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  1. Eoghan would be the most thankful he has ever been, with all of his family onboard and safe for the meantime, the man could finally rest at ease as they sailed into the unknown. a swell of emotions from memories made in the city with family and friends would wash over Eoghan for a moment, But the man reassures himself "Ehh, all of those who made those moments memorable are still here, it matters not the location" he'd sigh a relieved breath and go about to look after his family.
  2. *Eoghan would be waiting, a distraught look plastered on his face. hed hope to whatever god would listen for danas safe return*
  3. [!] Eoghan is as excited as ever as the time till the wedding is nearing its end
  4. Parrot99

    A Talon Festival

    *eoghan thinks to himself, how am i going to fit into one of vivians dresses*
  5. Eoghan O’Cathain Name: Eoghan O’Cathain Full Titles: Patriarch of House Balder, Shield brother to House watanabe Nickname/Alias: N/A KEY INFORMATION Gender: Male Race: Human Social Status: Nobility Relations: Happily married to Vivian O’Cathain Proud father of Eliott O’Cathain Sexuality: Heterosexual Height: 5’11 Weight: 74kg Homeland: Unknown Current Home: Talon’s Grotto PHYSIOLOGY Build: Well built, Trains regularly, Good upper body strength Hair: Deep brown in colour, Somewhat lengthy, culminating in a small ponytail Eyes: A subtle dark green Skin: Coming from Highlander descent, his regularly pale skin is tanned from his extended time in the sun. Appearance: Normally sporting a friendly smile, he is most comfortable when surrounded by family. He sports a well tamed beard, and has a scar just behind his right knee. Clothing: He is normally wearing a white button up shirt, loose fitting trousers, belt draped with cloth, and sturdy yet comfortable boots. Weaponry: Carries a sheathed sword on his hip, and a large 2 sided axe across his back. Prized Possessions: An axe with a decorative handle, containing images from celtic folklore. The base of the handle has a leather grip for easy handling, the axe heads being of forged steel with bronze accents adorning the sharp edge of the blade. Hygiene: In good hygiene, he is well kept and cleans regularly. Voice: Deep, yet friendly. Speaks in an Irish accent. QUALITIES AND FLAWS Strengths: Incredibly loyal to family, Eoghan will do anything in his power to make sure his family is safe. Eoghan is a tried and true ally to those he calls friends- whether offering his ear or sword and shield to them in their hour of need. Weaknesses: Eoghan is stubborn and headstrong, on the field of battle this may be a quality to desire, but in day-to-day life it can cause some strife. Along with this, his protectiveness can overstep bounds at times. Fears: Facing many dangers varying from common thief to voidal horrors, none of them make him fear more than losing those he holds dear whether it be through monstrous creatures or his own actions. Intelligence: Slightly above average intelligence (Nothing special) Languages: -Common- (LOTC English - Advanced) -Blah- (Cannot speak it but can understand to a degree) Profession: Being a sworn shield brother to House Watanabe, Eoghan normally takes up professions accompanying his shield brothers in the guard force of the current city they are inhabiting. HEALTH Illnesses: Suffers from varying degrees of depression from time to time, slight PTSD, suffers from night terrors related to the Voidal horrors that appeared during the defense of Curon. Allergies: N/A Injuries: Slightly weakened right leg due to a savage attack, various scars and faded bruises litter his body. Sleeping Habits: Regular, when situated in a regular sleeping arrangement, struggles to sleep when on quests or when on duty. Energy Levels: Fairly good as he keeps fit and is near always well fed and hydrated. Eating Habits: Standard eating habits, consisting of 2-3 meals a day depending on the size of the meals. Exercise Habits: Routine training early in the morning consisting of planned running laps and upper core workouts. Memory: Eoghan has a quite good memory, nothing too impressive but good enough. Unhealthy Habits: Eoghan has a habit to drink excessively when he feels depressed past a certain point. Drinking Habits: Has had problems with alcoholism in the past, but as of late only drinks with friends and family at gatherings. ETHICS AND MOTIVATIONS Personality: Generally friendly to most he meets, very warm to family and family friends. Eoghan is quite cold to those who discriminate against others. Religion or Cults: Paganism Alignment: Neutral good POSSESSIONS Wardrobe: [Regular attire] Consists of a white button long sleeve shirt, a pair of loose fitting trousers, sturdy boots, a drape of cloth tucked to his belt (Either green or Watanabe) [Armour] Leather greaves with overlaying steel armour pads, right shoulder guard is enchanted with a spell of Abjuration, drape of Watanabe tabard cloth tucked to his belt. [Fancy dress] Similar to his regular attire, a fancy yet functional overcoat is added alongside a nicer pair of shoes. Jewelry: Wedding ring on his left hand Pets/Animals Peregrine falcon named Persephone Owned Homes: Talon’s Grotto Carried Inventory: First aid kit, cold weather survival kit, short sword, personalised axe, non perishable food. COMBAT Peaceful or violent: Defensive, preferring to only fight defensively if need be. Weaponry: Standard hilted sword, personalised axe Combat Training: Extensive training in both sword and axe combat, he is quite proficient when using a shield, can use a bow but not too well. TRAINING & SKILLS -Combat- -Short sword: Eoghan has substantial training with one handed swords- -Combat axe: Being Eoghan’s preferred weapon of choice, he has extensive training- -Bow: Eoghan is able to use it, but isn't the best using it- -Shield: Being well versed in using the “Shield wall” tactic, he can put substantial strength behind this maneuver- -Polearm: Mostly familiar with these during training; he can still use the glaive, pilum, or halberd as an effective weapon- -Cooking- -Butchery: Having lived off the land for many years of his young life, he is knowledgeable in basic butchery and meat charcuterie- -Fire starting: Either using surrounding materials or a set kit, he is able to start a fire with ease- -Food preparation: Eoghan has a vast repertoire of dishes under his belt, learning from his travels he has acquired quite the varying taste- -Musical- -Bodhran: Quite proficient with this instrument, being a very traditional musical outlet for his people. Minecraft IGN Semiproparrot99
  6. “I only keeps the book for the jokes...... thats all” *SWEATS*
  7. Parrot99


