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  1. The Kai People (Above are two paintings of modern Kai.) ABOUT The Kai are the indigenous people originating from the isles of Axios. Said to be born in the heavenly lands of Makuahine's ruling, they seek harmony in all things natural and prosper in serenity. They kill only the animals needed to survive. It is natural that they are very nature-loving people and tend to look at the world with an open opinion. PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES The Kai are far folk and stand at heights ranging from 5'5 to 6'3 tall. Their skin color comes in tones of light olive to dark. They generally have lean and athletic frames complimented with wavy black, brown or chestnut locks. Males have a medium amount of facial hair, though it is a common practice to shave with a sharp blade. Eye colors come in a wide range- from brown and hazel to blue and green. Piercings and tattoos are a very common sight. LANGUAGE (mostly Hawaiian) Mahalo- thank you. 'A'ole pilikia- you're welcome. Hui- (formal) hey you! E kala mai- sorry or excuse me. Howzit- (informal) how are you? A hui hou- until we meet again. Ohana- family. Tutu- grandparent. Keiki- child/children. Makua- parent. Mo'opuna- grandchild. Haole- foreigner or white people. Kane- man. Wahine- woman. Luau- festival/party. Aina- homeland. Hale- home/house. Halekula- school. Hau'oli- happy/fun/joy. Hilahila- shame/embarrassed/shy. Huhu- angry/mad at/offended. Le'ale'a- pleased/amusement. Maha'oi- nosy/bold. Maha'oi- insolent/rude/brazen. Malie- calm/gentle. Nani- pretty. Lei- necklace made of flowers and seashells. Pakalolo- cactus green. Okole- ass/butt. Ho- hoe. These people have a thick and sultry accent. They speak with emphasis in their words at a fast pace and tend to use hand gestures to make a point. Most modern Kai speak in the common white people language, occasionally adding in a few Kai phrases. Elders however take pleasure in speaking full native tongue. CLANS Every Kai is born into a clan. It is their family until death do them apart and they will always fight for the good of their brothers and sisters. Should a Kai be born out of their homeland, upon returning, they must choose a clan for themselves. Each clan has noticeable personality characteristics and live by their own moral rules. Once you are born into a clan, or join a clan, there is no turning back. Anyone who betrays their family will be exiled or on harsher terms, executed. Below are the respective clans: PONO BRIEF OVERVIEW: The clan Pono has been the ruling clan of Makuakane as long as they've existed. They are highly respected and looked up to in society. Clan Pono is a prosperous group that corresponds both with the sun and the goddess Pele. People of this clan tend to be affectionate, strong, courageous and stubborn. Their colors are vibrant orange and a blinding white. KALAWAI'A BRIEF OVERVIEW: Clan Kalwai'a have been known for their curiosity towards books and scrolls. They closely resemble goddess Honua and Ka Haku, often referring to themselves as "Children of the Ocean". The Kai from this clan are sentimental, sympathetic, loving and intuitive. Their colors are jet black and a bright yellow, represented by a ominous sea creature. PELEKAI BRIEF OVERVIEW: Clan Pelekai are the most laidback of the clans. They tend to be the ones found swimming in the ocean at midnight or climbing trees to retrieve fresh coconuts. Pelekai people are cool-headed, intelligent and moody. This clan relate to and worship the goddess Kaua and god Maul. Their colors are deep blue and light grey. RELIGION Religion is a large part of Kai society. Gods and goddesses are worshipped on the daily and offerings are a common practice. Each individual puts heavy faith into their deities and seek guidance in them when a situation turns sour. In the Kai religion named Huna, there are numerous amounts of gods. Below are the main gods and goddesses, following by a brief overview: MAKUAHINE Makuahine is told to be the Mother of all Gods and Guardian of the Light. MAUL Often referred to as the 'Dark God', Maul is the Minister of Manipulation and Blood. He was exiled from the 'Light', home to all Gods alike, and set out to make a realm of his own named 'The Darkness'. There, he ruled with cruelty and ruthless bloodlust in mind alongside his consort Kaua. Depicted with mighty tusks and scarlet eyes. KA HAKU Ka Haku is the firstborn child of Makuahine. He is Protector of the Seas and Lord of all Gods. His birth, which is celebrated on Yulemas, is said to have surrounded the lands with blessed oceans brimming with both beautiful fish and feared monsters. He is depicted as a human that has the lower half of a Merfolks'. KAUA Kaua was a goddess not born at the hands of Makuahine, but just another Kai. During her human life, Kaua was a virtually ambitious and dark soul. She not only overindulged in the meat of animals, but found pleasure in others' pain. Maul discovered the girl who reeked of death and was delighted to find that she happily went under his arm. The Dark God turned Kaua from human to deity, and she grew to become