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  1. “Ave Renatus, Ave Godfrey!” yells Richard
  2. Why are you labeling Vege as a puppet/mouthpiece? He’s been on the server for quite awhile and myself and others have Rp’d with him long before this current Oren v Renatus war. It’s unfortunate that Renatus players are continually labeled as either DPM/Dewper alts, or that they’re simply a mouthpiece for them, as there’s a lot of innocent people getting their name dragged through the mud.
  3. I hid from you yesterday because I didn’t want to kill my brother. Long live the Talbots. . .

    1. Stephensj


      Long live the Talbots... Scarier than the Dragon.


      it was good to see you yesterday, maybe a talbot family reunion when this war is over

    2. Knox


      ya we got a lot of catching up to do.

    3. Stephensj


      add me on discord Stephensj#2082

  4. Richard cheers, remembering the many brave Renatians who fell in defense of the throne room.
  5. “A wise decision,” states a Renatian defender
  6. “Ave Renatus, Ave Courland, Ave Godfrey!”

  8. See ya friend, it’s always sad seeing older players leave but good luck in all your future endeavors.
  9. How do you post pictures on the forums where the file’s too large? Tried doing it through the URL upload and that didn’t work.

    1. Space


      just copy paste the url of it. so like if imgur right click ‘view imgur’ and paste that link

  10. I don’t like the scenarios section, but the difficulty of the application never seemed to have much of an affect on new player RP quality. Something that I believe is often overlooked is the importance of helping new players after they’ve already been accepted. Their first impression of the server is their first few days on it, not the application.
  11. Naevian Republic When Kazotar entered his slumber, the Naevians wandered into the forest as primitive, unintelligent, and weak creatures. Awaking many years later he now finds them as a strong and resolute nation, ready to expand their influence by any means necessary. The area that would become the Naevian’s homeland was thoroughly scouted, the northern river being named the Galla while the southern was named the Sulla. Over the years, the initial settlement that was founded on the southern tip of the Galla had grown into a bustling town, the buildings being constructed out of mud brick and timber. A small harbor was created and oared ships sailed further up river to explore. This settlement would grow into the city known as Naevia. As the city developed and time continued to pass, the Naevian culture began to take form. Tribal clothing was replaced with tunics, togas, and stolas, and some newer buildings were constructed with marble and stone instead of the usual mud brick. Farmers began to primarily harvest wheat, barley, and olives, while previously nomadic herders constructed fenced grazing fields for their cows and sheep. Art, mathematics, and many other academic subjects also began to gain momentum as schools were built for their study. Early on in Naevia’s history the plant Rubia was discovered in abundance, and when it was crushed and ground the herb became a crimson paste. While a multitude of colors were always on display throughout Naevia, this resulted in red becoming the dominate color used socially and militarily. Governmentally, the Naevians were very individualistic and thus a republican styled system began to form. In the center of the city, a public forum was built and once every season influential family heads gathered to discuss and debate pressing issues. Sometimes these family heads nominated aspiring politicians to speak on their behalf before motions were proposed and voted upon, which required a 2/3 majority to pass. One area of Naevia’s development that was lacking was its religion. While they still held occasional ceremonies and religious sacrifices, their daily worship was far below what was expected. Of the 5,000 people in the city, 4,000 primarily worshiped Kazotar while 1,000 had began to worship A’aus, which stemmed from the flashes of light and magical energy they had felt years prior, the majority of these 1,000 having developed minor fire magic. While they didn’t know his name, their prayers were certainly directed towards him. Violence was unlikely, but tensions grew over time as each group began to form differing political views, Naevia’s family heads taking advantage of the situation as Gnaeus Lusis Claudia became a patron of Kazotar supporters, Titus Cassius Vespillo becoming the patron for A’aus worshipers. Even though worship wasn’t regarded as too important by most Naevians, they still began construction on a joint temple to Kazotar and A’aus. Scouts were sent in all directions, collecting as much information as they could before returning to the city. To the west was a large peninsula, the only land route to it being the strip of land Naevia was settled on. The eastern side of the peninsula was bordered by the Galla and Sulla, while the western side was bordered by a much larger river named the Umbra, a large mountain range being the only thing scouts could observe on the opposite side. The terrain of the peninsula was favorable, consisting of plains, hills, and a lush forest on it’s southern tip. Farmers and herders quickly began to migrate to this untouched land, constructing small agricultural hamlets in the area. The east was much of the same, open plains and hills until it gradually turned into towering mountain range on all sides, a thick forest hugging the base of these mountains. Smaller amounts of farmers and herders migrated to the east, but many more miners were sent to the mountains to see if there was anything of value. To their delight, they found large quantities of tin, copper, and iron which they began to extract, small amounts being sent back to the city. The availability of these materials and their development of smithing led to the birth of the Naevian military. For now it was disorganized and feeble, trainings being held infrequently and often with little benefit. Soldiers were expected to provide their own arms and armor, and this limited the military to around 500 men as they were the only ones who could afford it. Equipment consisted of a bronze chest plate and helmet, a large wooden shield and iron short sword being provided as armaments. This varied with each soldiers economic situation, and many Naevians also decorated their equipment with feathers or other symbols that could denote loyalty to a family or God. One day in the spring Gnaeus Lusis Claudia was in the forum preaching the word of Kazotar when a trio of miners approached him, covered in their compatriots blood. They were returning from the mountain with a large amount of copper when a warband of the feral gods assaulted them, slaughtering most and taking the ore for themselves. Confident that they could crush this savage mob, Gnaeus rallied all 500 of Naevia’s warriors before marching towards the mountains. After several hours they had arrived, setting up camp a few hundred yards from the edge of the forest. Scouts were sent ahead while the main host rested, but they soon returned saying that they could detect no trace of their enemy. Once more they got into formation, forming a shield wall a dozen ranks deep before advancing into the woods. The further they progressed, the more disorganized their line became due to the trees and increasingly sloped terrain, gaps starting to develop and poor discipline and training did little to reform them. They had gone nearly half a mile when a volley of spears, arrows, and stones rained onto their front ranks, killing dozens of men who hadn’t got their shield up in time. The enemy warband they had been searching for emerged from the brush less than a hundred feet away before charging down into their wavering ranks, killing many more. Realizing that a mass rout could occur at any moment, Gnaeus rallied the Naevians in the rear before charging up to support the crumbling first line, brutal melee combat ensuing as the sounds of screaming men and clashing swords filled the air. Many Naevians had already fell, but many more stood ready to continue the fight as they gradually pushed the enemy line back, counter charges being carried out by both sides to retake small geological features such as thick tree line or small clearing. After an hour of close quarters combat, the enemy pulled back, half of their warband lying dead on the ground. The Naevians did not pursue however, as they had lost 200 of the 500 men sent to deal with this threat, and so under Gnaeus’s guidance they gathered their fallen comrades before marching back to the city for a burial. Faction Summary -Farms established on western peninsula -Mines established on the base of the Naevian mountains -Initial construction of a temple to Kazotar and A’aus -Metal smiths focused on developing new and better weapons/armor -Schools begin to develop new economic, military, and political concepts/theories
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