    Eoghan - a lumberman by trade - was doing what he does best felling trees. Being strong with an axe, Eoghan felt natural in his job, and felt good when doing it "Phew today has been a long one , One final tree and that's me done for the day". With a deep breath and a swift swing of his axe he felled an oak wider than most men. Cutting it was the easy part, moving it was the difficult part. With the tossing of two heavy chains, the log was secured. All that was needed now was some heavy lift gear; and with a whistle from his bearded face an ox of massive proportions stumbled through the woods. Once the beast was chained and harnessed to carry the load, they headed back to Eoghan's home. As Eoghan and the lumbering ox approached a dimly lit cabin. The door swung open, "Daddy you're home!". A young girl came running towards Eoghan hugging at his leg. "You're back! Did you bring me anything?". He began to rummage through his satchel, "let me see..." He tosses a bottle, "no" He lays out his axe "no not that either," the man proceeds to pull out a hand crafted wooden doll. "Ah, this is what I was looking for!" Eoghan hands the doll to his daughter Sophia, and proceeds into the house to greet his wife Gloria with a kiss and a hug. "What's for dinner, love? My stomach aches." Gloria prepares a meal in the kitchen. "Your favorite, honey. Boiled pork with mixed greens." Eoghan stands up and hugs his wife, "I must have done something right in a past life to deserve you". The next morning passes, and Eoghan sets out on his daily rounds. As he heads into town, he sees a clash of soldiers clad in red and yellow leading an aggressive charge against another host clothed in green, white, and yellow. In the clamour of battle, he manages to hear the red and yellow shouting "Adrian!" nealry overwhelming the other's of "Curon!". Eoghan rushes home, fearing the fighting will push out into the forests- as a harrowing whistling fills the air, soon followed by crashing of tree branches as a massive flaming stone rends through them. His heart plummets and veins run cold as he abandons the ox, feet and heart pounding as he sprints home. Or what remains of it. The boulder had demolished his house, leaving a smoldering scar in the earth. When the inferno had been quenched, Eoghan returned to his once lovely home to search the smoldering rubble. There were no bodies in sight, and the wooden doll that he had gifted his daughter the day prior was dropped in the grass behind the house.
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