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    Light a torch in your front yard. I will find it.

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    Mafraedon Irongrinder, Duren II Hammerfist
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    Get out, you racists.

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  1. [Trial]Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    give him gm so he can get his coal vip back, needs the /focus for avoiding roleplay. edit fr he gonna zap zap me in the anus if he get that blue tag back
  2. [✗] Give me the current map file, please.

    If they update the mc downloader I used to use, I'll link it for sure.
  3. [Denied]Cornivore Going For the Impossible

    If we're all going to be honest here, Cornivore should be given a shot. I've known him for a while, even though most of it was bad between us, he's a good lad. Give him a shot. +1
  4. [Denied] [Actor] DPMAGICIAN

    He's a good lad who's made some mistakes :D +1
  5. [Accepted] Ioannis GM App

    Damn good lad +1
  6. [Denied] Irongroot's GM Application #2

    Slather this lad in the greatest of the blue. +1
  7. [Denied] _SuitAndTie_'s ET Actor Application

    +1 Great guy, couldn't have a better selection.
  8. [Accepted] Irongroot's FM App

    Good **** +1
  9. [Denied][Trial GM App] Dtrik

    Dtrik was literally the first person who messaged me or included me in any roleplay on this server. He's a stand-up guy, give 'em a shot. +1
  10. -=- The Hammerfist Clan -=-

    MC Name: SeaDaedra RP Name: Duren Hammerfist II Skype (optional): U alrdy got m3 bab3 Why do you wish to join the Hammerfist Clan?: Because you're forcing me to. Do you swear to uphold the Hammerfist ideals and values?: Sure, **** it. Time Zone (optional): Eastern American Who are your parents?(Use the Family Tree and if you need help ask me!): Darek Hammerfist
  11. [Denied] [Actor] Dtrik

    Dtrik was the first person I ever roleplayed with on LoTC, taught me how to roleplay and the person who directed me to the player base and clan where I belong. Massive ******* +1 for this man.
  12. ZipZapMan's "Coach! Please Put Me In! Don't Bench Me!" GM App

    hoho, my boy here needs a nice blue tag. +1 d-d-d-d-d-d-dank
  13. Lore of Norland

    *clicks tongue* I don't uhh, see Uther "The Bloody" in the paragons... Hmm... ((plez no fire war, me am simple meme maker))
  14. Ioannian Order

    ((@Ioannis lol
  15. [Complete]Items for Sale!

    Mafraedon chuckles, "Start dah bid on dah pipe an wierd stone shite." ((Brawm Pipe and Blood stone))