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Found 4 results

  1. Murals to the Brathmordakin ᛘᚢᚱᛅᛚᛋ ᛏᚬ ᚦᛁ ᛒᚱᛅᚦᛘᚬᚱᛏᛅᚴᛁᚾ To celebrate the Brathmordakin is something often personal. Each dwarf will honor their patrons separately, or the Brathmordakin as a collective. To share the culture, and to honor them my way, I have scattered murals of each patron around Urguan and Hefrumm. To those who are interested, see if you can locate each mural. [!] A mural of Anbella, the mother, in all her glory. As painted by Ealisaid Mossborn, 5th Snow's Maiden, 117 SA.
  2. In Servitude of God A man dedicating his life to God henceforth. Circa 1837 / 389 E.S. To commit yourself entirely to God is to live according to His virtue in its entirety. Forsaking the pleasures that God has granted for a simpler life, of both hardships and struggles. To serve God is to promulgate His virtue through deeds and dialogue. As a servant of God, it is your responsibility to preserve the integrity of the flock. There are many ways to serve God, such as some listed below. For those graced by God with a skill of the sword, they may put it to use serving the Supreme Order of the Exalted Owyn; protecting the Church from any dangers that may come. For those graced by God with a skill of the quill, they may wish to take vows and serve as a monastic; living a virtuous life as they promote God's word through theses and exemplary deeds. For those graced by God with a skill in speaking, they may wish to become a cleric; preaching the Lord’s word and performing sacraments as they shepherd the faithful towards the green pastures that the Lord God has given unto us. As God is without doubt, the most merciful and the most righteous, there are some that will try their best to deceive His flock and to attack His holy institution. However, time and time again has shown that if the faithful are able to collaborate together to become one united flock in times of trouble, we not only persist but we thrive, as we should always. As Canonists, it is not only our responsibility, but it is our duty and obligation to protect each other and most importantly our faith from any that wish to impose upon our traditions and our values. While the Church has witnessed the widespread population of lands owned by Canonists, the clerics that shepherd these faithful are drawn thin. For those devout in faith, we encourage that you come to your local church and join. You will find fraternity, respect, and most importantly, faith and virtue. Anders Cardinal Jorenus, Patriarch of Jorenus, Prelate of the Priesthood 9th of Gronna ag Droba, 390 E.S. You visit your local church, a familiar place where you’ve made peace with God many times before. You would think to yourself, ‘If my life were any different, I could have been a potter… or even a weasley merchant.. But God has been there for me, and I need to be there for him.’ You would approach an office desk with an aged man occupying it. He would smile warmly at you as his wrinkles would distort, making smiles of their own. ‘Might you be interested in joining the Church?’ the priest would bestow a hopeful gaze that felt almost as if he was seeing right through you. ‘Yes, I think it’s finally time.’ you’d remark, your mind racing through the future possibilities that this career under God might entail, ‘Splendid, you’ve come to the right place. I just need to ask a few questions.’ he would say to you, smiling all the while before he begins his questioning. What is your baptismal name? (Your answer) Your age? (Your answer) You’re right in front of me.. but for record’s sake, what is your race? (Your answer) Do you have any family? (Your answer) How do you wish to serve God? (Your answer) Where would you prefer to be assigned if accepted? (Your answer) The cleric’s smile would twinkle as he shakes your hand, dismissing you. ‘You will surely hear back soon. God be with you, child.’ As you leave, you smile knowing that life will finally be better now with God at your centre. [OOC] You may contact Crevel in-game or on Discord at Crevel#9266 regarding your application after completing it here.
  3. A Time Of War To the people of Oren, War has been declared by heretics of Norland to one of the Canonist nations, The Empire of Oren. For us, devout Canonists are trying to live accordingly to the words of the Holy Scrolls. My message to the Orenian people is; stay safe, and fare well into the war that is coming to you, for the heretics are the ones who are the threat to your faith. Spare the ones who surrender themselves as God is one who shows mercy upon people, whether they are your enemy or not; perhaps allow them time to learn from our Scrolls and to learn our way of life. O' you soldiers, of the Imperial State Army, if you ever reach the villages of the Norlanders, do not capture the children or the women, for they are innocent beings and both the main foundation for the upbringing of a new generation of people. God is the most high, and he shall show mercy upon those who try to discover his ways, the righteous path. It is God, who shall help you in your times of need, it is Him who shall ensure your victory against heretics. As a victim of an attempted assassination by a clique of heretics, I share the feeling with the Orenian people, for the heretics must be paying for their crimes and their hate towards our Almighty God. It was an Orenian who saved my life from a Qalasheen Berserker, and I thank God till this day that he saved my life. O' you, children who are not aware of what is happening, pray to God for your beloved Brothers and Sisters who are waging their lives against the heretics, as they are the ones who make sure our Holy Church is preservated and that our Faith continues its path in peace. You, Canonist nations, let the Words of God be heard, not just the chants of Victory against those who oppose our Lord. May God have mercy upon the enemies who surrender, and allow them time to discover the right path; The path of God. May God protect you, now and forever, Amen. Fr. Ivarus, Patriarchate of Jorenus, Hanseti-Ruska.
