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  1. Niraith

    Land charter app

    What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: Asterleigh Rock (working name) What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization (if sensitive, this can be withheld and then privately shared with whomever is handling the charter): Will pm details What plot size are you interested in: 150x150 What tile are you interested in: Will send in a pm If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: Not owned as far as I know Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): Valentin Aamot would sign the charter. (list would continue below)
  2. Niraith

    Pirate Group Discussion.

    Mind expand upon this idea little? Maritime villain rp sounds interesting if that is what you're going for. Would this group pillage port towns?
  3. Niraith

    [CLOSED] Basic Skin Shop

    Edit, full skin or head? - Edit skin Race - Dark Elf Age - ~50 year (new persona) Gender - Male Other details you want me to add? - Dark elf skin color, darker hair. Red eye (keep the other eye scarred) Steve or Alex skin base? Steve