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  1. if anyone wants to play naz-aligned constructs hmu. has nothing to do with the ongoing eventline and also I dont know how to make constructs

  2. new player spawning at CT after getting whitelisted
  3. anyone have any good 1.18 texture pack reccs

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    2. xMuted


      Shorter tools and headless horse for pvp!!!

    3. subatomic


      Latenci's 16x CottonCandy  Hypixel Skywars PVP Texture pack 


    4. Amayonnaise


      I'm addicted to Excalibur

  4. satinkira milking the hell out of both sides of the argument for maximum levels of rep farming, I respect it I'm not tired of this conversation because the hype died down I'm tired of seeing people type massive essays and crawling out of their discord shadow council hibernation dedicated to justifying why homophobia is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for their RP because we all know that as soon as this stops being a conversation they'll disappear again all I'm gonna point out here is that there is no "fantasy version" of homophobia (elves are a shy exception but we all know they aren't even close to being the biggest advocates for minecraft homophobia OOCly). you can be fake racist towards fake races. call elves dagger ears, call orcs barbaric savages, but homophobia on LOTC is often just the same regurgitated talking points queer people hear every day. we generally frown upon just being textbook racist towards farfolk characters, so if we draw the line at being racist towards one IRL minority group, why are we not consistent and drawing the line at being homophobic towards another IRL minority group
  5. we've had the /realms activity command for less than a day and RP already feels infinitely more centralized and easier to find bc it's just so much easier for ppl to congregate

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      i like how the categories are much more intuitive than some random percentage

    3. annabanana1014
    4. Mio


      llir cooked w this one

  6. can I play azdrazi woman

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    2. Jentos



      WORLD IS A ****
      神様 Kill ‘em all 1989
      I am Azdrazi woman
      410,757,864,530 DEAD PALADINS

    3. xMuted


      pass the cooties test first

    4. Hearth


      Only if they marry my halfling king and use their marriage to negotiate peace between the Azdrazi and non-spooks.

  7. feels like "unable to wear demon armor from actual hell if ur not a demon" was originally the point of the numbness redline but the way it was worded allowed for people to cheese out of it lol +1
  8. hello I can help ur welcome to pm me on discord at unwllllngly and we can discuss
  9. Somewhere in Moz'strimoza, a creature mends itself of its wounds amid a fiery, bleeding lake.
  10. I once again ask that we replace the waystone pillars at CT with warp signs


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    2. Traveller



      CT enjoy seeing pink tags asking in #ws chat ask how they get out of spawn over and over

    3. hemomancy
    4. Nug


      they want to see us suffer.

