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  1. ((This is being done on a phone "Algoda's assassination had nothing to do with the Reyurnts, you oblivious idiot. If you could even pay attention to things that are not aligned with your points, you would see that we've already paid a heavy price for that crime. You are the ones who renewed the hatred. You say we leave our countrymen to die? None of my countrymen have died, only Rurics. Surely you do not forget Dren? He is surely worth more in a fight than you."
  2. Holy **** this is long, pretty cool friendo. Remember the lich we tried to kill? Haha
  3. Hey, that's pretty good! I need to make one of these :P
  4. eyyy, das mah boi dren
  5. I've heard from people that doomforged are more dark elf than dwarf, seeing as the dwarf part may have been diffused through generations I dunno, just putting what I know on the table. Either way, nice character sheet! Fun to read this kind of stuff.
  6. What a nate post! ((get it... neat, nate, neat, nate.... hehehehehehe))
  7. A humorous dwarf chortles, slapping his wooden knee so hard it catches on fire.
  8. huh... i duuunnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo +meh :)
  9. play bedwars with me daddy prof
  10. Leif grunts, "Leave the land for the Dwarves to destroy, we do not care. Either way you will lose the Krag. You speak of temper? The Krag got us in trouble with the Dwarves, for they couldn't have a SIMPLE thing. Peace. Instead, they poked the bear."
  11. "There is no rebellion, for we were below no one. There is and was no one to rebel against." Leif remarks upon hearing the statements calling them rebels
  12. Technically you can be a dark dwarf and NOT be a doomforged. Just throwing that out there ((Edit Doomforged is a clan, not a subrace, unless someone wants to prove otherwise
  13. Chorale's one to judge ((dun keel mi +1 Pretty good guy, knows his stuff +10000000000000000000 good sheit
  14. A humorous dwarf slaps his knee
  15. he buys my iron +1 in all seriousness, brock is a great guy and tries to involve everyone and give them things to do and work towards.