  4. The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi God is our Strength History The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi was established in the year of 1531 by Amethu Denaseth, Amir of the Sultanate of Khalestine. Founded in the palace of the Al-Wakhrah with the blessing of Imam Kareem Ibn’Yrdam, the Order was born to protect the lands of Vailor, the True Believers of Allah, and to prepare for the coming of desperate and dark times. To increase the administrative efficientcy, ‘The Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi and ‘The Order of the Mubarizuns’ were merged as ‘The Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi’ accepting all that were willing. Prosperity in Khalestine fell during the last war between the ‘Men of Oren’ and the ‘Dwarves of Urguan’ and the Alwahdat Alwaqi lost their manpower and was almost disbanded. With the recent stability that has found Khalestine in the year 1549, The Warriors of the Holy Order of The Alwahdat Alwaqi have risen again. Purpose The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi is an independent order within the Sultanate’s military. The order is based on the principle that all life is holy until it is corrupted by Shaitan. We protect all the descendents and children of Allah from the influence and spawns of the Shaitan. The first duty of the Order is to protect the family Kharadeen. The Order shall act as their personal retinue and will protect them from all dangers, holy and unholy, good or evil. The second duty of the Order is to protect all the children, elderly, and descendants of Allah from all the unholy and evil dangers that may threaten them and bring aid to the children and descendants where is needed. The third duty is to protect the Righteous faith and spread the word of The Exceedingly Merciful through the lands of Vailor and to the descendants, showing them the eternal flame of Allah. Joining the Alwahdat Alwaqi Warriors of the Alwahdat Alwaqi are required to be citizens of the Sultanate. They need to be Qalasheen or Farfolk and they are required to believe in the Righteous Faith. Exceptions can be made for the most loyal followers of House Kharadeen and/or the most devout believers of the righteous faith. Code of the Alwahdat Alwaqi My duty as a warrior of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am the shield of Allah, Protecting His Word, His Land, His People. I am the sword of Allah, Striking down His enemies. I am the guardian of His Word, Spreading His Will and His Light. My bond is eternal. My duty as a comrade of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am my brother’s shield, I shall defend him when he cannot himself. I am my brother’s sword, I shall strike for him when he cannot himself. I am the guardian of his honor, For we stand as one. I will fight alongside my brother. I will die alongside my brother. My bond is eternal. Ranks A member of the Order will act according to his rank and will follow orders of a member higher in the hierarchy. If conflicting orders are given, a member will always listen to the highest commander. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir (The Marshal) Current: Amethu Denaseth An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Alkabir (The Commander) Current: The Alkabir, chosen for his faith and devotion to Allah and for his prowess as a commander, is entrusted to lead the Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi in Faith, and heads the Alwahdat in times when the Amir is absent. He is chosen personally by the Amir for his many skills. Mustashar (The High Councilor ) Current: Imam Faiz Ibn Qhuhafah The Mustashar is a experienced steward who handles the financial and managerial affairs of the order. He is entrusted as the religious and political and diplomatic representative of the Order. He acts as an advisor of the Alkabir during absence of the Amir. The Lower Command Faris Alkabtin (Captain) They are the officers and instructors of the Order. They are true warriors with many skills, most importantly their skill of command. The Faris Alkabtin are the elite and have committed their lives to serving Allah and to protect the innocent from darkness. They wield the authority during military expeditions and on the battlefield, taking a captain’s role. Faris Almutawaf (Officer Errant) The Faris Almutawwaf are the errants of the Order. They go out in Vailor and will help the local population and spreading the word of Allah to the world. They also act as assistants of the Mustashar, acting as diplomats and stewards of the Order and helping the stewards of Al-Wakhrah with their duties. Errant’s possess a passion for traveling while representing the Sultanate. The Vanguard Faris The Marafiq who completed their trials will be given a place within the Order. The Faris is the main force of the order, they have many duties, combat and noncombat related. They will uphold the ideals and principles of the Order until their oath ends. Marafiq Squire The newest addition to the Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi. A citizen who shows devotion to the True Faith and undeniable loyalty to the Kharadeen and Khalestine, will be given a chance in the Alwahdat Alwaqi. The Marafiq will undergo a series of trials. A Faris will accompany the Marafiq as a mentor and judge. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age (Teenager, Adult, Middle-Aged, Old, or Venerable): Gender: Reason for wanting to join the Alwahdat Alwaqi?: Are you a Qalasheen or Farfolk and do you abide by the True Faith? : Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) :
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