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  1. What is your name? Florian Theodoric de la Rosa Where are you from? Hyspia How old are you? 18 What is your favorite thing? Reading, writing, books, poetry
  2. Florian Theodoric's eyes widen as he reads this. He had to make a drama out of it!
  3. The God of Sloths wishes they had more persona slots!
  4. Florian Theodoric Wick is happy for his sister, though he wonders what gift he shall get her!
  5. Florian Theodoric Wick is psyched!
  6. Florian T. Wick wishes his sister well, and hopes she succeeds in the trials!
  7. "I need some aurum..." Quintus Varoche remarks to himself as he reads the missive.
  8. Quintus Varoche reads the flyer, nodding in approval, as his younger brother could certainly use something like this.
  9. MC name: God_Of_Sloths IGN: Hector Macpherson (Discord): LGBTQ Sloth#9220 Age: 21 What position are you applying for? Law-Clerk for the OSP Are you registered with the census: not presently Why do you want to work with the Ministry of Justice? I consider myself an adept study and an adequate debater. I wish to serve my country by enforcing the law.
  10. Niccolo Vasari wonders if he will be able to audition, given that all the male characters have different hair and eye colors from him.
  11. Name of Spirit and Aspect: Veist – Spirit of Illusion, Tricks, and Thievery. Blessing: To be stealthier and have more tricks to use on people Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Break into people’s homes to cause mischief and leave totems of Veist.
  12. I write to you all as a member of the proletariat and a working man. A man who has been oppressed his whole life by men and women who do not provide for the collective, but reap the benefits of its work. These people control the resources while spreading twisted lies and misinformation. The Chelovek revolutionaries have taken the blame for the crisis at the cathedral that happened recently. But who is truly to blame? The revolutionaries who attempted to save the lives of those who were protesting for their rights? Or the imperialist oppressors who cornered them in a place of holy worship with the intention of taking their lives and liberty. The people protesting were loyal citizens of the Empire; merely concerned for their own well-being, and the well-being of their loved ones. They were peacefully demonstrating when the vile man known as Emperor Peter III made the decision to use violence to silence the voices of his own people. To strip them of the few rights they thought they had. A man who claims to love his people and be loved by them used his cold, hard steel to take the life of one of his loyal subjects. Is this tyrannical act of terrorism indicative of a leader? No, it is not! A man guilty of such egregious wrongs is not worthy of the love of the people! For he is a tyrant; no better than those he claims to oppose! For he is not a man, but a monster! And after this tyrant took this first step towards genocide, the entire ISA took to putting down these concerned citizens through totalitarian means! They slaughtered them and forced them to retreat. And even then they pursued them, like a guard dog, trained only to attack, and not to think for themselves. Taught to obey their master at all cost, no matter how horrible the task is. Once they had cornered them in the church, a place of supposed non-violence, for a final massacre, the Cheloveks intervened. They threw fire bombs at the soldiers to save the lives of the innocent citizens. But then, the ISA committed what is perhaps the most atrocious moral crime ever witnessed in human history. They took their own people hostage! Yes, that’s right, to defend themselves against the freedom fighters they not only used the innocent civilians as hostages, but forced them into the flames so they could later blame it on the Cheloveks and turn the people of the Empire against them! Thankfully, due to the bravery of the revolutionaries, no lives were lost, except the one taken by the evil tyrant: Peter III. This day is a great tragedy, and proof of why we need to rise up and fight! Fight to take our homes back! Fight to end tyranny and gain liberty! - Citizen Q
  13. FULL NAME: Doctor Vagn Walfrid Nansen ADDRESS & CITY: People’s Place 2, Helena OCCUPATION: Scientist, professor, ambassador
  14. To all citizens of this grand Empire, I would like to state what a pleasure it is to be able to run this campaign, so I may have the honor of representing you. And that is what I will do as your senator. We live in dire times, and in the midst of our turmoil, we need a leader to guide the people. There have been a number of recent riots in the city, usually relating to racial tensions or personal feuds. This shows how divided the city is at this time. As your Senator, I will seek to unite the people of Helena under a common cause! The cause of camaraderie and passion, justice and equality, and the desire to keep our youth educated and safe. As your Senator, I will make all of these things possible, to bring the people of this great city together! I believe education is of the utmost importance to see our Empire prosper. I will seek to expand the educational system in Helena, as well as add an Imperial Museum to commemorate our history and teach the youth about their forefathers. The ISA is an integral part of our society. It creates jobs and protects us from foreign threats. Thus, to create more opportunities for potential, as well as residing members of our military I shall seek to expand the range of purposes and activities for the ISA to create and partake in. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of the Empire; vote for Vagn Nansen to secure YOUR future!
  15. SURNAME: Nansen FIRST NAME: Vagn ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: People’s Place 2 DATE OF BIRTH: 1710 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: no If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: yes ((MC NAME)): God_Of_Sloths
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