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    On the Topic of Shitty Map Names

    ok im sorry for being so toxic over the internet i regret my sins
  2. Unwillingly

    On the Topic of Shitty Map Names

    I actually cant tell if this is a joke or not if this isn't a joke then you’re complaining about a literal non issue if this is a joke then it was a very shitty one for the sole reason being that some people cant even tell if you were joking
  3. Unwillingly

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    ‘the orcs are at it again better stay off the roads” says cyrene
  4. Unwillingly

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Cyrene grins. (and wishes to join)
  5. Unwillingly


    “One for one? Except the Emperor is clearly an undead so that might not count...” Cyrene questions.
  6. 5e31757d8f9e19f413fef30f9c4ba6f5.png

    I would like to thank @Nectoristfor helping me get the 3 rep I need to reach 666 

  7. Unwillingly


    Cyrene smiles upon hearing the news, overjoyed.
  8. Unwillingly


    “Am I no longer an Undead-Queen-Lich-Spook of Sutica?” Cyrene asks upon hearing the news. “Wonderful. I’m still not going there anyways.”
  9. Unwillingly

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    and I sit here wondering what compelled you to write this post what on earth made you so mind boggled That you wrote an entire post on ******* LAVENDAR.
  10. Unwillingly

    Ivae'fenn Annual Tournaments

    cyrene flexes
  11. Unwillingly

    The Player Type Analysis

    While this is very interesting, I have to disagree on your definitions of “private” players, as you seem to label them as sort of toxic or unhelpful players-- I beg to differ. I’ve been both a nation leader, and what you call a “private” player. Right now, I’m getting involved with a small group who seems to just be chilling in the wildlands. They’re great people, and they’re far from what you described in your definition of a private player. Are you labeling all of these secluded players as rude and toxic? Sure, there’s definitely a fair mix of these kinds of players, but it seems unfair to label all secluded players like that, when there’s definitely a large mix of players who contribute greatly to the server without going out and getting involved with large groups. Not to say that there are no players who don’t fit what you described-- because there is. Ofc, I can totally see where you’re coming from, because everyone’s had different experiences. This server is very diverse in its community, and within the LOTC community people have their own communities, and within these communities there’s even SMALLER communities, etc. There’s good players and bad players all around, though it doesn't seem right to call a certain community out for who or where they RP with. Over all good post though, it was interesting to read. Maybe I’ll type a longer response tomorrow, but for now, im heading off for the night.
  12. what still inspires you to continue playing this server 

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    2. Potts244


      I haven’t played in over a year because my main characters family stopped playing and in the end all that kept me going was Nexus with Omar Grimmer.

    3. Lockezi
    4. ChaseusBelli
  13. Unwillingly

    Guide to not being toxic!!!

    thank you am a ne wperson
  14. Unwillingly

    Heya, I'm new and just joined LotC

    Welcome welcome welcome !🙂
  15. Unwillingly

    A Rex's Address

    Cyrene takes note to stay off of the roads from now on.
  16. Unwillingly


    “INCEST?” swamp elf asks.
  17. Unwillingly

    -= Very Attractive Slaves For Auction. =-

    Cyrene blinks, before quickly calling out. “Three hundred!”
  18. Unwillingly

    Krugmar Slaving Reform

    “Orcs are slaving again?” Cyrene asks upon hearing of the news. “We better stay off the roads, then.”
  19. Unwillingly

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    even after all of the staff in staff chat expressing how much they didnt want these merges to happen, they’re still happening? disappointed but not surprised
  20. Unwillingly


    We do?
  21. Unwillingly

    AMA but every time someone asks a question I answer it

    whats your favorite color pie, cheesecake, or cake is water wet do you like dogs these are all very important, especially the last one
  22. why am I more stressed over a mineman play-pretend server than irl this isnt right

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    2. Lockezi


      you deserved it

    3. Space


      pick up an instrument music kicks ass

    4. Its_Just_Leap


      If you’re stressed over roleplay, maybe take a break.
      If its social interactions then I can /kinda/ see why, but just remember that at the end of the day LotC is basically highschool. Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things.

  23. Unwillingly


    another one
  24. Unwillingly

    This map sucks...

    ez bait I didn't get fooled