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  1. rudolph the red nosed reindeer

    1. Rudster



    2. Manatee


      Had a very shiny nose

      and if u ever saw him u would even say it glowed

  2. AMAnatee

    maybe you thought i was going to be sarcastic but in all seriousness they're so cute and have the most adorable names! also ive heard that the halfling community is not that political and presumably not so oocly toxic over RP differences. and that the people are so chill and not overly invested in this server which is why some say that it's an inactive group (though it might be the case, it's for a damn good reason). i do love pumpkins! pumpkin pie is the best.
  3. spamaceofaids

    do u actually dislike me or are you memeing
  4. AMAnatee

    the room starring tommy wiseau produced by tommy wiseau directed by tommy wiseau written by tommy wiseau its my fav
  5. AMAnatee

    hes a good man !
  6. AMAnatee

    why do you choose to bash me over conservatism almost every time we interact smh i see u as a person, not a liberal
  7. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    you look like rob lowe an elusive specimen
  8. AMAnatee

    ask please be nice tho
  9. i want to acquire a wizard rank what do i do

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Manatee


      what kind of contest

    3. Kinslayer


      a creative contest that somebody holds i forget who

    4. Manatee


      i cant do art bbut i do music

  10. i too love foster the people

    1. neopsychedelia


      oh sick, fav album?
      torches is still the best imo

    2. Manatee
    3. neopsychedelia
  11. I HAVE BEEN HICCUPING FOR THE PAST 20 MINUTES and i dont know how to stop

    1. Adder


      I heard if you stop breathing it goes away.

    2. cuckio


      At least your nose wasn't bleeding for 40 minutes like mine did earlier.

  12. "Eskerrik asko anaia. Gracias, hermano."
  13. "Isn't the church supposed to stay neutral? I have a feeling this all started because it got involved in politics when it should not have," comments a spectator, her fingers idly drumming upon a mahogany desk. Promptly after retrieving some parchment, the woman dipped a quill in some blue ink and scribbled the following message: CIVONYR JVOKGDR RVKY NMGXEYOD NFD WBFR SGBM PO UVY BMO BGPO AOGDI. B WQYI CIID Q MINNBCXI QTDM, CTM MWIJ AWVTXP UIM MV RDVG ZI. Sinceramente, tú hermana