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    as you can see anonymousalexa is against 1.8 pvp, therefore we definitely should go for 1.8 pvp
  2. pkdon


    i think we should go back to 1.8 pvp bcos i like it more
  3. mcsmally thats  my name

  4. Fleiver Horen sharpens his blade, preparing to defend Kolaz'Lak and his compatriots from the enraged dwed!
  5. Fleiver Horen smiles the suns smile
  6. i wet the bed

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      ye me too

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      do better next time.

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      I'll mail you some pampers

  7. To neither mince words nor waste time, so it is plainly declared: That, the writer, being Roland de Roubres, having come into possession of the lands encompassing the Duchy of Eastcliffe, shall be regent of these lands and the aforementioned title, until such a time as a rightful ruler be restored to them, That, by order of the Regent, the Duchy of Eastcliffe reaffirms its loyalty to its rightful King and Queen, Georg I and Johanna I, That the Hounds of Don be granted residency in and usage of these lands, as a headquarters and base of operations, for the duration of their contract with Their Royal Majesties, and until such a time as they are able to relocate elsewhere, That the prior clause be not construed as a permanent granting of land, nor an abandonment of the duchy by the Regent, either legally or physically. ((i’m not ditching the region ill be around admins don’t take PRO pls)) It is so ordered, Roland de Roubres, Regent of Eastcliffe.
  8. vortex gone where is 1.8

  9. “Wow” - Swifty Samay
  10. they asked for peace

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      peace out...

  11. war, hoo, yee, what is it good for, absolutely nothing

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    2. Milenkhov


      well said little sista

    3. Sorcerio


      Gives us activity 🤷‍♂️

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      War is good for farming rep on the forums and pinging @everyone on discord 20 times

  12. “Can you guys hold on the conflict I am doing exams right now” Swifty Samay uttered in a bout of pure anger, then resuming his studies
  13. u have fallen far sergi..

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      disastrously down bad

  14. Can u remove my warning points I think some mods misclicked on my profile 

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      @ImCookiie you're not even a cookie lol get out of here

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      @Luminaire please don't talk to me.

  15. A PROGENY'S LAMENT From where the Napoliza, nay, de Alence stood, it was all so peaceful. The sepia-washed trees that encircled him swayed gently to the melodious birdsong, a few leaves straying from their branches and taking refuge at the base of the tree. It was there that the man lowered himself and pondered his late Grandmother’s passing. As he sat there, the book of his life emerged from his conscience. His mind wandered through the chapters of his life - the war, his reunion with his family, Vitenna. All transient, all suppressed, they dispersed from his head. Yet through each of them, did the Princess-Dowagers compassion shine through. It was in fact her empathy that rescued the man from the clutches of Imperials and captivity, and from what would have been his inevitable demise to the aforementioned. “You were the only one who cared, Nonna. Who truly cared. And for that, I am forever grateful. I only wish I could have been there in your final moments; I hope that you can forgive me.” Was all that escaped his parted lips, the Lorraine that rested upon his neck was swiftly grasped by his frail digits, its robust construction holding it in place - and holding the man together. His emerald gaze set out to the boundless expanse aloft, ordained with stars. Halcyon. Peaceful. That is how Solomon hoped his Grandmother passing was. With a bottle of wine and a bouquet of roses in tow, he set off towards the city of Providence. It was the least he could do. The Mother of Helena he thought with a soft laugh, a faint smile unfurling itself unto his visage. A fitting title.
  16. to milenko horen and werewolf horen who is now the scariest man.
  17. Sa’vi.... ?

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      Hey pkdon! This is really unfunny and not the time for this!!

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      pkdon u make me wonder if i should tip u for the commission ... smh

    4. venclair


      mmmreow... 😼

  18. A faint smile materialized upon the herald's features, proceeded by a cavalier nod of his head. "Sa'vi!" He mumbled mockingly under his breath, as he inspected the passage regarding the Kharajyr.
  19. why are u a loser when will u be un-losered
  20. "I have seen Camilla and Katerina together a lot..." A knight mumbled under his breath!
  21. [[RP]] First Name: Reynald Age: 18 Reason for Interest: : D [[OOC]] Username: myrfeld Discord: pkdon#3760
  22. “Why are you bursting into Ser Franz’s quarters, that is rather impolite. Please knock next time!” A squire mused as he strolled by the aforementioned room
  23. im leaving lord of the craft

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      pkdon what nooo

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      goodluck out there gamer




      leaving is never permanent,,

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      No one leaves LOTC, they just take long breaks.

  24. Skin Name: Northern Hunk Skinner's Username: venclair Bid: 200 mina
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