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  1. Justine Thibault “There, just a little higher.” Childish, delicate hands fumbled with the feathered arrow of a longbow at the gentle instruction of his father, Hùrin. His were much greater than Galahad’s, stronger and more weathered, yet ever-touched by elven youth. Though Galahad would soon be fourteen, he displayed a particular reluctance towards the mastery of the blade and bow that Rumil and Carys hadn’t. They learned quicker than him, outpacing him despite their youth in a way that sometimes frustrated, but most often discouraged him. He peered down the shaft of his arrow, arms nigh trembling against the draw weight of the bow as his chest rose with breath. Hurin hovered over him, watching not where the arrow might land, but the child who aimed it. Tsst! The arrow whizzed through the air with what he thought were precision, only to go careening past the woven target and into the breadth of woods beyond. Galahad’s shoulders sank as he lowered the bow, a dejected pout touching his features as he turned to his father. “I don’t get it! Why aren’t my shots landing?” Hùrin had watched the target’s peripheral in reticent silence, any thought well-hidden behind his stony, detached complexion in a way that even Galahad sometimes failed to read. He soon extended a hand in retrieval of the bow, slinging it over his shoulder before regarding the boy. “It will come to you,” assured Hùrin, who lowered himself to a knee to meet his level. He took his hands, brushing a thumb across a palm with warm inspection. “Precision does not measure your merit, my son.” Galahad stares at his hands. Pale. Clammy. Trembling. His breath leaves only in snagged bouts he attempts to contain, whistled from his nose and parched through his lips. Upon his brow, his ivory fringe clung to the thin veneer of sweat glistening there, which he haphazardly wiped away with an arm. He flexes his hands a time or two. They moved rigidly, as though bolts had tightened into his joints and rendered them stiff. Eventually, his gaze falls over the desolate road ahead and the vast stretch of fields on each side of it, and only then does he remember how much his legs burn, how much his heels ache in the absence of a horse. It makes continuing all the more undesirable. While his chest coiled with guilt, suffocating in the way it seemed to choke back his breath like barbed wire, his mind rang with the blinding glare of the inferno. He remembered the way it heated his face, crackled in his ears, and the pervasive scent of charred ash that filled the cavern. The way the rising air never allowed his cloak nor hair to rest fully still, and the sharp of a blade digging into his back, daring him forth. Daring him to gaze. Though terror was an understatement, part of him equally detested the principle of tarnished pride that came with that terror. To be so easily, so simply brought back to reality after riding what felt like the highs of victory. It was the triumph that made him feel unstoppable, like a force not to be reckoned with. And with every banner raised, every victory declared, he felt just a little less burdened, a little less forgiving each time. It was difficult to say he confided in orcish bloodlust, disagreeable even, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t find it easier to understand the perspective the more time he spends among them. It’s the little details that often remind him he stands not in a kingdom of mankind, but an alien way of life that demands not only to be respected, but to be understood before it is judged. It’s their choice of word when describing a battle, the tone with which they speak it, or the way they greet their brethren in contrast to those they regard as fragile or weaker than. “You would trust the word of an Uruk?” In Galahad’s youth, his understanding of the orcs was superficial at best, naive at worst. He remembered the coldness by which he regarded them, his willingness to anticipate trouble in their every step and be the one to brandish his blade in defense of it first. He knew only the tales of his progenitors, a time when war between elves and orcs didn’t feel so distant back then. Now it felt unimaginable. For all the tests and expectations that demanded his unconditional tolerance of elvenkind by simple principle, he began to question how far it would really get him. If his kin would show the same sentiment if it came down to it, fulfill their promises of grandeur and harmony, and no longer live a pariah to elven society. He would be lying if he didn’t find the prospect alluring, even if just a little bit, the possibility of returning to a home he once knew so well and leaving his web of troubles behind. To be venerated. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t an orc who made him feel this troubled.
  2. why are all the cool characters dying man **** this game

