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    Light a torch in your front yard. I will find it.

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    Y'know. 'Murica. Or... something like that....
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    MMORPGs, Anything Role-play. DnD, Dungeon Slayers, etc. Not school. Normal Teenager stuff.

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    Mafraedon Irongrinder
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    Get out, you racists.

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  1. Charles for admin
  2. a peasant whimpers in fear
  3. I get pinged more by your **** on these forums than my friends text me during school. thanks.

    1. Aeldrin


      i am a busy mineman mr seadaedra

  4. If they update the mc downloader I used to use, I'll link it for sure.
  5. "Good riddance." Maf would remark after hearing the news in his Arcadian abode.
  6. Mafraedon claps in approval, "Good on yeh lads."
  7. low qual meme ore. go down further for the real ****.
  8. If we're all going to be honest here, Cornivore should be given a shot. I've known him for a while, even though most of it was bad between us, he's a good lad. Give him a shot. +1
  9. He's a good lad who's made some mistakes :D +1
  10. Damn good lad +1
  11. Slather this lad in the greatest of the blue. +1
  12. you're just a bunch of....



  13. +1 Great guy, couldn't have a better selection.
  14. Good **** +1