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  1. "Tens of thousands of Covenant souls and Carolustadt shall rise from the earth," says Vasily, self-proclaimed soothsayer.
  2. "You tell 'em, Garen!" cheers Vasily.
  3. im a freak.

    just lmk.

  4. Somewhere far, far away, a wayward son of Leonid 'The Martyr' Vilac patiently awaited the day he would be enthroned his father's honouraries. "Can't wait!" Laszlo, a true-born of his line, exclaimed with a devilish grin.
  5. ELECTOR NAME: Vasily Augustus Ivanovich, Champion of Vilacz. ELECTOR HOUSE: Ivanovich. VOTE CAST: Da.
  6. Vasily looks down, shedding a single tear. "It's over. Thousands must revote."
  7. "Wow!" exclaims Vasily, a descendant of Ivan 'The Outlaw' Barrow and also the strongest of his line.
  8. "Empires are founded through war and conquest; not goodwill and liaison," muses Vasily.
  9. 53376 people and i will protect them all.
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