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  1. Ozneat Treebeard Priest of Da Kirkja Dverga, upon reading he nods respecting words from the heart, he would be hoping these words are not taken the wrong way.
  2. Ozneat Treebeard blinks as word hits him of the new king “Oh my” he blinks once more “I was sure Gimli was to beh da new King” he shrugs “I’m too old to care, lets ‘ope da will of da Brathmordakin is wit’ ‘im”
  3. Ozneat Treebeard nods in approval “A respectable dwed, ‘e ‘as meh respect and meh clans respect”
  4. Mc Name: Crim_Crim RP Name: Ozneat Treebeard Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Hefrumm Candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  5. Crim

    A Grudge Declared

    Rornar Starbreaker would be standing outside the Starbreaker clan hall, his hand rested on the hilt of his blade upon hearing the grudge he chuckles at the puny Grandaxes who wronged his clan. “Okay”
  6. Crim


    Daguk'Raguk would hear upon the news he would beat his belly before chuckling through his large tusks taking a seat at a very nice spot upon the floor in the middle of the wilderness not wanting to answer the call until a proper Raguk would call for him
  7. MC Name: Crim_Crim RP Name: Rornar Starbreaker Race: Cave Dwarf Discord (For communication and rallying): Crim#7420 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT
  8. Application RP Name: Rornar Starbreaker MC Name: Crim_Crim Race/Subrace: Cave Dwarf Discord name and number: Crim#7420 Have you served in previous Dwarven militaries? If so, which: Freelancing mercenary if that counts
  9. Crim

    A Warning

    Ozneat Treebeard sits upon a tree stump scratching his beard as a piece of paper with words upon them flies by. Ozneat would reach out a hand and begin reading he shrugs taking the paper under arm, standing from his stump making his way to the lavatory for he has find something he can use to wipe his behind
  10. (( LoL, one of my favorite clans being banished from the dwaves once again, damn, I do hope my Frostbeards bloodline is fine to wander, would be pretty nice))
  11. I look at this and wonder, who would honestly think this is an issue
  12. Crim

    Ozneats Farewell

    Ar Yemarin Anaros -Clergy of the Holy Truth- 9th Of The First Seed 1692 Farewell of High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard This is the finally and first official document which I, Ozneat Treebeard will write for Ar Yemarin Anaros as I attempted to change it by opening it up to any dwarf which follow the Brathmordakin, this is the document of me stepping down as High Prelate and taking the long path to stay alone in isolation as I pray and meditate to the Brathmordakin which I grew up understanding, loving and preaching. Finally deeds The finally deeds of which the I Ozneat Treebeard will pass on in Ar Yemarin Anaros respect my decisions and prove to Ogradhad that they are wise ones. As I leave I wish to leave my son, Medabo Treebeard as the new High Prelate however Prelate Dutesli Treebeard will be the temporary High Prelate until he is old enough to take the title. I will also allow Lord Balrog Grandaxe of Mynebor to become a Prelate, may he fill the role with ease and prove he is a true worshiper of the Brathmordakin allow them to bless him as he takes the steps closer to our Gods Signed Ozneat Treebeard High Prelate of the Brathmordakin High Prelate of Ar Yemarin Anaros
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