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  1. IGN: Farica16 Skin details: Plated armor References: Discord: xeach#9339
  2. Good luck, it’s hard to even find a bad skinner nowadays.
  3. Farica16

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Diana Race: Highlander Age: 25(IRP Age) Desired role: Hunter Reason for enlistment: Diana wishes to enlist in the Huntsmen to pursue her life-long dream of encountering and battling monsters, whilst serving honorably. OOC Username: Farica16 Discord Tag (Example#3333): xeach#9339 Timezone: GMT+1
  4. I’m looking for a skin maker to make a fairly simple armor skin. For more details DM me on xeach#9339.
  5. Looking for someone who can make a decent-looking skin. Price can be negotiated, for details + reference pictures DM me on xeach#9339. Thanks for reading!
  6. = Ooc =- Username : Farica16 Discord: xeach#9339 -= Rp =- Name: Diana Age: 18 race: Highlander Gender: Female Allegiances: House Snow Motives in joining: She had mostly been skilled in the proficiencies of mining and wood-cutting, with other side habits that would entertain her during her day. She always had a strong will to apprentice to a blacksmith, and herself then become skilled in the proficiency itself. She had planned to start smithing in her home-town Nordengrad, whilst being an apprentice to a proficient and competent blacksmith.
  7. Farica16


    She was born into a chaotic family, her mother single-handedly would try to take care of her and her twin brother, but due to her mother’s medical conditions, her mother would pass early into her and her twin brothers life. They’d then for a few months survive off of the remaining food supplies and what her mother left for her and her twin brother. Diana and her twin brother being always very grateful for their mother chose to use the few supplies they had to build their mother a grave and bury her. Due to this, her life was very traumatic and her mental state wasn’t fairly stable. She’d eat the remaining food in small amounts, trying to save as much as she can in the hope of her absent father returning once and helping them get on their feet, but sadly he never came. Diana and her brother would be low on supplies regularly, therefore, nervously they decided to learn how to manage and use basic survival gadgets, they learned how to properly handle a rusty old axe that was laying around the house and then they’d then start gathering wood and used it to their advantage, they would stroll to the nearest river and use their mother’s old fishing rod and try to catch fish, their strategy proved to be practical as they survived for long enough doing that. This, undoubtedly proves that some of their mother's traits carried onto her and her brother. Once she and her brother were already mature and useful they decided to start a new life and explore more of the unimaginable and unexplored world. They would then go through the forest, in hopes of finding something and that would lead them to the Caras Eldar, the capital of the Elven Dominion. They were quickly greeted by concerned and curious orcs, it didn’t surprise them since their clothes were torn and messy. They’d meet many new orcs and start a new life in Caras Eldar, always not being accepted as one of theirs because they were humans. She always heard about many stories about the unexplained wilderness and would then decide to leave Caras Eldar and explore the world, in her adventures she would find many of her own kind and it would lead her to where she is now, but her brother would stay in Caras Eldar as he met a young, female orc in which he took interest to, and planned to have a bright future with her.
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