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  1. Avaeramos smiles the brightest of all smiles, and pockets the missive before setting out for the Bastion of Silver.
  2. "I barely even dream anymore." Avaeramos told back duly to his daughter, Andria.
  3. Koltira Ravexi shook his head as the Dark Elves bickered incessantly. He remained mute, fully desirous on how much further the trio's quarrel will deteriorate.
  4. IGN: Alfomos RP NAME: 'Smokeh' Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  5. I like vortex

  6. Karin'ayla, friend of Malinor.

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      Quite well!

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      none of those.

      Yes, he is Avaeramos Henrique, everyone knows this

    4. The Great Mongol Khan
  7. Alfomos

    On Asioth

    A compendium on Asioth 5th year of the Second Age _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ To attain the plight of Asioth, one must fully devote themselves to retaining the derivations of knowledge and teachings bestowed unto us by the great Arch-Drakaar, Azdromoth. And moreover to the antecedent statement, broad
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