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  1. A far-flung warrior of the House of Ithel'an smiles with callous joy, reminiscing on the days he and his kin butchered elves in an act of vengeance for the death of his brother.
  2. Araum, a Nephilim living in exile, smiles from ear-to-ear.
  3. The screams of a troubled Stefan ring throughout the Providence Square.
  4. Aeve Calithil guffaws, eyeing the very same set of armor his father Kairn had used to duel Rex Morlak'lak all those years ago.
  5. Stefan began preparations as soon as word of probable conquest got out. It was what his presently jailed father, Dima, would have wanted.
  6. I see how it is. @Werew0lf play phasmo with me instead
  7. Stefan Ivanovich seethes, having missed his chance to take part in the skirmish!
  8. RP Name: Stefan Ivanovich MC Name: Honourary Voted: Yes
  9. Stefan Ivanovich, son of Dima Ivanovich and also a descendant of St. Arpad, repeats after his father. "Perish thee, bearded midgets."
  10. An elf recalls the day him and his kin established the Sons of Malin fondly.
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