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  1. Me tweaking every St Patricks day (glorified irish/celtic pagan killer that wasn't even born in in ireland)

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    2. Hunnic


      I think it's kinda cringe to assume bc someone is from a country they are an expert in their country's culture, religion, etc. 

      Plus Xarkly being Irish means he is probably a drunk

    3. argonian


      st patrick was a slave turned monk in a country full of pagans; how do you suppose he would've killed pagans even if he wanted to? the absolute lack of evidence or literally 1 historian believing this aside, it doesn't make sense


      I think what's actually disrespectful here is you shitting on a national holiday without so much as a google search first.

    4. Astrophysical


      I dunno about you, but I like the little green guys with gold at the end of the rainbow…

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