one of the most powerful goddesses among the others. Kaua is the Lady of Warcraft, Hunting and Wit. Deaths attributed to her are brutal, bloody and slow. HONUA Honua was always her mothers' favorite. She turned curiosity into knowledge, cruelty into kindness, the good to bad. She is the Patron of Arts and Nature, and the Bearer of Wisdom and Learning. Honua was known for her acts of generosity. Once, when gods walked on the lands of humans, Honua treated the Kai as if they were her equals and even sought out to school children. LONO AND PELE Lono is the Keeper of the Moon and Rain, and the Lady of Forge, Purity and Air as well as the twin to Pele. Pele is the Goddess of the Sun and Volcanoes, and Lady of Fire, Intimacy and Initiative. These twins were always two sides to one coin- Lono was quiet and calm while Pele sought her long life with courage and ambition. Lono was always envious of Pele's nature and never content with her own actions. And so a one-sided rivalry began where Pele never failed to win. One day, a furious Lono brought chaos upon her Pele, flooding rolling hills and small volcanoes with sheets of pelting rain. Makuahine saw the troubles that would arise if the twins continued fighting so she trapped her daughters. Lono was sealed into the bright moon and Pele bound to a towering volcano. FESTIVALS AND RITES LANAKILA (The Heavenly Victory): Men and women of all ages are brought together in a clash of fists. Two competitors are placed in a ring to fight until surrender. This is an honored bonding experience between both Kai, and often celebrated after with strong liquor and new tattoos. The festival is made to please Maul, the God of Manipulation and Blood and Kaua, the Goddess of Warcraft, Hunting and Wisdom. LAWAI'A (The Great Retrieve): Kai are set behind a red line, sturdy spears in hand. The Kai are required to spear a fish of hefty size and present it to the judge. The one with the largest fish is deemed the winner, and the rest of the fish are safely released back into the ocean. A feast follows the event and a small offering is brought to Ka Haku's shrine. MA'ALILI (The Hot after the Cold): This festival takes place occasionally when the moon is at its peak. A select few Kai, generally men, leap into baths of freezing cold and then walk on a path of hot coals. Those who are great enough to endure are treated to hot liquor and claps on the back. This is often a way of attracting women as it makes the males appear strong. The feat of bravery is dedicated to Lono, the Goddess of Rain and Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes. CLOTHING Traditional Kai clothing tends to consist of a heavy array of jewelry and light, airy fabric. It's definitely not unusual to wear revealing items in order to display your hard earned tattoos and triumphant scars. For males, having dreads or growing out your hair is deemed attractive. During festivities, it is a tendency to wear stringy hula skirts or grass loincloths, vibrant paint and flower crowns. Armor and weapons are also a part of fashion. The weaponry you carry tends to speak for the person you are. Armor and weapons are commonly crafted of gold or iron and occasionally leather. (festival attire) GOVERNMENT The Kai government is ruled by a High Chief, followed by an Official Regent, High Exchequer, High Commander, High Steward, High Priest, Emissary and Advisor. Decisions are made final by the High Chief, but not without the input of the community. Below are the following titles: HIGH CHIEF/CHIEFTESS (ALI): It is within the best interest of a High Chief to listen to the peoples' opinions and suggestions. The Ali ensures that community runs smoothy and keep troublemakers in line. An Ali is selected by the initial Chief as heir to their throne. In the rare case of a Chief's death, the Regent takes charge of the community until a new Ali is elected. OFFICIAL LORD/LADY REGRENT (ELUA): The Elua is the second-in-command and is expected to assist the Ali as well as act as the Chief Judge on occasion. Whenever the Ali is away, either for business or otherwise, the Elua takes charge until the Ali has returned. HIGH EXCHEQUER (KUENE): The Kuene is responsible for the community's resources and wealth. They handle any financial issues and trade relations between the Kai and others. HIGH COMMANDER (IKOA): The Ikoa leads the Kai when it comes to war. They devise battle plans, manage armor and weaponry, and train the Kai to be suitable warriors. HIGH STEWARD (KONOHIKI): A Konohiki administers the land ruled by the Ali. They ensure that people are housed and deal with damaged properties as well as activity checks. EMISSARY (HO'OKU): The Ho'oku is the representative and role model of the Kai. The Ho'oku is required to attend formal meetings alongside the Ali and assist in creating relations between two peoples. They are expected to know basic information about each current monarchy. ADVISOR (NO'EAU): The No'eau is the advisor. They attend formal meetings alongside the Ali and the Ho'oku. Often close to the Ali, they are considered third-in-command. (more to add!) (pm me if you're interested in making a kai!)
