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    Light a torch in your front yard. I will find it.

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    Y'know. 'Murica. Or... something like that....
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    MMORPGs, Anything Role-play. DnD, Dungeon Slayers, etc. Not school. Normal Teenager stuff.

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    Mafraedon Irongrinder
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    Get out, you racists.

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  1. +1 Great guy, couldn't have a better selection.
  2. who? [kidding...]
  3. Good **** +1
  4. Like a piece of ****.... Get it.... @sneakybandit
  5. why can't there just be a long-ass tunnel and errybody gotta run down dat **** an smack dah fuhk out eachodah
  6. Dtrik was literally the first person who messaged me or included me in any roleplay on this server. He's a stand-up guy, give 'em a shot. +1
  7. the guy is a roomba. everything is in his way.
  8. MC Name: SeaDaedra RP Name: Duren Hammerfist the Second Race: Mountain Dwarf Skype Name (For communication and rallying): You have it Do you have teamspeak? (You will need to be on teamspeak during battles): mhm Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Professions: None Have you been in the Legion before? If so, when: Not on this character, however, Duren II is part of the kingsguard. *Note: If you were in the Legion before you will be able to retain your rank.* Do you swear loyalty to the reigning Grand King: **** it, sure.
  9. Maf grumbles through telepathy, "Says the one who performed a sex change on a false god and performed a shotgun wedding uniting Yemekar and this god.
  10. @sneakybandit Duren Hammerfist the Second suppresses laughter as word of this reaches himself and his father. He'd turn to Darek and remark, "W'o gives a shite?".
  11. Name: Duren Hammerfist II Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 140 Professions: Undecided Why do you wish to join Red Urguan?: Money
  12. MC Name: SeaDaedra RP Name: Duren Hammerfist II Skype (optional): U alrdy got m3 bab3 Why do you wish to join the Hammerfist Clan?: Because you're forcing me to. Do you swear to uphold the Hammerfist ideals and values?: Sure, **** it. Time Zone (optional): Eastern American Who are your parents?(Use the Family Tree and if you need help ask me!): Darek Hammerfist
  13. Winky the Halfling sticks a mina into his mouth, allowing a globule of his saliva to become attached to it and spat it towards Drakk-Kordo.
  14. Mafraedon giggles from afar.
  15. A peasant would remark, "He believed in zhe zword vith all his being."