  3. "He what?" A dark, cracked beak turns skyward as it spoke, peering at the sunlight shafting through the broken crags of its den from above. Whether it were bitterness, resent, or frustration, rarely would the death of a holyman stir something in Malphas. So powerful this one must've been, Even to these creatures without a conscience.
  4. literally what are you talking about there isn't a single person who thinks the first fight would have gone down fair and square, but you guys are using it as an excuse as to why you lost and are going to permanently whine about how it was the sole reason you lost the fight. pvp being disabled didn't "help" us, nor did it disadvantage the vikelans. it simply happened and staff honored that mistake with a re-do, on top of extensive communication, which not a single person in our VC complained about despite us winning the first time people are dogging on the post because everyone knows that it was an issue. we literally just got done hearing this last week, on top of kowa's follow-up post. this post doesnt introduce anything new other than a scapegoat to blame as to why you guys lost the fight, despite nothing being further from the truth
  5. dude the fight was re-done. like yeah it sucks it couldn't have gone smoothly the first time but it was rerolled and pvp happened as normal ur describing it like they literally didn't reroll the fight, which ur lucky they even did because it's extremely rare that ever happens in WCs I know its a tough pill to swallow but u got a second chance and u still lost. nothing that did or didn't happen would have changed that outcome
  6. ok everything else u said is fair and I'm not discrediting that but why is it unacceptable to kill children in rp genuinely curious what the perspective is here
  7. What are some things you like and/or dislike about nation events? Things like festivals, jousting events, tavern nights, etc? What defines a good event from a bad one, or an authentic event from a simple activity grind?

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    2. Nectorist


      Nation events are mostly fine in a certain context: as non-offensive fluff that is just a casual activity grab on the weekdays. You need more dramatic/impactful RP moments as well as the threat of war disrupting that casual RP to give it any meaning. If you're just going to tea parties and balls and hunts and jousts and doing nothing unique there (as most of the server does rn, taking inspiration from the Novellen Oren they claimed to move away from) then it's the fast food equivalent of RP and isn't furthering your character or any larger narrative. However, if you sprinkle these sorts of events throughout an atmosphere that invites dramatic moments, OOC be damned, then they're totally fine as a bit of fun.

    3. xMuted


      I think pvp tournaments are fun and a riskfree way for people to try their hand at it

    4. Turbo_Dog


      Proddy I could not agree more with the court rp. I can’t stand it. I have rather gone outright guilty of a crime instead of arranging for court lol

  8. unless bandits are proactive in their RP and go the extra mile of trying to give the player a lasting positive impression, I think the majority of bandit RP is just inherently undesirable to receive, even if the RP isn't necessarily low quality or the players aren't being OOCly belligerent. a lot of people care more about their pixels than their actual character, which is why in many cases people throw a bigger fit about losing their ST item than their character losing an entire arm in CRP and I think it's what makes bandit RP especially tedious. RPly it should be a good thing that all a bandit wants is your valuables, but OOCly people hate that all bandits want are your valuables and I think it's that mindset that invokes the expectation of bandit RPers needing to be the people to go out of their way to make the encounter enjoyable. I don't really think it's wrong to desire a more enjoyable encounter, because who doesn't? but then it begs the question (considering recent conversation, particularly orlanth's comment on joel's thread) of how much we even should be trying to coddle players, and whether or not catering to this mindset of "you NEED to make the encounter enjoyable for me or you're a toxic player" is healthy for the server
  9. fair enough, my take on the mounts thing is more so just a personal opinion so feel free to discard if you want so like, if you're on emote 2 of charging this beam, and someone who was previously standing under it walked out of range right before the 3rd emote, I'd just clarify what exactly happens (or doesn't) happen to the spell at that point also looking back you should clarify the actual size of the beam, similarly to how you've described the pillar spells, particularly how many blocks wide it would cover. I think that would help make it less of a gray area I more so suggested that you need to take the hit when using this spell due to the fact that people would otherwise be able to use this as a dash spell, which it sounds like you dont want. if people were forced to take a strike upon using this spell, it'd prevent it from just being a functional brisk step if that makes sense. my bad anyhow, I missed the redline about the ally, which in that case it could just use some more direct clarification of what it's meant to do/not do healing emotes don't need to be linear, so like if you want to make bruises/scrapes to be 1 emote, you can make moderate wounds 3 emotes, if that's what you mean that's definitely a fair and good point maybe just a bit more specific wording, but I think it's mostly fine as long as it's implied the threads are able to be dodged/avoided in some way I wasnt aware of this, no worries then
  10. on the topic of isolationism and rp decay I remember one time I was standing in a city square with about 8 other people present, who were very clearly just doing #whisper rp with each other or were otherwise staring into space

