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  1. OOC Username: Pigz_Might_Fly How active are you usually?: At least once a day You ok with using Skype?: Of course IC Name: Wilhelm von Knyphausen Age: Race and Culture: Human, Waldenian Gender: Male Social Status: Commoner Military History: A fair amount, mostly with Oren.
  2. Minecraft Username: Pigs_Might_Fly Character Name: William Rudolf Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Human Highlander Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) Reference Pictures/Description: High-Quality Meme: Something like this
  3. Minecraft Name: Pigs_Might_Fly Age: 14 OOC Information: I like memes Do you have discord and teamspeak?: no Character Name: William Rudolf Race: Human Profession: None new player Is this character your primary character?: Yes Past PvP/Military Experience: Military strategist for another server
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