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  1. The Big Dogs are Back “A slaughter of fools…” comments Ralf Brawm to his father Geordie as he witnesses the carnage. The roads were devoid of life; the fear of death overpowering the Orenians’ duty to protect their land. The men of Ruswick were to blame for this, as they had been slaughtering the Orenian thralls in an operation, dubbed “Eland”, keeping the roads safe for their citizens. Hadrian Labdacus, the young son of Austin Labdacus, had noticed much activity within the capital of Helena, and had taken notice of the large amount of soldiers gathering. Under his father’s absence, he had began a ruthless campaign into the Imperial Heartlands. He quickly notified the men of Ruswick, and so the houses convened: Brawm, Labdacus, and Ruk. As the men gathered at the end of the bridge leading into Helena, a lone Ruk approached the rabid Orenians and began taunting them, japing of wingless dragons writhing in the dirt beneath his boots. For the great Ruk man knew that the underdeveloped Orenians would grow angry from the relentless insults and charge out to meet the Rusmen in combat. As expected, the Orenians sallied out in rage and surrounded the young Ruk. Geordie and Bron called upon their men and charged the serfs who had been harassing the young Ruk man under the guise of an empire. The great Rusmen under the command of Geordie Brawm and his son Ralf, confronting the Orenian dogs The men of Ruswick were outnumbered over two to one. They clashed arms in a stalemate on the bridge of Helena, taking potshots at each other. Amidst the fierce engagement, the wingless Emperor was knocked into the surrounding water by a squire of House Labdacus, drowning in the moat meant to protect his city. The squire buried his sword into a soldier’s neck, after he cut another’s hand off and split a third’s skull open. Geordie roared his orders across the bridge and roads, his colossal build standing out in the crowds of Rusmen. During a tactical retreat, Bron and Hadrian Labdacus were cut off from Geordie’s retinue as a result of an Orenian flank. In their escape, they led several foolish Orenians toward the moat, and they suffered the same fate as their Emperor: being brutally cut down in the murky waters of the unkempt Orenian moat. With some room to breathe, Geordie’s forces managed to push the Orenian thralls back towards their capital, claiming several lives in the process. The boy Emperor drowned in his moat. With time to spare, Bron and Hadrian made their way back. In a previous skirmish with Oren, Geordie and Bron had marked down the location of a bridge to be used as a choke point to funnel the crowds of Orenians. This was the time to use it, they decided. Seeing the Orenians getting anxious and overzealous, the men of Ruswick led them towards the bridge, slowly allowing them to gain ground. To any other foe this might seem quite obvious, but as mentioned before, the brain of the average Orenian thrall is not fully developed - around the 10th percentile of all Descendants, including Orcs and Ologs. Once at the bridge, the Rusmen set up a strong line of defence across the bridge and the Orenians charged it in futility, over and over, only to be swiftly pushed back and defeated - first by Geordie’s ferocious charge who, with his steel, cruelly cut down numerous Orenians, followed by volleys of arrows by Bron and his men. Soon to be followed by a swift slaughter by the Ruswick reserves, Bron charged in, finishing off many wounded Orenian dogs. Carnage ensued, and the weak Orenian retinue, their Emperor and all, was quickly dissolved by the company of Rhusmen. A hundred or so corpses sat on the Red King’s Road, decomposing. A lone Orenian survived the slaughter, allowed to leave by the Rusmen to spread tales of their bravery and to recruit others in their fight against the Orenian “men”. Bron Labdacus, the Red King, post-victory.
  2. Literally what we are doing at ruswick, already started building it
  3. great rp today dippy 🙂

    1. TheTommo


      Haha, awesome comment. I plus oned it!

