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  1. Avaeramos nods in approval of the missive, his grip over the parchment promptly loosening.
  2. Avaeramos is glad for Elathion and Ciwen.
  3. #JusticeForChristPunchsteel

  4. mineman will sign petition for Mr. Punchsteel. #justiceforpunchsteel.
  5. Username?: Alfomos Name?: Avaeramos Age?: 170+ (Born in 1595) Race?: Mali’ame Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Yes Discord?: You have it.
  6. IGN : Alfomos RP NAME : Avaeramos Skills you can bring to the table : :^)
  7. ”Goodbye,” murmured an old accomplice, ”May you find the peace that was long sought.”
  8. Avaeramos Enrique, a relative to Alayris, was certain to attend! He will be bringing gifts too.
  9. Avaeramos dislikes Suticans. Whereas, Caldwell feels so the same.
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