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  1. Mcname: Diphz rpname: Vithar Frostbeard dwelling: urgwon ATANDT Ironborn !!!!
  2. Thought I’d drop a quick selfy xD. Im coming for u renatus. watch out.
  3. A Grudge Declared Vithar Frostbeard would walk into the city square of the Dwarven Capital, climb up on top of a ledge, clear his throat and speak ”I Vithar Fros’beard, clan fatah ov da Fros’beard clan declare a grudge on thah Grandaxe clan fer slander’n me kin and me ancestor’s and fer speak ill about thah fros’beard clan. Thah onleh way thah grudge will beh settl’d is ef thah Grand’axe clan fatah Borin honor duals meh teh let thah Gods Decide who es in teh right” He would finish before sending one of his clansmen to go see that the grudge is entered in the Book of Grudges.
  4. I’m only stating facts, anyone who still thinks flame was apart of that after looking at the evidence can be nothing else but Low IQ.
  5. I think everyone who makes posts like this has tried to talk to admins nicely and discuss topics in a civil manner only to be blocked 🙂
  6. Here is Proof it wasn’t Flame was not involved in the discord raid It’s pretty pathetic how even though all the evidence is against flame being one of the two discord raiders the admins still refuse to look at the proof and unban him. Flamboyants “proof” he stated he had was Ghaz messaging him saying it was Flame. To believe that someone would go to the trouble of making an alt to raid a discord to then reveal who they really are, you must be pretty low IQ to be honest. Flame is the voice crying about being banned, Ghaz is the one who speaks second and saying how he doesn’t care, the third person is Inferno and the fourth deeper voice who cuts in a few times is Cakefool. Also when he says he's on the wrong account he was referring to his whitelisted alt account, that's him playing minecraft kit maps with Inferno, you can hear potions splashing in the background later on in the video and them saying how they died. https://gyazo.com/d7f3ffe391fd25177a5501f9283c00ec Here you can see Horton who was banned for the chat bombing admitting Flame was not a part of the raid. https://gyazo.com/691ffc57e6c6c58d546b60880966a150 Here you can see Rin who was also involved in the chat bombing saying Flame did not participate. If you close this topic without replying you are not only proving that you are in the wrong but showing just how corrupt and **** the Admin team is and confirming that you want him banned for some reason and used this as an excuse. @FlamboyantTyrant @TarreBear @SeventhCircle @Fireheart https://namemc.com/profile/urcuteowo.1 ← Whitelisted Alt
  7. Recently My Good Pal Flamelynx was banned for Raiding a discord and posting Gore and other NSFW Content. Terrible I know. However it wasn’t him, It was two perma banned players on completely different accounts who joined the discord and said it was him. Rather silly right? Surely no one can simply join a discord on their own account, say they are someone else, and that person is banned the next day even though they were at school while the raid commenced. But somehow that’s exactly what happened, without proper evidence or confronting him about it the admin team banned him permanently. Flamelynx's discord has been 98% Neanderthal#3327 since he joined the server, and it is the only one he has ever had. It makes no sense for him to get on an alt discord, raid, and then say it is him. Why would he use an alternate discord just to reveal it's him. It is clearly just two funny guys trying to mess with him. He posted a status update with evidence proving it wasn’t him and it was deleted, He messaged all the admins and got 0 responses and blocked by some, then he was forum banned. So here I am posting this to see if there is some sensible admin that will read this and help him out although at this point I would never expect actual help from an admin. Now I know this post will most likely be taken down 5 minutes after it is put up to silence this injustice but I mean who knows. Prove me wrong. @Telanir @TarreBear @Fireheart @FlamboyantTyrant @SeventhCircle https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vYJlVvdnEa3KaB3gOVBmWLv8ioMg_giayUmYtdFnVhs/edit?usp=sharing
  8. *Hamnil frostbeard would receive the letter, reading it and then throwing it into his campfire. “Good luck son” he would say to himself as he downs a pint of ale* *Durgan frostbeard would receive the letter and set out to meet up with his clan*
  9. *Hamnil Frostbeard would set out with a smile on his face to find his long lost twin after hearing news that he is in Arcas*
  10. Hot_Dip

    Winter is Coming

    Through the mountain passes of Atlas, columns of blue tattooed Dwedmar marched. They marched in unison - they marched with purpose. They marched with pride - they marched with vengeance. They marched to reclaim what they knew to be theirs. With the fall of Kaz’Ulrah a wave of disgust overcame the Frostbeard survivors. After spending years building up other lesser clans, they found nearly all of them to be weak-minded. Easily tricked and twisted, these clans fell to the smooth words of those who knew neither to lead nor build a nation. They spoke of a rosy future, a united dwedmar governed by a democracy in which anyone could partake - a future they could neither provide nor intended to provide upon taking power. After being disjointed for many years, the Frostbeard conscious was once again being awoken however. They longed for the thrust of a blade, for a proper battle, and for the blood of those who did not deserve the title of DWED. They longed for Grandaxe blood, for Irongrinder blood, for blood of all the petty clans which had risen and basked in Kaz’Ulrah’s kindness - only to turn their backs upon it for a craven led nation known as ‘Assgarum’. There would be no kinslaying this time - only massacres of kin traitors. There would be no peace talks either - only the sharp ends of axes. There would be no allied clans - only the Frostbeards and those who acknowledged their Brathmordakin mandated superiority. This time would be different - this time there will be justice. As the Frostbeards marched home from a successful raid on Assgarum and their petit military, they sang and chanted. They counted their loot and shared it amongst one another. They praised their leaders and their ancestors. They swore in the name of Kaz’Ulrah Frostbeard. By the time they had arrived to camp, word had already spread through Atlas. The Frostbeards had returned, and they had sent a clear message to those who had wronged them. There Will Be No Mercy
  11. Also I think the hair color looks ass but that’s just my opinion. Doomforged have glowing orange eyes so why can’t “stormfisters” have blue weeb hair. Doesn’t seem like it should really be bothering anyone. Some of y’all get worked up over the littlest things smh,
  12. ((I dislike people who have their characters killed a lot and Then always end up bringing them back. Edel has died like 3 times now all of them have had death posts like make a new character it’s not hard))
  13. Hamnil would laugh after hearing this. Am teh true clanfatah yeh bastard, yeh ar nofin but a fake an a fraud! Raid’n an pillag’n es our ways, not writ’n books loike yeh do wit all yer toime.
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