    I prompted something lighthearted in RP to them all like "haha you guys are pretty quiet, what's on your minds?" and I swear to god they all just MCly stared at me like ******* skyrim NPCs. they literally just stared at me in-game and didn't emote a single thing and I have never been so bewildered by something on this server in my life

    1. Benleft


      Filtered for sharp knife ears & not being in the discord. 

      I think it’s okay for communities to be closed off & shun people (my settlement will not let you live inside our walls, Tom Cruise), but it’s always nice to at least express that IRP instead of there being empty OOC space. Just kind of something people need to do until it becomes the norm everywhere, I guess. 

    2. Cheese


      i'd quit immediately

    3. Britannicvs


      "Must've been the wind..."

  11. holy shit we're so back. anyways here's my official application for the lore team please enjoy I've never really been fond of spells/summons that have a "two lives" mechanic, and I think that if you manage to kill a stag, it should just be for the rest of the encounter. if you dedicate 2-4 emotes to swinging ur blade or loading ur projectile, and successfully strike a mount twice, it should just be a one-and-done deal instead of having to go and potentially kill it again despite already having won in that regard. it's more rewarding to actually kill a stag that way I really like this spell, I think the limitations could use some elaboration though. for example, is the beam of light "locked" on the darkspawn such as if they emote moving from point A to point B while it charges, or is it unable to follow them? does this work indoors, or only outside where they're exposed to the sky? maybe it's a bit nitpicky but it's better to cover more ground than cover too little I think once again I really like this spell, especially the fact that it's 1 emote whereas most people would have made it 2. but since it's 1 emote I definitely recommend clarifying that this can't be used to block any incoming attacks once it's performed, and you're required to take the L on the incoming strike. also, can this double as a dash-type spell? such as if a cleric wanted to use it to get from point A to point B really fast without necessarily protecting someone? if you wanted, you could add that in and just make it +1 emote count since the shield dissipates upon use I honestly feel like you could buff this to just make it shield from any T5 spell tbh. also the dimensions of the shield should be clarified. I recommend 2 tall, 1 wide, roughly the size of a player model, as well as possibly allowing aesthetic customization (such as if they want it to be shaped like a heater shield, kite shield, etc. just little stuff like that) I guess I'm kinda lost on this one since there's already a spell that strikes darkspawn with a beam of light, is this meant to be a "two birds one stone" type of spell? if it is, I feel it could definitely be combined with the previous spell by simply allowing for an additional few emotes to summoning a second pillar of light, they just feel almost identical unless I'm missing something here since this spell is 4 emotes I feel like you could buff it a little bit. right now all it can do is just knock people over, which they can just recover from in the same emote if they wanted. literally, *falls down and gets back up*. it'd be cool if the stag could, rear it's antlers forward with the potential to create puncture wounds to (unprotected) people, or if it's hooves had the potential to break bones if someones unlucky, stuff like that I also recommend maybe clarifying exactly how fast it moves to give people an idea of whether or not it can be reasonably dodged, such as "moves at the speed of an arrow/bolt" or something maybe I'm just overthinking it but I feel like there's a bit of a gray area here regarding the actual movement of the threads. are they possible to dodge/avoid by the time the 3rd emote comes? do they independently try to follow the target, or does the cleric need to actually aim and strike with the threads? under supreme verdict, having a "revealed pure" clause feels heavily restricting, because how exactly does one prove their purity? word of mouth? does the cleric just hope they aren't lying, or is there some way to verify with certainty within the context of this spell? darkspawn are a given, because, well, you can see their afflictions and be affected by it. there's no way for someone to prove themselves if they don't have any magic, so I guess I'm just struggling to imagine how this would be navigated in RP. even with the following few redlines it just seems a bit more convoluted than necessary, I don't really know why there would be such strict redlines around healing people of minor wounds outside of combat yk gashes could probably be defined better, like, if I create a gash over someone's stomach or their neck, is that still a moderate