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  1. An Olive Branch, 1655

    Apollonia Horen squints, seeing as she's a Farfolk herself....
  2. “If she’s unhappy, she ought to be able to leave her husband. Especially if the marriage is detrimental to her mentality,” comments a concerned sultana. “Mi’lady Auralia, you are welcome within Santegia. I would love to speak to you on how to resolve this fiasco.”
  3. “Your husband is a traitorous scoundrel, but I agree that you should not bear the burden of his wrongdoings,” admits Soraya pensively.
  4. Istvan Of Vilacz

    a Hungarian!
  5. God Would Be Ashamed

    A certain Horen tutted upon hearing this, a frown settling upon her freckled face. Nonetheless, she continued sipping a piña colada and serenely lounging on the beach with a friend. ”艾亚。”
  6. Calling out fellow central asians

    I'm part ethnic Manchu with an interest in Central Asia!
  7. I haven't legitimately written anything for so long, so apologies for my rusty abilities!!!
  8. [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Salier

  9. FREE MY MAN @kevinblabla

  10. Alex's MT Application

    I'd hug him if I had arms instead of flippers. +1
  11. Kai Culture!

    are you ok join the fam tho
  12. unpopular opinion, i presume, but i've always despised anime style art.


    why do all the men look like girls??/ i cannot tell the difference between the genders most of the time

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Manatee


      i think the ideal appearances in asian societies nowadays are very anime inspired. it doesn't look natural, and if you look at k-pop stars, the men there look so effeminate. kind of like anime men.


      Then I see actual asian people in real life (read: my family), and none of them look like that. Whenever I visit Asia (mostly China and Taiwan), I see normal looking people with NATURAL FEATURES. but the moviestar/celebrities of china, not the average regular person, appears so different. not authentic. not real.

      In this image, the left side shows a natural, authentically beautiful Asian girl. REAL asians, whereas the right side has the trendy idealized image of a woman, who clearly went under the knife (bc nobody actually looks like that).


      FAKE ASIAN FACE versus NATURAL asian face

    3. Ghost_Of_Leap1


      Some shows look better than others.

    4. Manatee


      what deeply disturbs me is the objectification of females in so many animes, but it doesn't surprise me -- Japanese culture has always been deeply misogynistic. i'd never want to be a woman living there, eugh.

  13. are you thai

    1. Dewper


      keep ur claws away from chaw

    2. Chaw


      no i am not i just live in thailand


  14. Memri_03f093_6273097.jpg

    roses are red

    violets are blue

    by allah, behave yourself, i'll give you a taste of my shoe!

    1. ibraheemc2000
    2. TJBMinecraft


      I have diabetes and it's type 2