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  1. Cassius simply smiles upon hearing the news
  2. Ivory be swimmin in cash, good job, best skins out there
  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, pouring your heart out, which is a brave thing to do, I hope things work out for you, and I hope that your mom will make it out of NY safe and sound. We will get through this. Wash yo hands and stay safe.
  4. You are a good guy, I wish you the best, and waiting for that 1v1
  5. Suffolk Trading Company Contents Introductions to the Company Products Details Introduction Suffolk Trading Company is a part of Kingdom of Suffonia. Established in 1706 upon starting the construction of Warwick Castle. Since it’s startup it has played an important role in Suffonian economy throughout years. Suffolk Trading Company bred horses and livestock for almost half a century, it is acceptable to say that the main income of the organization has been horses, though recent discoveries of a mine brought new possibilities with it. Now the workers work constantly on the mine, acquiring carriages full of iron, alongside other various valuable gems and minerals. Headquarter of the company is located in Warwick City, capital of Kingdom of Suffonia. Products The Suffolk Trading Company has a hand in almost everything, it’s range of product is vast, but the main interest is piled on the below products. Horses Livestock Byproduct Alcohol Iron and other valuables Military Equipment Horses Suffonian Trading Company has been breeding the noble horses throughout it’s history.In the vast lands of Suffonia, there is more than enough plain for horses to be fed, kept and trained for various purposes. The Company sold horses throughout the continent, let it be race horses, saddle horses or just pack horses, or a noble gift for a loved one! Take your pick and you will find it in the stables of Suffonian Trading Company. The fastest breeds, the most sturdy ones, they are all bred and raised in Suffonia, come by and take your pick, either gallop through the battlefield, or work your own field. Livestock Livestock has been one of the most lucrative source of income to Suffonian Trading Company. Dedicated herders work with various animals, let it be pigs, cattles, sheep or chicken.You can see herds running through Suffonian Woods, or the fields nearby.Company handles the health condition of the animals very, very carefully, and will provide the finest and healtihest of livestock across the continent, let it be to feed your army, make a herd of your own. You will not be disappointed to purchase our products! Byproducts Due to breeding animals in large quantities, there are a lot of byproducts piling up on Suffonian Trading Company’s storage.Feathers are sent to the smith to be used in making arrows, or sent to the book keep to be turned into an instrument of writing. Leather is used in various furnitures, clothing, military areas.Milk and eggs to lighten up the mood and create sweets that everybody enjoys! Reach out to us, get the products for all your needs, discount will be applied in mass orders! Alcohol Suffonian Trading Company offers a selection of alcohol, but the most famous one would be the one and only Suffonian Gin. Suffonian Gin is an alcoholic beverage brewed from juniper berries, herbs, and cinnamon alongside various other spices which are not disclosed to the public. It is the favorite of Suffonian people, consumed at almost every meeting, let it be formal or informal, on a rainy day, or a sunny one, you will always see a bottle of Warwick Dry laying around. The ingredients are simple, and all of them are hand picked from Suffonian Woods. Suffonian Gin tastes similar to Vodka, yet it holds more flavour. It has a piney flavour and hints of citrus from the juniper berries and an earthy flavour from various herbs, followed with a bit of tang from the citrusy ingredients such as lime can be tasted with every taste bud. As Suffonian Gin is aged in spruce barrels for at least five years, this aging process also roughens up the taste. Following the aging process, Suffonian Gin is bottled in glass bottles with a glass cork (shaped as an eagle as most things are in Suffonia) to ensure nothing interferes with the taste. Suffonian Gin is a hard liquor, it is often mixed with other drinks and consumed as a cocktail especially by female consumers. Locals tends to call plain Suffonian Gin as Suffonian Dry while ordering. Suffonian Brewery also offers a different version of dark ale called “Bitter”. Iron and other valuables For more than 30 years now, Suffonian Crown have been working on the mine near their Capital relentlessly. Discovery of the mine is quite random, one day a building party for the Barony of Grantovya came across a large pathway, being curious enough they encountered an entry to the mine.Luckily for Suffonian People the mine is untouched and bountiful, incredible amounts of iron, gold, diamonds are mined everyday, turned into jewels, gates, or the instruments of war, which those are in high demand due to a war being constant for more than 15 years now. Whatever you are looking for, let it be diamonds for your wife, or chains for your prisoners, or simply iron to transform into swords, we have it. Military Equipment Suffonia is a kingdom known for it’s vast army and military influence. It is known that they amassed a rally of 7.100 soldiers, armed to the teeth! Which is possible thanks to iron which the workers dig out day and night. Suffonian Trading Company is entwined with the crown, which allows us to utilize the iron that’s mined.We offer the finest of all equipments, deadly swords, accurate bows and sturdy plates to save you from fatal injuries on the battlefield. No matter the fashion of your choice, let it be axe, sword or a spear, our capable smiths will forge to fulfill your demands. Details Suffonian Trading Company is an organization of the Suffonian Crown which gives us access to all of the national inventory produced by the Kingdom. Our goal is to forge trade pacts, sell the products in mass order, which will initiate a discount.But for those who wish to come and visit us, see the merchandise and buy in more reasonable amount, is welcome to do so. And if you are interested or in need of something other than what we listen on this flyer, give us the details and we shall see it done. For all the trade agreements with other states will have to go through the inspection of Royal Treasurer of Suffonia.We sell and distribute all over Arcas. Prices are up to negotiation, contact the Chairman of the Company or the Lord Treasurer of Suffonian Kingdom.
  6. Hitting on the doors, they do not let me in because im too fat. Hah, me becoming staff, lmao.
  7. I thought we were keeping it as a secret, honey.
  8. So now we have a server with 0 devs, warclaims on hold! Man I truly love this, gooo administration! Note: Thank you for what you have done Korvic, for what I can see over the months, you’ve done more than the people at the top
  9. auLune


    Andy born 18 years ago in Sutica, parents left him in a ditch just outside it, a kind person took him in and raised him as his own, taught him how to fish, hunt, take care of yourself, etc. When he hit 14, the person who took him in died and Andy was back on street, he travelled to Curon, Haense and all, tried to find a place forhimself in the world, finally met with a commander of somewhere called Suffonia, enlisted in the army and climbed the ranks to sergeant, he is now happy, serving Suffonia’s military, living with the grace of Archduke.
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