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  1. loupgareu

    The Academy of Holm [Accepting Students] [Hiring Teachers]

    Full Name:Aranei Volnear Age: 44 Residency: An island off the coast of nowhere Major Subject: Mystics and the Arcane Mostly I wish to one day make an army of lightning puppies to rule the world. Its a simple dream really, to dominate people though the cuteness of puppies. If that was to fail, I guess I would love to unlock the secretes of ice cream magic. I believe it to be a form of conjuration drawing upon aspects of water evocation. Ice cream magic is one of the best magics as you may eat as much as you like without gaining any weight as once the spell goes, so does the food, making the best guiltless pleasure. So for what I will do with the knowledge later on, well we will have to see.
  2. loupgareu

    Assembling the Dark Dwarves

    Reading over the notice for a moment, he gives out a long sigh. "Aye, gussin' oi be dar."
  3. loupgareu

    [MA][Conjuration] Aranei Vulnear

    MC Name:loupgareu Character's Name:Aranei Vulnear Character's Age:43 Character's Race:High elf What magic(s) will you be learning?:Conjuration Teacher's MC Name:DarthArkous Teacher's RP Name:Dorin Irongut Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it:N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?:Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?:Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:No
  4. loupgareu

    [Bounty] Half-orc whitewash

    No this is no longer just rp this has gone into ooc and me having to deal with so much other **** now thats affecting me on a personal level and I cant take it. I honest prefer not to come back to the server just so I do not ever have to deal with you and your group ever again.
  5. loupgareu

    [Bounty] Half-orc whitewash

    yet orcs where in the raid
  6. loupgareu

    [Bounty] Half-orc whitewash

    Actually it is said by the one the post is about
  7. loupgareu

    [Bounty] Half-orc whitewash

    what happened to orcs and rping honor, not fighting unarmed people and now worshiping GOD
  8. loupgareu

    The Doomforge Clan

    MC Name: Loupgareu RP Name: Grildrek Doomforge Discord: loupgareu#3619
  9. loupgareu

    Zephonim Act of Irrinor, 1650

    "Funny, I thought this was the Dominion of Malin not Haelun'or. It seems I was wrong, well lets hope they string up ferals to an aurum cross." She would say with a grin thinking of one