  4. “Ah yes thah cowards ov urguan stroike again, Pathetic! aneh dwarf who hides away frum protect’n their allies ‘as nae honor and shall end up wit khorvad” Says Vithar
  5. “ah thought ‘e woulda end’d up marry’n a lad, wot a surprois”Says Vithar Frostbeard
  6. I bandit quite a bit and so do most of my friends, thats one of the reasons i play Lotc is because i enjoy banditing (Before I get called out for playing Lotc because i like pvping and banditing remember that these are both large aspects of the game and people shouldn’t be targeted or lower than others based in what aspects of the game they enjoy and play for). When i do bandit I try and do good RP and i tell my guys to do that too, I also usually let compliant people go free, sometimes if they have an RP item that I wouldn’t need that would mean something to their character I let them keep it too. But the problem arises mostly when the people you are banditing Stall, Don’t RP even when you’re doing it right and go straight to calling a gm, Meta rally, constantly Argue with you in looc or just Combat log (which has happened to me three times in this past week). I think that the bandit system is pretty good compared to all the other aspects of the conflict rules (which really need to be redone) there are minor changes that could be made but not to nerf it in anyway or stop PVP against people who don’t comply to banditry, the only changes if any should be made to make sure that people getting bandited can’t pull all this stupid OOC avoiding and stalling **** aswell as changes or enforcement to make sure people arnt just running around doing **** tier emotes and killing everyone with one or two emotes without allowing real time for response.
  7. Accidently reported your post instead of replying to it but, Players playing a game should not always be safe and should not always have everything given to them, there should be loss and setbacks and you should not even always be having fun on the game, Things like these drive players to fight back harder next time or teach them what to do better in the future and can also motivate them to get back to where they were before or something like that. The biggest thing that can set someone back on lotc and maybe one of the only things (As the server babies its players too much) is banditry and without it a lot of the players that don’t want to always win and want a challenge or something to fight will probably leave pretty fast if it’s removed.
  8. Hot_Dip


    You’re good as long as you contact me on discord. Frik?#6601
  9. You’re a legend man, good luck on your break.
  10. [!] From the Frostbeard clan hall, groups of Dwed would file out, spreading and pinning the missive to wherever! [!] TO THE KIN OF KAZ’ULRAH THE HORN CALLS 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1722 My brothers and sisters, true kin of Kaz’Ulrah. It has not even been a century since the fall of Kal’Tarak, and in turn, our beautiful kingdom. Although it may have only been a simple blink in our lifespan since then, its effects on us would last for a lifetime. I know many of you since the fall, joined your brethren in Agnarum & Holm- and rightfully so. There is no shame in standing with your brethren. But I know many more of you refused to stand alongside those that we had once despised, whose blood we spilled on the snow-topped fields of Jornheim. It was we who stormed Fort Kovakirr. And, it was they, Urguan, who fought alongside the Empire of Man during the Last Atlas Coalition, while we fought to the last man. But now, it is nowhere more apparent than now that the dwarves should no longer stand separated. We dwed should not, and will not, toil under the boot of the umri, elgus, nor uruks. For the survival of our existence, we need unity. The ever-wise Clan Elder and son of Hamnil Frostbeard, Argnos Frostbeard, foresaw this, and, alongside Garrond Frostbeard and myself, brought Clan Frostbeard to the Underrealm of Urguan. Our clan, the core of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, rivals of the Urguanites, would eat and drink alongside our fellow dwed once more. Not all came, however, citing our long and bloodied history. The defense of dwed-kind stands above our grudges. And so, the horn calls, bellowing from the highest mountain peaks, and through the deepest valleys. It calls to the sons of Kaz’Ulrah, to those who survived the tumultuous fall of our Kingdom. The Dwed stand in Urguan! As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Vithar Frostbeard, Son of Verthaik II Frostbeard
  11. Mcname: Diphz rpname: Vithar Frostbeard dwelling: urgwon ATANDT Ironborn !!!!
  12. Thought I’d drop a quick selfy xD. Im coming for u renatus. watch out.
  13. A Grudge Declared Vithar Frostbeard would walk into the city square of the Dwarven Capital, climb up on top of a ledge, clear his throat and speak ”I Vithar Fros’beard, clan fatah ov da Fros’beard clan declare a grudge on thah Grandaxe clan fer slander’n me kin and me ancestor’s and fer speak ill about thah fros’beard clan. Thah onleh way thah grudge will beh settl’d is ef thah Grand’axe clan fatah Borin honor duals meh teh let thah Gods Decide who es in teh right” He would finish before sending one of his clansmen to go see that the grudge is entered in the Book of Grudges.
  14. I’m only stating facts, anyone who still thinks flame was apart of that after looking at the evidence can be nothing else but Low IQ.
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