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    why does this seem so familiar....


    Tretch'Lak was born into a small family of the swamp-loving Lak tribe. The younger of the two brothers, the elder being Aslar'Lak, Tretch's Mother unfortunately died at childbirth. The father of the two, Azog'Lak, responded to his lifemates untimely and unexpected demise like any orc would. With complete and utter rage. Having gone slightly mad upon seeing his lifemate and childhood best friend pass, Azog trained his two sons in combat harder then most, which, thanks to orcish standards, meant he almost killed them on a daily basis. One day, when Tretch was only eight, Azog threw him and Aslar out of the house and roared at them to not come back until one of them was missing a body part. Not wanting to be jumped by any of the large Olog children in the camp, the brothers went as far out into the desert as they could and began their duel. Aslar, being older and therefore bigger, easily overpowered Tretch. Saying it wasnt personal, Aslar grabbed hold of Tretch's tiny left tusk (his tusks had begun to grow early for some reason) and ripped it out violently, taking a good chunk of his jawbone with him. As Asler ran back home to show the trophy to their father, Tretch lay there, humiliated and enraged by his defeat. Instead of returning home to face his father's wrath, Tretch, swearing to prove he's better then his brother and that the Spirits were on his side, wandered out into the desert, where he spent the rest of his childhood and early adult life fending for himself. At first he survived by following around this troll he called "Ugh" and scavenging from the remains of the brute's meals. When Tretch reached eighteen Ugh finally realized an Uruk had been walking behind him for the past several years and tried to kill him. Tretch promptly killed the Troll by tricking him into headbutting his own shadow, thus cracking open his massive skull. Tretch took a piece of Ugh's jawbone as a trophy, the same way Aslar took his tusk, and "sacrificed" the rest to the spirits. Throughout his early adult life Tretch survived as a bandit, raiding travelling human/elven caravans on his own and managing to make it out with the supplies he needed. He eventually was able to forge a crude jawbone prosthetic using Ugh's jawbone and a piece of scrap metal fashioned from a human's belt buckle, painfully fusing it to his face so he could finally eat and speak properly again. It was when he repaired his jaw that he finally decided he was strong enough to return to orc society. The road would be long but the rewards would be so sweet. Tretch always wanted to learn more about Shamanism, so that's what he would do. He will go back to Krugmar, earn his place in Clan Lak as his father had, and maybe even get his old brother Aslar back for that trick he pulled on him. Well... pulled out of him that is. If his brother was even still alive that is, which was highly unlikely. Even for Uruks, Aslar was foolhardy.