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Found 8 results

  1. ALL ACROSS AEVOS ARE INVITED TO SPECTATE BLEACHER SEATING 2 MINA PER SEAT WHITESPIRE, AAUN WEEKEND WARMUP STARTS AT [3 EST ON SATURDAY] RACE STARTS AT [4 EST] Franchise Teams The Vjardengrad Hestvikingrs Title Sponsor Sólgaard Racers Conan Bjornsson @M1919 Tora Wulfsson @LordofCabbage Bjorwulf Bjorwulfsson @Sean_VEVO Racing Colors Frozen B&B Whitespire Moles Title Sponsor Boon & Bane’s Fish & Chips Racers Charles Alstion @Olox_ Josephine Alstion @Myochii John Alstion @Sebbysc Racing Colors Floral The St. Jude Ordermen Title Sponsor Order of St. Jude Racers Rainier Ouvrier @Drdobetter Gerard Ouvrier @DancingZebra267 Racing Colors Flagged The Alstreim Ravens Title Sponsor The House Alstreim of Merryweather Racers Johannes von Alstreim @Balthasar Tiber @seannie Jean de Rennes @LithiumSedai Racing Colors Crusading The Brabant Silver Swords Title Sponsor The Duchy of Brabant Racers Sterling Whitewood @_RoyalCrafter_ Aurelia Whitewood @Smol Stefan Starling @SupaSaMM Racing Colors Affectionate Non-Franchise Teams The Goat Enthusiasts Racers Dorat @MisterBlitzkrieg Goat #1 Racing Colors Crippled Royal Monastics Racers Vasyl @Laeonathan Regina @Baccaaa Racing Colors Fighting PROUDLY SPONSORED BY Boon and Bane’s Fish and Chips Aaunbuckes Holdings, Inc. The Court of HRM the Queen-Consort, Amelya of Middelan The Miller’s Mark Credit to @bickandofor the post Credit to @CharmingCavalierfor the team logos
  2. Penned and issued by, the 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 20th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1956 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, GOOD CITIZENS OF WHITESPIRE. I am Boon, of Boon & Bane’s (as I am sure you have heard). I’d like to publish my findings after I believe TWO YEARS of my position as Lord Mayor. Just today, I held my first official, professional, masterful, and executive meeting with those that call themselves the ‘city council’. I had seen these fellows around before, but, I never introduced myself nor did they introduce THEMSELVES to me. I put this down to my SHEER PRESENCE being so imposing and my aura so WEALTHY. To start with my aforementioned and MOST IMPORTANT findings, I’d like to share with you readers a few fun facts and tid-bits of those that sat before me in the city council (because I, of course, positioned myself above them all upon the big chair). I still do not understand what this council of cities does, however, I find it quite charming they keep asking to ‘take the floor’. I think it is absurd to ask for permission to dance and that you should be able to do such whenever and wherever you like. Firstly, one of the fellows whom was named Vylandris (quite peculiar if you ask me, which you should), stated that he once tried to convince a Haeseni woman to dance with a goat! His favourite colour, quite oddly, was SKY blue. Which, I think, is just a NORMAL blue. No need to specify sky, big fella. Next we have big Franny, or Frantzisko Bishop Buron something or other important-sounding. Big fan of WINE RED, he is. Broke into a guardhouse when was just twelve! Now, this fella, after hearing this, I’d properly trust with my life. If he was jumping off a bridge, well, I might too. Might even jump off the Hand of Horen with him, but, that is a story for another day. MOST INTERESTINGLY, however, was the fellow named Henri de Lewes. He had NO FUN FACT… Up until when he did indeed produce a fun fact; that of him marrying his cousin! Blimming heck. Don’t remember a comment on a favourite colour unfortunately, but, I’d imagine it is whatever colour that his cousin likes. I’ve also been seeing some odd and downright weird happenings around the city itself, of course, with my new monocle that I acquired as to display my new-found professionality as Mayor. Namely, that FREAK from back home; Godric. Seems that Godric from the village over followed us, Boon and Bane, all the way from Hurstcombe to try and one-up us at OUR OWN TUVMAS STALLS. Terrible fellow. I will see to it that Godric is deemed a villain and his stall is flattened if he continues to harass us, so please write to me (in big letters and with simple spelling preferably) if he harasses you as well. I have also noticed a most terrible thing during my REIGN as LORD MAYOR. I have been counting the cobbles upon the Whitespire street as I have been performing my morning walks, and I have noticed that: every fourth brick is very slightly skew-whiff. Let it be known that I will personally be taking donations to fix such an impending problem. Hashtag Fix Aaun’s Infrastructure (I don’t know what this means but I was told it was trendy). Other than that, I have NOT been very impressed with the residents’ breakfast routine. Not a single person has reported to me, other than four people. If you are not careful I will be enforcing a STRICT breakfast routine of which every morning you must line up with your empty bowls in front of my upcoming soup kitchen and Bane will be keeping track of how much each one of you eat. Also, I’d like to remind Merryweather Merry Swap participants that the gift-exchange will be taking place next Saint’s day. Anybody that doesn’t like this knows where the gate is, BUT, you’ll have to be extraordinarily thin to fit through them because we sadly won’t be opening them anytime soon because of odd green fellows and turquoise-bandana-wearing folk stalking us. Cheerio and until next update. Right, Bane, put down that blimming quill now and help me tidy up after the chickens. Come on, you can stop writing now, don’t do this aga Penned and issued by, 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd.
