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  1. McDaedra

    Ale Day

    Several fliers would be pinned on notice boards about the lands of Arcas. Traditions Yes, @Hiebe, it is comic sans For far too long we, the descendants of Urguan, have forgotten and laid our traditions to the wayside. We have held our gaze upon bickering, infighting, and accursed kinslaying. At the behest of our King, Utak Ireheart, I have begun drafting a national calendar so that we all may be reminded of our most humble beginnings. This project will be finished in a short time, but until then I would announce our first holiday. For centuries, our ancestors have mastered the craft of brewing and have presented their craft to the King for judgement. Brew masters from across the lands of Urguan are encouraged to bring their strongest brew to the foot of the King’s throne. Whoever is chosen, by the King, will receive 5,000 minas in prize money. I hereby announce the National Ale Day. It will be celebrated with a feast in the King’s throne room with enough food and ale to feed an army. Wednesday, the 1st of April 3 PM EST Throne Room of Urguan The Under-Realms of Urguan would like to extend an invite to all of its allies and friends alike. The Under-Realms of Urguan would like to extend a special invite to the Ashen Folk of Renelia as well as the Onyx Sanctum. Mafraedon Irongrinder, Clan Father of Clan Irongrinder. Utak Ireheart, Under-King of Urguan.
  2. McDaedra

    DNN #18

    Mafraedon would smile, proud of his kinsmen’s success in the new court system.
  3. McDaedra

    DNN #16

    Maf would promptly stuff a sock in the nearest dwarf who happened to be screaming “FAYKE NEWSSS!” and continued to page through older DNN’s, as they are a better source of history than them damn libraries.
  4. somethings better than nothing, very cool
  5. Mafraedon smirks slightly, seeing that the home office received and granted his request for backup.
  6. “Dat’s nae vereh noice.” An elder dwarf would shake his head slowly.
  7. McDaedra

    About a coward

    Mafraedon frowns, “Dat’s nae vereh gameh o’ dem Frosteh lads,” He would utter to himself before going on about his daily routine.
  8. that **** long as **** my guy merry chrysler i will never stop inting on csgo
  9. i



  10. McDaedra

    DNN #15

    Mafraedon Irongrinder approves this message
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