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  1. Gruzg’Shuzig sat in the tower alongside the other council members and Burbur. At the news of what had happened, he sat there, with sadness in his eyes as he stared at the limp body of his former Rex. Looking inward, he felt sadness for the loss, but also pride due to the knowledge that all Burbur’s hard work had helped the Warnation of Krugmar had risen to rival the other nations and he had been there to help.
  2. Everett Devereux cries at the pyre of his father, as he signs the Lorraine and mutters a prayer.
  3. Lava1izard

    A Rex's Address

    Gruzg’Weeagh grins as the speech is given, cheering when Burbur pauses, and clapping aswell. After the speech was over with he calls out in excitement; ”WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”
  4. -=Strong Slave For Auction=- A Waver is posted, showing off the auction of a slave Strong Dark elf of Gladewynn, good for working Bidding starts at four hundred minas
  5. The height of 6 ft is mostly from the long neck and head, when the head is lowered in line with the rest of the body, its around 4.5 ft. Thanks, ill change the defense redline
  6. Drazhai ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __________________________________________________ Appearance: The Drazhai is a large quadrupedal lizard which has a long tail which it can use for defense by lashing it out at any attacker. It also bears large claws that assist in its natural ability to conquer difficult terrain, along with the help of its tail. They weigh upwards of 1500 lbs and are around 15 ft long; head to tail. At full height, they are 6 ft tall, and at their lowest; 4.5 ft tall. The Drazhai’s natural scale color is tan or reddish. Taming: The Drazhai are relatively easy to tame, but the hard part is searching for them in the sands of the desert. The way to tame them is by bringing them large amounts of cactus for them to feed off of, and letting it see that you mean it no harm, soon enough after a few interactions with the same Drazhai it will befriend you. Another way of taming the Drazhai, is to sneak into its nest and steal the eggs right from under their noses. Then you will need to care for the egg until it hatches; keeping it warm and begin stockpiling cactus juice for them to feed upon after hatching. The Drazhai babies must be fed cactus juice to feed them, for their body is not developed enough where they can eat it raw. If you already have a female Drazhai then the hatchlings can be fed it’s milk. Behavior: The Drazhai is a peaceful and affectionate creature, they are herbivores who mainly consume cactus. They can achieve this because of their leathery mouth and tongue, which also has no nerve receptors in it, so the spines of the cactus’ are ineffective against them. The Drazhai also have two stomachs to aid in the digestion of the cactus they preferably eat. They are also not easily scared by other creatures, but will rather hide or run from a predator, since they are intelligent enough to realize that they aren't the best at fighting. In their natural habitat of the desert, they sleep under the sands to avoid being hunted in the night by predators. Traits: The Drazhai have a long tail which they can use in defense of itself as well as a spit it sprays from its mouth which can blind its attacker while the Drazhai flees from the predator. It also has a second eyelid which can lower over its normal eye to help it see predators in the dark, letting it have a chance to escape before the predator has a chance to catch wind of it. This second eyelid gives it a lesser version of thermal vision. Although, the heat vision blurs its sight, letting it see blobs of heat in any direction it looks. Breeding and Aging: The Drazhai can live up to 15 years in the wild due to predators and possibly up to 50 years in captivity. The Drazhai grows to its full size after the age of 5 years, and it can begin to search for a mate after that 5 year mark. When the Drazhai mates, it takes the female around 7 months for gestation, and lays 2-3 eggs which hatch 3 months later into a baby Drazhai. For the eggs to hatch, they need the extreme heat of the desert for them to hatch; so they can grow properly. History: The Drazhai was originally discovered by the Weeagh clan in their exploration of the desert. They were named thus by Gruzg’Weeagh and Yahzi’Weeagh while they were out looking for alchemical ingredients. Once they spotted the creature, they watched it for a time, as it ate cactus and moved on to another bunch of cactus. Feeling as they were the first to discover this creature, they named it the Drazhai for its appearance of a dragon and partially because Yahzi was writing in the sand and mixed the name idea with his name. So the creature came to be the Drazhai. _____________________________________________________________ Red Lines: Can be used for defense but not an outright attack, unless an ET forces the Drazhai to using ET magic The Drazhai’s eggs must be hatched in the desert The spit loses its effect after 5 emotes, and cannot kill it’s target The Drazhai can carry a maximum of two people at a time (Written with the help of DarkElfs)
  7. Im currently trying to write lore for a ride-able creature for non-combat purposes; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T8rpVd_4_uJhig6NSPQkI-FEQy1fq5gXC6eMgrJYjik/edit If anyone would like to leave feedback or suggestions, they’d be greatly appreciated. 

    Thx- Lava1izard

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      /Uses non combat creature to slam into person during combat/

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      that would break a redline


  8. Application: Name: Gruzg’Weeagh Race: Goblin Age: 27 Discord#: Lava1izard#6370
  9. Lava1izard


    He grew up in a mercantile family with a brother and two sisters. As a child, he was a troublesome kid who would steal from his grandfather. Once his grandfather would find out, then he would be beaten for it, but the adrenaline of the act would push him to continue with the rebellious action. As a child his father brought him to the great city of Holm in order to seal a deal between his father and another middle class merchant. This other merchant said he had a relic of from the reign of Dwain Irongut, but to his fathers trained eyes, It was but an old re-stamped mina. The coin was crudely forged to look like a real, but It was a fake. Once he was around the age of twelve, he witnessed a mysterious act of magic in which, an Artificer made a golem, which helped him move his belongings onto a wagon for transport. This act made him ever more interested in magic. When he reached the age of eighteen he decided that his main goal in life was to learn the magics and become a master. So he set out from his home and started his journey to becoming a master wizard.
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