  11. thog dont caare

    1. Rat Hat

      Rat Hat

      Thog's indifference will be able to vote this year

    2. alexmagus


      grug no care

  12. A rotting avian thing bellows with gallows-humor upon spotting his forgone moniker, 'Castiel'.
  13. writing is a muscle that needs to be trained like any other art form, if u don't use it u lose it. a lot of my writing style has been picked up by observing the people around me, how they describe things, the vocabulary they use, pacing, etc. I also think there's a perception on the server that the more flowery or wordy an emote is, the better it will be, which I think stems from a desire to impress others rather than just writing for your own enjoyment. highly recommend checking out the channel LocalScriptMan - he posts very good videos/video essays about writing that can be applied to LOTC thanks! I think I enjoy playing more evil-aligned characters because character study/analysis is a big contributor towards my own RP enjoyment, something I find that comes to me more readily when a character is more chaotic vs lawful. no shade at all to people who choose to play said lawful characters, it's different for everyone - but just my personal experience recently I've been doing plenty of RP with @UnBaedsurrounding the concept of zar'akal ascension (naztherak endgame CA, total erasure of one's humanity & mortality). our two characters are close, but share polar-opposite ideologies, which creates very engaging push-and-pull interactions where one is always trying to fruitlessly "get through" to the other and convert them to their way of being xarkly's corcitura Ryke is just a blast to interact with, no words needed. such a fun/funny character archetype I wish we could see more of from characters on the server. it's a type of comic relief that isn't shoddy meme RP but instead is lighthearted and feels like an actual part of the character's personality this player no longer plays but there was a silit my character used to have passing interactions with who did a great job at making you feel like you were important to any given interaction. very good RPer, very fun but also intimidating character. much of my own writing style was inspired from them vinegar-based coleslaw bedded on a warm soft tortilla with sliced butterfly shrimp drizzled with chipotle aioli and cilantro garnish and lemon slice. shrimp taco literally just looking at ur mom back when I first started playing, it was really easy not to really care about what happened to me in-RP. you don't have that connection with characters, you don't care about your pixels, none of the OOC drama or politics really mattered. and also I didn't use the forums back then thank you :) for some reason people always think/thought I was older than I am my favorite character is my current naz warlock castiel. he started off as a fennite snow elf, had a brief run as a corcitura, and eventually pacted with bobbox's character elren and took up naz. my other characters such as cyrene, eir'thall, galahad and gailien have been fun but nowhere near as engaging as castiel has been. I've been playing him for maybe 3 years strong and he remains one of my most enjoyed creations tap dancing is cool! I used to have tap dancing shoes when I was young but never really used them my favorite build is either hallowcliffe or a new, undisclosed lair I'm building. I'm very proud of the architecture and block palette for both. here's some spoilers ;) I have fond memories of the almaris-aevos map transition that essentially turned a portion of the world into a lawless factions wasteland. people hated it but I had a blast with some of my friends as we built factions bases and started pvping other groups all in VC. as for how things have improved/degraded, the server is on a constant uphill battle of trying to be better, but I think we've come a long way since even a few years ago. as for lore, I certainly do have my own biases that's made it harder to positively perceive the way lore is addressed, especially with how the most recent zar'akal rewrite went down. definitely inspires bitter feelings but it's not worth moping over what the **** are these things even flats. I always accidentally bite the joints of the drums and flats just have more meat happy birthday! stegosaurus, parasaurolophus, and pterodactyl thanks!
  14. today I am turning 21 and late december marked my 8-year LOTC anniversary, which is crazy to think about. I joined the server when I was 13 and was an NL at 14-15. since then I've been bouncing between various groups and communities, but the naz community has been able to offer me some of the most enjoyable and engaging content I could ask for on the server. I wish I had the energy to devote time to my other nullivari character, because there are certainly interesting groups and communities out there I wish to one day be able to explore, but trying to balance lorewriting, building, community upkeep, on top of school and work is a lot for one person and I don't like biting off more than I can chew I've met some amazing friends on here such as @Nectorist, @Witchring, @Almenodrim, @UnBaed, @Kaiser, and others, many of which who have contributed to my writing abilities and overall attitude towards the server. I could never put into words how thankful I am to have found some of these people and have the opportunity to create stories with them that being said ama
  15. Hi, piggybacking off evonpire and jentos if anyone wants to play a naz and be a witch/warlock or even one of their demon underlings hmu on discord @ unwllllngly 

    1. AlternisJ


      Dropped a message

    2. Werew0lf


      dont join these losers lmfao!

    3. squakhawk


      i’m administrator squakhawk and THIS is my favorite group on the server 

  16. "One bounty note later, and he's already throwing his allies under the carriage to save his own skin. Pathetic." muses Castiel to his daughter Cordelia. @Witchring
  17. //replacenear 2000 minecraft:berry_bush air

    1. Poor_Fellow


      god please yes

    2. MeteorDragon


      //replacenear 10000 air berry_bush

    3. SethWolf
  18. it's why I support making lairs less lore-oriented and more eligible for non-magic playergroups who want a place to RP. if you don't have the ability to maintain RP at a lair after 3 weeks of establishment, why should u get a realm? it allows for ppl to have more options outside of the nation monopolization of land but also sort of self-regulates the amount of realms popping up
  19. should I PK next guys

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    2. Turbo_Dog
    3. Jaelon


      no (yes)

    4. Unwillingly


      @Jaelonnot before we RP at least once sir I've heard much about your character

  20. Somewhere in the gales of the north, a False Prince stirs with rotten ire.
  21. if i'm walking through these caves and suddenly fall into a 200 block deep UHC death trap with signs all over the walls and die you aren't waking up the next day
  22. I've taken the anti-tawkin/alch/magic/polymorph disguise pill yall

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    2. UnBaed


      u just dont want to make a new skin



    3. saint swag

      saint swag

      this is the way

    4. femurlord


      you're just a poser up until you exclusively use your infernal transformation skin

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