wound? you could probably just define it as "gashes the size of [so and so] over major arteries or organs, such as the jugular/neck or stomach are classified as major, while gashes the size of [so and so] over the shoulder, leg, or arms are moderate" minor wounds should really only be 1 emote tbh, like 3 emotes to heal something like a scrape or a bruise feels a bit excessive and would just kill the atmosphere could use a simple rephrase to just say "must maintain physical contact to heal" bc rn it reads a little like you just need to be in range. less subjective or vague wording is always better definitely recommend elaborating given how it might compare to other prosthetics on lotc. this pretty much describes the stone limb as being purely aesthetic to an otherwise functioning limb, which definitely shouldn't be the case and should have some major signifigant drawback, or even multiple, considering the general perception of prosthetics on LOTC are that they just have 0 penalty or restriction which makes them widely disliked, because this would just add another element of "no consequence" to the server because the guy can just go get a brand new arm from some clerics. some examples could be, slowing down movement speed by x blocks during combat, being extremely fragile and prone to breaking- which if it's broken or crumbled, it shouldn't be able to be regrown by clerics again and is just gone forever. maybe it weighs you down in water, meaning you can't swim, etc given the above I'd honestly just recommend making limb regrowth it's own healing spell in order to cover all your ground, and potentially take a look at other forms of prosthetics on lotc to get an idea of how those are balanced. I dont have any inherent issue with prosthetics, bc I think having a marble arm made of stone would be cool as ****, just that it 100% needs to be balanced because losing a limb needs to have lasting consequences its cool, neat environment spell, just feel like it could have some more meat, some more functionality aside from the arbiters feeling comfort ok nvm this is cool, this is cool as ****. allows for some RP opportunity even if you die, ignore what I said above this is cool anyways sorry for the colossus text wall. im not expecting you to respond to everything here (unless u want to), just some surface-level feedback of which it's ultimately up to you what you do/don't implement. best of luck friend
  12. the mod tech alliance is strong
  13. hello, I saw you in Haense a couple of times doing guard work I recently did some RP with my friend Kaiser where our elves were having a discussion on their royal upbringing and what they believe in. but because they were from basically two different generations of elves, one was older and the other was quite young still, they had a hard time getting along despite having similar ideas with one another and it made for a pretty cool dynamic there's another one from my warlock character. some time at the end of last year I was in charge of one of the covens, but went on a couple month hiatus. when I came back, it was pretty much entirely changed, had new leadership and a bunch of colorful new people who subscribed to ways of thinking and ideologies my character did not, so he and his daughter (who shared his sentiment) declared war on this new coven, albeit partially out of spite that he no longer had a claim over it. it lead to some pretty cool RP, especially considering the leaders of this coven were once his closest friends and family
  14. "This is not a call for Malin'or, this is war propaganda as it is a recruitment post for the alliance of a small company of elven mercenaries and the new Rexdom. His claim to the Malin'or title is completely unrelated and has no bearing on the implications of this missive." An elf of the Ilmurin Vanguard tells Glynfir in passing.
  15. petty theft sucks rn and is probably one of the most unenjoyable and uninteractive types of "RP" to receive on the server, so you can't even really blame people for wanting better ways to defend against the 2am dollar-store bandits who smash ur windows and leave signs everywhere. people do /smash on windows they can't even parkour into just to be annoying. if petty theft had more of an interaction dynamic then I'd be more forthcoming to making it easier to break into places, so for now I vote for iron door equivalent on both types of doors and yeah I understand that generally people aren't going to be breaking into places that are known to have people inside, but the issue is that it provides 0 RP in most cases other than an annoying window to fix. if you're an outlier and you actually use petty theft for a reason, that's great, but most people do not. would love if petty theft was reworked to be more RP friendly
  16. between high, wood, snow, and dark elves, who are some of the most recognized and respected elven figures you know of? examples such as phaedrus, awaiti, native, etc

