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  1. Hmm! Vey interesting concept! COUNT ME IN! ?
  2. Good read, +1. This is really well thought out.
  3. how do i join said weasel squad
  4. You're the real liar 

  5. the south!

  6. Rodrick raises his fist in the air. "Yes sir, I am ready to continue this battle!"
  7. I do not think you saw my quesition on your interesting event post! What is your mc username so I can tell who is who during all the fun Shanking and not shank the wrong person?

  8. Rodrick sticks his hand infront of Publisu's face. "I am not Blackfist, do not associate me with them. I am OF THE SOUTH. I am the historian of the south. I have a group of about five men and me and my men will demolish your existence. Oren will be reduced to the weak nation you used to be BY THE HAND OF THE SOUTH. EVERYBODY, FECK ORENS PENTHOUSES! EVERYBODY GO SOUTH! I WENT SOUTH! COME SOUTH! Hand in hand we go south together, and together we go south. To the south. "
  9. I am glad you had the maturity to apologize ^.^

  10. MC Name:Mahmalma2323 RP Name:Rodrick Short Biography:I am a twenty two year old warrior. I am also a decent smith. That is all I can offer to the house, and that is all I have done in my past. Character Ambitions:Pleasing his leaders, never abandoning his comrades, wooing the lassies. Why are you joining?:He was offered the position and gladly accepted, for all he has to do his offer his blade to his lords command and he will recieve a place to stay. What do you wish to achieve?Within this house? Nothing in particular. My only goal is to serve every command given to the best of
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