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    Light a torch in your front yard. I will find it.

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    Y'know. 'Murica. Or... something like that....
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    MMORPGs, Anything Role-play. DnD, Dungeon Slayers, etc. Not school. Normal Teenager stuff.

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    Mafraedon StarBreaker

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  1. A peasant would remark, "He believed in zhe zword vith all his being."
  2. MC Name: SeaDaedra Age: 140 Character Name: Mafraedon Starbreaker Character Clan: Starbreaker Timezone: EST Do you have Teamspeak?: yup Skype Name (PM if you wish to keep it private): Pepto's got mine, I can pm it if necessary Who sponsors you?(Must be a Kronok within the Brotherhood): Zedgard Ireheart Time on Server: 8 months Character bio: (Here you should write on why your character would fit into the Brotherhood, and why you should join): When Mafraedon was a wee lad, he ventured to Kal'Nikaer and enlisted in the Legion short after. Shortly before the move to Kal'Omith, Maf joined Da Kirkja Dverga, and faithfully served as a Priest until recently. He ascended to the rank of Longbeard under Gror Ireheart, until the reformations took place. A stubborn dwarf, he likes his drink and sticks to himself and his brothers. He's hardly seen without a weapon at his sight and is ready for a fight at all times. (Do you accept the PK(Permanently killing your Character) clause if you break the Brotherhood’s Blood-Oaths)? Y/N Aye
  3. so this is how one farms rep and post count. 11 posts in 5 hours, jeez.

  4. Dtrik was the first person I ever roleplayed with on LoTC, taught me how to roleplay and the person who directed me to the player base and clan where I belong. Massive ******* +1 for this man.
  5. hoho, my boy here needs a nice blue tag. +1 d-d-d-d-d-d-dank
  6. Application: MC Name: SeaDaedra RP Name: Mafraedon Starbreaker What is your level in mining?: Enlightened Skype name: You already have me Are you able to use Teamspeak?: mhm How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: a lot What is your timezone?: EST
  7. I'd like this to not happen, cuz I can't oocly target someone if I can't see their mc name.............
  8. Mafraedon laughs heartily, "Et wood defile a dwed ter shite on yeh t'rone. Et beh 'orse feces."
  9. Mafraedon notes the hypocrisy of making an "airship" after wanting to take down Arcadia..... ((;]
  10. MC name: SeaDaedra Attack or defence preference: Defence
  11. your gonna be here for ******* ever mate
  12. Mafraedon Starbreaker spits at Morug from the crowd, "Yeh speak ov peace, yet yeh threatened mah loife unleh minutes aguh!" ((rep me you fucks :))
  13. *clicks tongue* I don't uhh, see Uther "The Bloody" in the paragons... Hmm... ((plez no fire war, me am simple meme maker))
  14. ((@Ioannis lol