  3. Penned and issued by, the Fourth Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1955 Greetings and Abundant Prosperity to the Esteemed Men and Women of the United Kingdom of Aaun, In the spirit of shared blessings, I, Sir Lord Mayor Boon, am honored to extend heartfelt wishes for wealth beyond measure to all. With the collaborative efforts of my esteemed brother, Bane, I scribe this missive to announce a momentous occasion that shall resonate near and far—the inaugural Tuvmas Festival of Whitespire, a cherished tradition hailing from our ancestral homeland of Hurstcombe. Picture, if you will, the market stalls gracefully positioned outside the city's confines, lining the main road like a vibrant tapestry. Allow the enchanting aromas of rich hot chocolate, succulent roasted meats, and the warmth of our grand bonfire to guide your senses straight to the heart of the festivities. Here, amidst the captivating scene, our gracious merchants and jubilant festival-goers eagerly await your presence! These merchants, each a purveyor of fine wares, have been meticulously HAND-PICKED by the discerning eye of Bane, representing the esteemed international brand Boon & Bane’s. This careful curation ensures that only the pinnacle of quality goods graces the market, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for all who partake. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey, where tradition meets jubilation, and the air is filled not only with the scents of delectable treats but also with the shared spirit of camaraderie. The Tuvmas Festival of Whitespire is a testament to our shared heritage and the enduring unity that defines the tapestry of our community. We will be having a communal Tuvmas Markets Tour soon, however, you are welcome to shop and peruse the markets any time! Anticipating the pleasure of your company at this grand occasion, I remain at your service, and welcome visitors from afar and near to take part in our celebrations over the coming week! [OOC: Tuvmas Markets Tour: Thursday, Dec 21 2:00pm EST.] TUVMAS BALL To continue on with our Tuvmas celebrations throughout the week, you (yes, you, reading this!) are cordially invited to attend our Tuvmas Ball at the Hand of Horen. Wear your finest silks, however, preferably no white; as there will be abundant tables of food for you to enjoy! [OOC: Tuvmas Ball: Dec 22, 3:00pm EST. Location: The Hand of Horen.] MERRYWEATHER MERRY SWAP As I am sure you merry swappers have noticed, we have been unfortunately unable to move forward with our gift-giving day because of the unending raids and attacks along our road. However, fret not, as we will be moving the venue for the Merryweather Merry Swap from The Blue Bonnet tavern in Merryweather to The Black Rose Inn inside the capital. Please be advised that your numbered gift boxes will be moved to the Whitespire tavern upstairs. I, Boon, promise that your gifts will be handled with delicacy throughout the move! Let this also serve as a reminder to you gift-giving folk to get your gifts in your respective box in time for the exchange! Or else Boon won't be happy... [OOC: December 23, 3:00pm EST. Location: The Black Rose Inn in Whitespire. For any other details, please refer to the previous Merryweather Merry Swap post.] Penned and issued by, Fourth Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Professional Knitter, Chutney Developer, Marmalade Enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd. Laurene Renaulta Adelaide Ashford de Savoie-Lewes, Grand Reveller of The Paradsian Court
  4. Penned and issued by, the 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 13th of Harren’s Folley, 1954 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, GOOD CITIZENS OF WHITESPIRE. I am Boon, of Boon & Bane’s (as I am sure you have heard). And it has been brought to my attention that I am now the FOURTH LORD MAYOR of WHITESPIRE. I am not quite sure what this means but it sounds very very important and so I am quite honered honoured and I will be shoving this in my brother’s face, and so I thank each individual person that has allowed me this title. I have been told by a secret source that I am now able to demolish buildings so I URGE YOU to be nice to me, or your home will be FLATTENED. However, if you have any suggestions or nice compliments to me, please write to me and I will ask Bane to read out your letter over a cup of tea. Anyway, as my first promise, I will be out finding cows (and possibly a few chickens) to gift to every loyal citizen. Do not be alarmed if you find a few cow droppings on your rugs (however do not ask me to reimburse you for this). You are most welcome. Boon also thinks (that is me) that most government and council meetings are quite boring and that, as my first initiative, buffet tables stocked with the HIGHEST QUALITY SOURCED AAUNESE AAUNIC LOCAL FOOD will be provided for all those in attendance. AS THE FIRST BILL I AM PREPERSING PROPOSING, I would like to ensure all citizens of Whitespire are kept healthy and happy and on a full belly to give us an advantage against our enemies. You will be required to EAT BREAKFAST every day and consistently provide myself with a detailed list of what you consumed every week. If I EVER catch wind that you are fighting on an EMPTY STOMACH I will deem you a villain and see to it that you are evicted. Alright, Bane, you can stop writing now. Why are you still writing? I said stop you bumbling idio Penned and issued by, 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd.
