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  1. “How delusional can one be?” asks Cyrene
  2. Honestly the issue is that most bandits are people who are there for loot grabs OOCly and not actually providing an enjoyable RP experience. It’s fine to want to get loot OOCly, but when you’re so focused on killing people and making them d20 and stuff rather than helping them have a good time as well, that’s when it becomes a problem. Not only this, but a lot of emotes are usually just... instant kill emotes, and the idea of wanting loot OOCly contributes to this poor RP. One or two liners. Here’s a good example a friend sent me one day. This stuff is what I’d consider the bottom of the barrel, and I’m sure nobody would consider this “quality RP” or something they could enjoy. Sad part is that these types of emotes consist of about 90% of banditry. As I see it, you’re usually lucky if you aren’t killed when getting bandited. Most of the time its just a short one liner, followed by a request to d20 at some point if the target is killed. While this may not be for everyone, the interaction I just described isn’t uncommon to see. This type of RP is purely one sided and provides nothing to the target if they’re killed. No story, no real RP, nothing. While I don’t exactly have any ideas on how it can be fixed, these are some of the main issues that I thought of from the top of my head. Edit: Im slightly retarded and forgot I spent about a month as a bandit, so I’m going to counter my own point because **** you “As I see it, you’re usually lucky if you aren’t killed when getting bandited.” People are usually killed by bandits because when people are let go, chances are that person is going to go to the closest city possible and call for help. Within about a minute or two, there's about 9 guys in full armor riding up to you all on horses. Yeah, its part of being a bandit, but we gotta consider both sides of the party. Bandits won’t have fun either if they can’t even get around to doing anything without being killed by a rally every single time. This happened to me on numerous occasions because the person we happened to not kill went off and told the closest city there were bandits
  3. A copy of the notice finds its way to the tired Llyrian official, where she shakes her head with a frown before merely dropping the paper. Tapping the desk she sat behind, she then stands to exit her office.
  4. Cyrene has a reaction something like this
  5. Why wasn’t this mentioned anywhere?
  6. As someone who’s had to wait up to a day at a time to get a single pit refilled, I can definitely say this will be a huge help ty so fkn much
  7. excuse me what the **** just happened

  8. Jaded

    The False Throne

    “... This has got to be the least threatening letter I’ve ever seen in my life.” comments Cyrene, huffing as she tosses the note aside.
  9. In all honesty its best to stay out of this stuff if you really don't want to get involved. Any drama on LOTC anyways is pretty cancerous. Just stick to urself and keep RPing like normal, but its also okay to have an opinion abt things such as the current llyria x fenn issues
  10. Cyrene has the following reaction
  11. “What is ‘earth’?” asks Cyrene, confused. “Charles, you’re saying weird stuff again! Arcas is flat.”
  12. Cyrene offers a light nod, commenting to another nearby. “Our original intentions were not to enslave the dark elven people, but offer a helping hand to our neighbors with dwindling populace. I’m satisfied that we’ve granted them independence under new leadership, and that this situation ended without bloodshed.”
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