). They are pale skinned with their common hair colours being brown or blonde and the most common eye colours being blue or brown. Most of the men are well built due to their duties such as hunting or gathering, though the women are not far from their build themselves. The Inemho are easily recognizable by their thick and colourful clothing. Clothing: The clothing that the people wear is made out of wool, reindeer fur, fur from game, linen and birch bark, then dyed to a combination of colours- blue is usually used as a base colour with red usually accompanying it. Other colours such as white, beige, yellow and brown are not as common but still used. During the winter, the Inemho people thicken their clothing with more wool and fur to keep the wearer warm. Women are often expected to cover most of themselves and men are expected to wear amulets on them to protect from bad luck. These amulets are to be received from their mothers or their wife but in rare cases a daughter will do. Marriage: Marriage is a common practice among the people and is initiated by one of the two in the loving pair asking the other for his or her knife, the knife is then taken and switched out for a pouch of bells. These bells are fastened to the woman by either herself or the man. Together they sing in front of a shaman or an oak if no shaman is nearby. They sing and sing for hours until the witnessing shaman or oak feels satisfied. The couple is now married in the name of the gods and are punished by death if they turn unfaithful. Betrothal can be made if the woman is not of age yet and the man is of age. This is commonly done for shamans wishing to have a young wife but it's also not too uncommon for warriors who lack a wife. Duels between rivals can be settled by a game of wrestling on the top of a log. Traditions and Customs: Festivals are to be held once a new child is born in the tribe and the festival is generally celebration by food and dance until evening where all people shall gather before a shaman or oak to pray. Swearing is generally frowned upon and the people are heavily encouraged to not shout or swear often. A member of the people is usually very quiet when among themselves but may of course speak louder with foreigners. The Inemho people do not use currencies such as coins of minae, they instead rely on trading with other groups or outsiders to get what they need. The Inemho people also do not adopt outsiders into their tribe under any circumstance. Though if an outsider seeks close friendship with the tribe they must learn and surrender to the Kuikka before asking the shaman and leader of the group to set forth trials for the outsider. After all conditions are met and trials are done- the outsider will be accepted as a clan friend and will be treated as one, though they still will never be considered a full fledged member of the group but will be given the blessing to take a member of the group as a husband or wife. Language: Kaumo is the most common language spoken among the Inemho. Their language is rather rough and complicated grammatically. Verbs are bent depending on who is doing the action and from what perspective the speaker has. A strange example of their unusual style of grammar is that animals have different words for the verb “run” depending on how many legs they have. An outsider learning the language would find it very difficult to learn, though thankfully the Inemho people learned to speak basic common for the purpose of trading and necessity as a whole. Roles Within The Tribe: Group Leader: The group leader is an important figure within the tribe, they are the ones to give the final decisions within the tribe, and are the ones to go ahead of the tribe during a journey- leading them to new lands and discoveries. Shaman: The shaman is the a position of power that is held by a spiritual man that has survived more than thirty winters, and is believed to consume lots of mushrooms or any other plants that enable him to ‘contact’ the spiritual world. He uses his connection to the spiritual world to talk to Gods directly or the spirits of dead people or animals. He is the only one that may declare war and is the only one that may swear during conversation. Hunters: The hunters are responsible for gathering the meat and pelts required for the tribe. Their choice of preys can vary from small animals like rabbits and fishes, to animals as large elks or even bears if they are brave enough. They are no doubt a necessity to the survival of the tribe. Foragers: The foragers are depended on the gathering of herbs, fruits or any other useful forage to be found. Most of the times the forage they find are traded with other tribes or city folks they come across for things that could prove more useful to the group. Warriors: The warriors could apply to all the members of the tribe as they are expected to join together in defense should the tribe face a danger, but those who are dedicated in the role are among the best wielders of spears and knifes. Their duty is to protect each and every member of the tribe from harm. ((If possible, I'd like it if people will refrain from making an Inemho unless you decide to join our already made group, add breadbaker4lyf and say you want to join and she'll add you to the group. Reason for this is because I don't want people running around just yet when the post isn't even done.))
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  9. ((What kind of card games do you want? Blackjack, poker etc..?
  10. APPLICATION Your Name: Sykes Piko Your Race: Wood Elf Your Age: 125 Your Professions/ Skills: Lumberjack, Archery Do you have others that will be coming with you?: Possibly, unsure. Any information not mentioned above may be sought by once again contacting the Félagi. ((Sentis))” ((OOC)) MC Name: MiniSpigot Time Zone: GMT+3 Do you Have Skype? (If so please provide your Skype name or PM me): Nifty.Pickle
  11. A generic yet muscular fabulous Mali'ker signs his name, flexing all the while. Xallin,
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  13. A letter is to the individual in reply: "I'd like to be hired as a lumberjack, I currently have carts of logs that I can supply you with on our meeting, pick a time?" -Sykes
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