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  1. Steffan Perea, who had told himself he'd be present at the defence of Southbridge, jolted awake from his nap, but hit his head somewhere and got knocked back out cold in doing so.
  2. An elf recalls the day him and his kin established the Sons of Malin fondly.
  3. Somewhere within the Woodland Realm, a scion of Kairn the Conqueror rubs his gauntleted hands devilishly.
  4. "Inshallah," says Steffan Perea.
  5. which of your characters is your favourite and why?
  6. devilishly striking mistah treshure But thank you for making this video.
  7. i love you joe blackman

  8. its funny when people schizopost. but this wasn't funny. take a break or something.
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