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  1. Kaniehtiio ran her tongue over her sharpened canines, something in her cold heart beginning to stir at the mention of the Qalasheen. They were the only people she vaguely cared for after all this time – everyone else meant nothing to her. It wasn’t so much a fondness for the Qalasheen that fueled her ruthless urge to slaughter those against them, but hatred and bitterness left to fester for almost a century. “Of course, Heartlanders being idiots as they always have been. Why is this not a surprise to me in the slightest?”
  2. nice name

    1. rotund_man


      thank you kindly

  3. hey dude

  4. ((Mc Name)): Busty_Crustacean ((Rp)) Name: Arwen Rhuivathar Are you currently a mage: nope When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): evenings of EST! MSg me for my discord though
  5. jesus christ he has hooked up with a lot of women wtf
  6. I really like this. I don’t often go on forums but I felt the compulsion to stop by and say hello.
  7. Jieru consults her heartlander servants on whether she should partake.
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  9. hi fellow new yorker

  10. FREE MY MAN @kevinblabla

  11. are you ok join the fam tho
  12. unpopular opinion, i presume, but i've always despised anime style art.


    why do all the men look like girls??/ i cannot tell the difference between the genders most of the time

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    2. hamberder


      i think the ideal appearances in asian societies nowadays are very anime inspired. it doesn't look natural, and if you look at k-pop stars, the men there look so effeminate. kind of like anime men.


      Then I see actual asian people in real life (read: my family), and none of them look like that. Whenever I visit Asia (mostly China and Taiwan), I see normal looking people with NATURAL FEATURES. but the moviestar/celebrities of china, not the average regular person, appears so different. not authentic. not real.

      In this image, the left side shows a natural, authentically beautiful Asian girl. REAL asians, whereas the right side has the trendy idealized image of a woman, who clearly went under the knife (bc nobody actually looks like that).


      FAKE ASIAN FACE versus NATURAL asian face

    3. Its_Just_Leap


      Some shows look better than others.

    4. hamberder


      what deeply disturbs me is the objectification of females in so many animes, but it doesn't surprise me -- Japanese culture has always been deeply misogynistic. i'd never want to be a woman living there, eugh.

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