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    Light a torch in your front yard. I will find it.

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  1. Just have one gunner do step 1 and 3. It sounds like sort of the same thing.
  3. Mafraedon chuckled, reading about the bounty and passing the leaflet to his good friend, Grilthram. @paladinxo1
  4. -1 makes me pay taxes +1 good man for the job
  5. Accepted, Seek out Mafraedon Starbreaker.
  6. this whole case seems fishy
  7. +1 his laugh is pretty damn good
  8. Mafraedon sharpens his axe, intending to get Grilthram Grandaxe to help him on this. @paladinxo1
  9. Accepted, Seek out Mafraedon Starbreaker for more information.
  10. 5 mina for hipsdon'tlie
  11. -1 told me my job was meaningless +1 made me boats, i guess...
  12. Accepted, seek out Mafraedon Starbreaker for more information.
  13. Mafraedon feels left out............................
  14. Mafraedon shrugged, with a chuckle as he looked over to Mithridates, "Et was an axe, bu' ah mus' say. A war'ammeh soonds a bit more.... bad-arse..."
  15. I honestly love rp puzzle events. Maybe not the, here figure out the accordance of buttons to open the door, but like, an event where you're given, let's say, a book and couple rp items of significance and each thing leads to a different part of the story in the event.