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  1. MC-Name: Loupgareu Character Name: Nesrine Age:90’s Race: Half Orc Hometown: Middle of the Atlas desert Possible Goals to achieve: Better poisons and weapons to kill people with. Wanted Role/Job: Alchemist maybe, I knew how to infuse metal. Discord: you know it
  2. Waking up in the mesa after having taken the herbs given to by Guyden, Nesrine slowly sits herself up from the ground. As she looks around, the world has taken on an odd look as the sky would be dyed red with a hunter's moon hanging in the sky. Setting out over the hills the landscape takes on a more twisted appearance and soon even the sounds of life dies off till there is no sound but her own footsteps. “Where do you think you are going, you seem to be always going the wrong way?” “Yes, you always need to make things hard for yourself don't you?” Almost coming to a complete stop she would take a few steps in front of the two people in her way. They would look much like her in most respects except for some small details of them. One would be a pure uruk, while the other being a ker. They would both wear a cheshire smile as they speak to her. In a calm voice that seems to hide something more she would look at the two and speak plainly to them. “And here is it that I am meant to be going then?” she would now seem on edge as they seem to just look at her without speaking. They glance at each other before looking back at the Tal’Uruk with the same smile “Home with the...” as they speak they seems to match word for word with perfect timing till the of last word where both seemed to say a different thing. One saying elves and another saying orcs before following up with a small continuation “So pick, you know it's better to just follow one. The path you walk will always lead you down the path of most resistance.” As she watches the the two speak with an unsettled look she nods slightly knowing they are right inside her own heart. It would be more simple to give up one of the lives she holds in a misguided attempt to find a balance. As they speak the thoughts flood her mind of both paths and what it would mean. With tears in her eyes, at the thoughts she would move between them as she goes on. “That is not who I am.” “See there you going having to make things so hard on yourself. It's not that hard to find pleasure in killing now is it. You’re already so angry and I think you would like it after a while.” “Yes, it not all bad. If you keep going down this path both sides will only despise you more than you already are. Now is that really worth it?” They both would seem to just turn as she walks past them as she would walk closer to where she would think home was. As she would find the road, she would see them yet again but but this time a fog would seem to hang on the ground as a scene would playout in front of her. It would seem like a battlefield with one side being elves and another being orcs. Their weapons would clash as both sides would fall left and right. Yet they both speak plainly as if it was not even a bother. “You see, this is all that waits for you. Do you see a third option in this?” they would both seem to say “You know, with your help you could turn the tide of the battle for one and end it, if you only pick a side.” She would instead to make her way into the battlefield in search of wounded, but as she does so the scene appears to vanish in front of her as she would get there. With both figures just looking at her with a look in their eyes as they would simply vanish from sight. Taken aback she moves on with the single goal of getting back to the grove and getting away from this waking dream. As she makes it to the gates of mother grove she would seem to be more weary as she looks around for the two to make another appearance, but they do not manifest. Instead she would see a constable of ravens watching her from the gate. As she would make her way inside of the grove she would hear the notable dual tone in her mind this time. “Who is really in control?” As she would look back to see where they are but would only see the raven look at her before flying off. “There is no need to look for us we are always with you. Your hope, dreams, and even your doubts.” The last word would be a whisper as the voices vanish. As she would cross the threshold of the gate the vision would fade as she would lose conscious again.
  3. No this is no longer just rp this has gone into ooc and me having to deal with so much other **** now thats affecting me on a personal level and I cant take it. I honest prefer not to come back to the server just so I do not ever have to deal with you and your group ever again.
  4. yet orcs where in the raid
  5. Actually it is said by the one the post is about
  6. what happened to orcs and rping honor, not fighting unarmed people and now worshiping GOD
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