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  1. Swag swag swag on u

  2. that was actually rly fun I liked that, gg

  3. I’ve been on this server for about 3-4 years now and I’ve been playing my character Cyrene ever since I returned from my almost year long-ish hiatus, as well as a few side characters as plenty of you may know, and I’ve found that I really enjoy her as one of my characters! Some people have really strong bonds with their character, even outside of LOTC, and some probably don't feel that way at all-- both being perfectly fine. So tell me about your character! Do you main only one character? Do you play two, three, four? What are some old, now-dead or even shelved characters you had? What kind of character development have they gone through? How long have you been playing them? Is this a character you had before you played LOTC, or did you make it for this server specifically? What are some of your character’s greatest feats? I’d love to hear what other people have to say 🙂
  4. that’s definitely not what it comes off as then lol, coming from someone who just happened to see this random post, it just looks like ur trying to demonize oren rather than actually bring up these concerns to staff in a nice explanation of what the post is meant to be about
  5. So r we playing the game of "name off every little itty bitty evil thing oren has done?"
  6. Just remember that its 100% ok to change ur opinion on something after hearing new information  

    1. Auriel_


      why is this in question 

  7. “I wasn’t talking to you! I was speaking to the other man!” grumbles dirt elf
  8. w_ill

    The King's Ultimatum

    “YOU LOSE A BATTLE ONCE, BOO-*******-HOO. *******.” screams Cyrene
  9. “Sounds like you’re just threatening people death if they don't join you lot. I don’t see how that’s any better.” Cyrene comments as she passes by.
  10. “Ah, so he admits it! Looks like the high elves are all bark but no bite.”
  11. “Everyone knows High elves are just getting an easy ride from Renatus.” remarks Cyrene. “You can talk **** once you actually win a skirmish without the help of the orcs or humans.”
  12. let me just sit here and eat my grilled cheese in disappointment 


  14. cyrene shivers as she recalls the great pumpkin raid of axios https://gyazo.com/4634d84d67416b125bebace2aeab2ee0
  15. Cyrene slams her face into a desk upon realizing her skygod will not be able to attend
  16. I was born on a Reza street where the imperial drums did beat

  17. Cyrene walks down the wonderful city of Aegrothond, humming to the tune of the song!
  18. w_ill


    "I wonder when the orcs will try to crawl back to the Eleven Union and the Holy Orenian Empire..." Cyrene grumbles.
  19. Cyrene goes “yay!” happily
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