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  1. Mcname: auLune Name: Sir Cassius Reine Allegiance: Orenian Citizen, ISA Officer
  2. Sir Cassius Reine simply nods with a saddened expression visible upon his visage, moving towards his closet to grab the formal Captain uniform, dusting it off before murmuring “It has been an honour serving under his imperial majesty, may he find peace”
  3. ((IGN)): auLune Name: Sir Cassius Reine Rank:Captain of the 1st
  4. Cassius hears of the news while getting ready for another training session, smiling faintly as he moved towards his office, dusting off his uniform! “May GOD smile upon their union”
  5. Sir Cassius Reine shifted his gaze towards his brother while cleaning off his greatsword, chin slightly raising to see the piece of paper. Without further inspection “To the tavern? We should attend, then!” The young knight commented, focusing his attention on cleaning the blade again
  6. IGN: auLune RP Name: Captain Sir Cassius Reine Events: All of them (If for team PVP) Team member: TangoIsPointless
  7. A senior officer in His Imperial Majesty’s service, Captain Cassius Reine, spurred his horse on in a swift gallop toward the head of the ISA’s supply caravan. All around him were his men and comrades, the men of the Helena Regulars under his command, each of them marching in perfect formation alongside their wagons bound for the dunes of Korvassa — the heart of the daemonic invasion, and the setting for destiny’s showdown between the Empire and its latest foe. The Captain reached the head of the column and slowed, his horse cantering before the foremost cart as he turned to address hi
  8. ____ IMPERIAL UNITY PARADE The 17th of Godfrey’s Triumph (( Friday, July 24th )) ((4 PM EST)) Citizens, peers, and allies of Oren—during these dark and troubling times where unworldly demons gnaw at the fringes of the Empire, we invite you all to attend a glorious parade conducted by the renowned Imperial State Army. The Imperial Unity Parade will be held in honour of those who serve the Empire selflessly and with valor, as well as those loyal citizens who continue to support them in their righteous cause. We shall recognize those who have contributed the
  9. SOLO REGISTRATION: Competitor’s Name: Cassius Reine Competitor’s Age: 19 Username: auLune
  10. Cassius simply smiles upon hearing the news
  11. Henry Suffolk would slowly snicker upon reading this nonsense, fake, yet funny scribble. Taking a hefty swig from his drink “They go so far as lying, just to make a propaganda?” Shook his head “Disappointing, yet expected of the lot who spread false news and unsuccesful propaganda. Those men never worked for me”
  12. Ivory be swimmin in cash, good job, best skins out there
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