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    2. Morigung-oog


      Nae haelun.

    3. Unwillingly


      thanks, anyone know of some notable snow elf figures? more than aelthir/vytrek?

    4. Jentos


      Avenel Synalli 

  17. On this day four years ago, the honored Luraki people declared WAR upon the Vikelan blight in response to their wanton desecration of the southern rainforest in the name of their nobody-noblemen and walls that protect mere grassland and withered fields. Not long after, an elvish company known as the Ilmurin Vanguard would join the orcish warband at the behest of Autarch Daahd’Lur. At first, it was a modest promise of territorial acquisition in exchange for our arms, a reluctant pact to spill blood with those who were known to spill ours in bygone days. It was a contemptuous accord between our peoples, one we pursued by way of a common enemy. Reluctance grew into tolerance, and from tolerance bloomed kinship. The elvish and orcish companies aimed their blades not towards one another, but towards the Vikelan Queendom. They came to depend on one another in a way unprecedented and unseen for many decades, and it was no longer a pact of begrudging tolerance, but of trust and respect. Now, the Ilmurin Vanguard and Rexdom of Lurak stand unwavering alongside one another in reverence. While the Vanguard pursues a kingdom by which Elvendom can be found, the Rexdom seeks to rekindle the culture and spirit of their fractured people, and it’s in this unity that an age of prosperity can be had for the descendants of Malin and Krug. JOIN THE FIGHT. Signed, Galahad Nullivari Prince of Malin'or, Commander of the Ilmurin Vanguard
  18. I appreciate how genuine this reads, thanks for communicating. also congrats on the house
  19. some of the best encounters u can have on lotc are the totally unexpected ones

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    2. TeawithFrisket
    3. ellielove15


      Seriously. Like you can't make shit up like being robbed by a 14 year old on a donkey. 

    4. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      this reads like a loading screen tip

  20. TO THE SYLVAN DUCHY OF BRABANT 12th of Malin's Welcome, year 188 S.A. To Ser Sterling Whitewood, Duke of Brabant, In light of our successful advances upon the Vikelan jungles, and consequently the ivory woods familiar to your people, it's only appropriate that audience is shared between our realms as to discuss the relations thereof. We shall meet in neutral territory, the southern desert, where your safe passage shall be promised and guaranteed. Write to my envoy that we may discuss a day and place to speak. Signed, Galahad Nullivari Prince of Malin'or, Commander of the Ilmurin Vanguard
  21. my take on cleric healing is that they should only be able to heal wounds inflicted by darkspawn (be it via magic, enchantments, summons, etc). it helps define tah's niche as one of purity instead of being a "jack of all trades" of healing RP, and also contributes to the idea that there are certain magics that are more useful than others or more needed in certain environments than others. if every magic on the server could do the exact same thing, then it'd be pretty boring is what I'm getting at

    1. satinkira


      who's going to take the plunge

    2. Unwillingly


      17 minutes ago, satinkira said:

      who's going to take the plunge

      I would if I could lorewrite at a pace of more than 3 lines per week

    3. Trinn


      now i guess

  23. I enjoy this passage especially because ironically it feels like it invokes a more realistic reaction to "danger" on lotc than you see from ppl in most encounters. more often than not people have spectator syndrome whenever danger, combat, or some other form of conflict arises, and lycans having the option to engage or flee forces the player to be proactive in their RP instead of passive skyrim NPCs watching the brawl in silence
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