  2. very well organized! best of luck!
  3. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Sea charter. Island: Asul. Point A: The main island belonging to the people of Kai- Makuakine. Exact co-ordinates of Point A: 1242 / 49 / 2978 Point B: A small island belonging to the people of Kai- Calden (Sanctuary). Exact co-ordinates of Point B: 1425 / 49 / 3073
  4. NAME: Ali’lioa Pono. RACE: Farfolk. AGE: In auto-age. DATE OF BIRTH: 20th of the Malin’s Welcome. GENDER: Female. TITLE: Arsalan (Chiefess). SEXUALITY: Bisexual. FAMILY: Uncle Maui. SIGNIFICANT OTHER(S): None. ALLEGIANCE: The Island Nation of Kai. Luana Kawai. ALIASES: Arsalan. Chiefess. Ali. OVERALL APPEARANCE: Human, no doubt, with her softly rounded ears. Her long black locks gleamed like raven’s feathers, offsetting her tanned skin and coffee eyes so deep they were black, even in firelight. Her body, magnificent as if she’d been molded from the souls of the lions. A fairly attractive figure, arms corded with lean muscle, and long, strong legs. The female’s body was honed by years of survival and labor. Dark-haired and finely dressed, she bares twin tattoos on her arms, one with the whirling goddess, Deanna, the other one of bright sun and flames, Atlantis. Etched down the line of her muscled back are the stories of her maturity and its path she journeyed. OVERALL PERSONALITY: Ali’lioa has a sarcastic sense of humor and shows self-confidence to those she is familiar with. She is unfailingly loyal, willing to kill or die for her people, and even besmirch her own name for the good of the chiefdom. She has come to enjoy lavish parties and bright festivals, as well as the taste of sweetened rum. When in the presence of someone new, she is polite and kind. Ali’lioa feels both strongly and deeply. While she can be teasing at times, her second most prominent characteristic is genuine kindness. Though she lives on a rather secluded island, she tends to be meticulous in managing her appearance. She has a slight fixation on finery and insists on wearing ‘fashionable’ jewellery, which can often make her appear vain. FAMOUS ONE-LINERS: “Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.”
  5. NAME: Louis Ashryver. AGE: 62. RACE: Elf (Wood elf x High elf). BLOOD TYPE: AB. BIRTHDAY: The Winter month of Snow’s Maiden, 1546. GENDER: Male. STATUS: Alive, healthy. HEIGHT: 6’1 WEIGHT: 162lb. BIRTHPLACE: Wood Elven city. RELATIVES: Twin sister (Gabriel Ashryver) (alive), mother and father (alive). EYE COLOR: Indigo. HAIR COLOR: Coal black. HOBBIES: Reading, painting, roof running. HABITS: Rubbing the bridge of his nose, sighing, subconsciously babbling out sarcastic comments or intimate jokes, tapping his foot. OVERALL PERSONALITY: Louis can be depicted as either disinterested, or stressed. He can commonly be seen suppressing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. Despite this look of irritation, he has a good sense of humour towards sarcasm and intimate jokes. These intimate jokes can often be mistaken for lazy attempts at flirtation, though he doesn’t intend so. Not liking clingy individuals often disrupts his process of forming bonds with others, which leads to him being lonely save for the company of his sister. OVERALL APPEARANCE: Louis is a tall Elf with a lean musculature, taking upon his father’s coal black hair and indigo eyes, while his twin sister came out with a completely different look. His eyebrows are well-groomed, face sparse of any facial hair. Despite having a rather attractive appearance, his appearance always seems like there is little effort put in save for his brows. Louis’ hair tends to be ruffled most of the time, and any clothing he wears is generally crinkled. Upon visage, his cheekbones are sharply cut and his lips soft, creating a rather aesthetic look. CHARACTER ART BELOW (ignore ears, they’re supposed to be pointed). Louis and his twin (Gabriel). Louis and his sister (Gabriel).
