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  1. Stephensj


    Always sad to see older players leave, especially under circumstances like these. So thank you @Harold for speaking the truth and for helping older players like myself re assimilate into the community, I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you do next.
  2. If you ever watched MythBusters, the first episodes of Adam Savage’s new show are free to watch here for the next week.  https://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/savage-builds/full-episodes/building-iron-man

  3. Richard nods upon hearing the news, proclaiming for the last time “Ave Renatus, Ave Courland, Ave Godfrey!”
  4. Pretty awesome WH40k fan film for anyone interested, gets better with each part.


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  5. Smile brighter than the sun, it’s a good deed!

  6. I’d have to say running my slaving/drug company back in Vailor. It started out with me and yimmya just ransoming people, yet within a month we had a group of around a dozen guys trying to sell quartz as pseudo cocaine. I genuinely had a lot of fun then and we created some interesting RP in Al-Wakrah. Funny enough our most frequent customers were the Kha, Metzli needed those slave sacrifices! Also, feel free to send me a message on discord if you need any help getting into the groove of things!
  7. Favorite LotC experience so far?
  8. Why are you labeling Vege as a puppet/mouthpiece? He’s been on the server for quite awhile and myself and others have Rp’d with him long before this current Oren v Renatus war. It’s unfortunate that Renatus players are continually labeled as either DPM/Dewper alts, or that they’re simply a mouthpiece for them, as there’s a lot of innocent people getting their name dragged through the mud.
  9. inb4 this **** is locked
  10. I hid from you yesterday because I didn’t want to kill my brother. Long live the Talbots. . .

    1. Stephensj


      Long live the Talbots... Scarier than the Dragon.


      it was good to see you yesterday, maybe a talbot family reunion when this war is over

    2. Knox


      ya we got a lot of catching up to do.

    3. Stephensj


      add me on discord Stephensj#2082

  11. Richard cheers, remembering the many brave Renatians who fell in defense of the throne room.

  13. See ya friend, it’s always sad seeing older players leave but good luck in all your future endeavors.
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