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  1. “Comrades, da!” Drago would cheerfully exclaim, tossing a handful of mina into the air
  2. “Godani jest wielk!” Dragoslav would exclaim whilst kneeling before his altar in Muscovy
  3. Ecbie cracks open another cold one in the seven skies before munching on some popcorn
  4. Dragoslav Romanovich would exclaim “Was a good victory, da!” Upon returning home to Muscovy
  5. Ecbert cracks open yet another cold one in the seven skies “Where is my popcorn?”
  6. Ecbie pops open a cold one with the boys in the Skies, watching and wishing the best for his beloved Curonians.
  7. Good luck with your mod application o7

    1. skuke101


      Thanks big baller

  8. Ecbert would smile, feeling nothing but proud of his sister
  9. The length of Pyro's ban is absurd. This is what happens when too many liberals gather in one place.

    1. Harold


      im a socialist if that helps

    2. El Ricktador

      El Ricktador

      dae h8 LIBERALS? XDDDDD

    3. L0rdLawyer


      I shoot every liberal that walks onto my lawn. The administration are all communist. get your facts right.

  10. MC Name: Skuke101 Skype: Already have it Professions: Leatherworking Will this be your main: gonna split time between personas as evenly as I can Name: Ser William Green Race: Heartlander Age: 50 years young Where do you live? Have a house in Sutica and Mardon. Experience: Served as a Decurion in the original legions of Johannesburg, founder of 2nd "Stalwart" Company, oversaw martial law of Haelun'or
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