  6. CIRO CHAND NAME: Ciro Chand. AGE: 60. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Citadel. RELATIVES: Father and mother. HEIGHT: 5’8 WEIGHT: 132 lbs. RACE: Snow elf. EYE COLOR: White hair with bluish hues. HAIR COLOR: Dark gold eyes. SHAPE OF FACE: Oval. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: No left pinkie finger due to a fight (see history), a fading scar to the left of her forehead, sharp eyes. ATTIRE (See files.): Her fancy attire consists of a deep scarlet gown that spreads wide in the chest region, going down in a large ‘V’ and hugs her torso and arms tightly. Fancy cuffs circle her wrists while a golden band of what is depicted as vines are wrapped around her waist. From the waist, the dress spreads clean and wide like a blossoming flower (upside down)- very flowy. It fades from a scarlet to snow white near the bottom and tiny jewels scatter the material. Along with that, she matches this with a pair of stockings and low, red and gold heels. HABITS: Smiling, nodding her head. FAVOURITE SAYING: “Mhmn!” EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Educated. INTROVERT, EXTROVERT OR AMBIVERT: Ambivert. ANGER LEVELS: Very low. OVERALL PERSONALITY: Ciro is gentle and kind. She wears her smile like her daily attire, and is hardly easy to anger. Ciro generally remains passive, and in rare cases, will be stubborn. Despite her age, she is wise and understanding. She has a soft spot for children, and has a big sweet tooth. t OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ciro can be described as a beautiful woman with silver hair that almost seems iridescent and dark gold eyes. She is just in the average range for height and every part of her is seemingly corded with lean muscles. Like all elves, she has delicately pointed ears. She is described to have a thick, honey-like accent. She has creamy and pale skin with the addition of decent sized scar on the bottom of her left foot.
  7. ATHENA ARCHERON NAME: Athena Archeron CURRENT AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Small settlement in Oren. OCCUPATION: None. TALENTS/SKILLS: Herbalism and sewing, art and music in general. Pickpocketing/stealing. Medical practices. RELATIVES: All dead. HEIGHT: 5'3 WEIGHT: 119 lbs RACE: Half elf (High Elf) SKIN COLOR: Milky with a very light tan. SHAPE OF FACE: Heart. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Various scars bundled around her knees and upper, outer thighs. One particularly gruesome scar lays across her lower back, horizontal. Piercing eyes. Smothering demeanor, wicked smirks. Ears clipped by inexperienced hands. ATTIRE: Regular attire includes a strapless dress sewed together with stolen fabrics- black and grey in color. The dress extends out on the second half, stopping two inches above the knees, leaving room to kick or run if need be. Shoes from her childhood are still in use since her foot size hasn't changed- ankle high black boots with little details. Second outfit consists of a various silver protection plates- ankles, chest plate, etc. A red hood of a sort is draped around her shoulders, extending long to the ground. Other accessories; see file. MANNERISMS: Cocky or childish, there is no in between. Either giddy and a 'shameless flirt' or a deep person lost within the intricacies of her mind when drunk. HABITS: Sucking on a tooth, biting her inner cheek or licking her lips. HEALTH: Good. HOBBIES: Unknown. FAVOURITE SAYINGS: "Tsk, tsk." "Right..." "Shut up." EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Little. Can't read. WEAKNESSES: Ankles, lower back and start of vertebrae. STRENGTHS: Kills with practiced precision and speedy as hell. INTROVERT, EXTROVERT: Extrovert. ANGER LEVELS: Depends. AMBITIONS: Unknown. OVERALL BACKSTORY: Athena was born in mid-vailor during the heights of summer within a small oren settlement, tearing through her mother’s (Clare) womb a warrior. The mother clipped the Athena’s ears by hand, never called a druid to heal her and instead, left the child with scarred and curled helixes. Her father, a high elf, died during this time in the Dukes War. During her years growing up, her mother was a cruel thing. She sent the little girl out on life threatening tasks and constantly starved Athena of food. No wonder the father sent himself off to war. That created the girl’s tough demeanor. At the age of fourteen, Athena raided her own home and left at the break of dawn, carrying just enough supplies to keep her alive for at least two weeks. The youth took shelter in a cavern for the first few years, calling it home, living off of wild berries she had taught herself were not poisonous- through experience and hunting. OVERALL PERSONALITY: She has a fiery, rebellious, daring side to her that hates rules, and is very curious as to the world around her. Athena can be extremely seductive and charming when she wants to be, but generally prefers to remain open to the people she has an affection for. She despises it when others judge her. She can be very cunning when she wants to be as she is brilliant at masking her emotions and playing different roles, and has a hotheaded temper when provoked. She has an unwavering loyalty to those who have earned her trust, and a deep hatred towards those who have broken it. She suffers some emotional trauma due to her mother, and also has a fear towards royal blooded people. She is gradually growing softer in personality though, more towards women than men. She either comes off as child-like or cocky. There is no in between. OVERALL APPEARANCE: Nimble, at the height of 5’3 and serious attitude. She has chestnut hair and whiskey eyes, small stature and subtle curves taken from her mother. On her father’s side, she took upon milky skin, lean muscles and a wicked smirk. Her face is beautiful bordering plain, simple and aesthetic. She holds many different scars, most bunching around her knees and on her upper thighs. One particularly gruesome one lays upon the lower back, a long slash- horizontal. Her ears are clipped by inexperienced hands and were never healed. [NOW DECEASED]
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