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  1. Ensign Halcourt posts a flyer on the front door of the Halcourt family home in support
  2. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Tiberius Discord: Luke#7319 IGN Name: Cuckfederacy Age: 16
  3. Ecbie pours out a cold one for Curon from the seven skies
  4. The Folk Romanovich “Godani jest wielk” The village of Muscovy and its Ruskan population at it’s peak -Circa 1723 ____________________________________________________________ The story of the folk Romanovich is a nomadic tale, riddled with violence. It begins with a poor Ruskan couple, Sergei and Mila. Sergei was a hardworking farmer toiling away daily in the Curonian fields whilst Mila looked after their home. Sergei fought in the Curonian levies whenever the able bodied men were called upon, there was no feeling that could match the rush he felt du
  5. Dragoslav would call out to Kaidrik as he was erecting tents with his fellow Muscovian comrades, “Vy make stoping of writing words and help vy comrades set up camp, small boy!”
  6. Dragoslav Romanovich laughs “Da, proud of Yugio! Toe sucker lie and say he niet captured! Ha!”
  7. The Free Peoples of Muscovy The brave Raevir men and women of Muscovy have wondered for years since losing their original homeland so long ago. Settling in Avalain in the Kingdom of Curonia five years ago, they had thought they found a new home. The Muscovians enjoyed five prosperous years in Avalain, seeing a few rise to prominence within Curonia and be granted seats in the Cyrillian cabinet. Alas, the desire to govern themselves proved too strong. On a whim, the Muscovians left Curon and began the search for their new home. After months of w
  8. Dragoslav takes a swig from his bottle of Muscovian Vodka “Da, Drago go”
  9. Ecbie approves of the tea as he sips his glorious Pabst
  10. Ecbie laughs from his recliner in hell “Stinky D’Alba.”
  11. skuke101


    Ecbie throws his Pabst blue ribbon at the screen “This sucks!”
  12. Ecbie pops a cold one, looking up upon the events from his recliner in hell with anticipation
  13. “Godani jest wielk!” Dragoslav would exclaim whilst kneeling before his altar in Muscovy
  14. Good luck with your mod application o7

    1. skuke101


      Thanks big baller

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