  5. Charity for Whitespire, 1942 The extent of flooding in the Royal Capital of Whitespire. 2nd of Harren’s Folly, in the year of our Lord 1942. Hear ye faithful, no more than a few days past has a giant wave washed over the city of Whitespire, flooding its streets and destroying the homes of a great many of its denizens. In the wake of such devastation it cleaves to us, those united by the Faith, to provide for our fellow man in his time of need. Thus we of Lemon Hill hereby solicit donations to aid those effected by this calamity. Please deposit all material donations upon the cart before the Monastery of the Sacred Heart. What is most needed at this time are items such as these: - Dry Clothes and Blankets, -Temporary Accommodations, such as tents, - Fresh Foodstuffs, such as Kosher Bread and Bales of Wheat, - Potable Water, - Dry Firewood and Kindling. By your contribution we hope to help our brethren in their time of need. Those who are displaced at the present time by this catastrophe can of course find shelter at Lemon Hill. Additionally, we are calling for skilled medicae to travel to Whitespire to provide aid on site. IN NOMINE DEI, Ser Morgan of Angren
  6. 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1941 IST IN SEARCH OF CLINICAL STUDENTS Saint Amyas’ Hospital is in search of studious pupils to treat the poor sick and injured souls of Aaun. Saint Amyas’ Hospital is actively looking for students, and aspiring medics and physicians. Taking part in the medical field is a great opportunity to have a positive impact on other people. It is located in the clinic of Whitespire, Aaun Positions of the Clinic Head Physician | Julietta Haverlock The Head Physician is the most advanced person, overlooking the entire clinic. This role carries the most responsibilities, that range to management tasks, and leading the school itself. Julietta Haverlock is on maternity leave, so myself, Leutwin Barclay will be picking up on the roles of a Head Physician. Clinic Councilors | Leutwin Barclay The members of this society are appointed by the Head Physician based on their experience and contribution. They have the ability to perform a wide variety of surgeries, and other medical procedures. Councilors carry the role of an administrator, working alongside the Head Physician. Physicians Physicians have advanced skill, and have the capability to deal with most medical procedures, and surgeries. They have knowledge on treatments, and other methods. To become a physician, you will need to serve the clinic for some years, and take lessons. Medics Becoming a medic is the most common thing that happens in the clinic. A medic’s experience doesn’t require a large amount of surgeries, but they have capability to perform procedures to save the life of a patient. They are encouraged to be taking lessons, whilst carrying the medic role. Students Students will be found carrying this role, if they wish to work up in the medical field. Acolytes of the clinic can have any amount of experience, and will be warded under the Councilors, if they wish. Students will be required to pass tests at the end of their training, to be considered a medical professional. SIGNED, His Lordship, Leutwin Barclay [!] If you are interested, contact Leutwin Barclay IGN: alien_mc Discord: alienn2 https://discord.gg/u5UqPKNVS2
  7. THE 1931 SITTING OF THE CITY ASSEMBLY MINUTES Transcribed and published by the City Council on the 14th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1931 IN ATTENDANCE: Lord Mayor of Whitespire, Fernand de Lewes Ward Representative, Leufroy von Ruess Ward Representative, Leopold Haverlock Ward Representative, Father Mikhael [ 6/30/2023 4:15 PM EST ] Fernand de Lewes: “Wonderful. Lady Myrilla thank you for volunteering.” He dipped his head once at her. “Now, seeing as this is the first sitting I’d like to motion a vote on if we should release the minutes to the public.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leufroy?” Leufroy Alexandre: “Aye, I vote in favor!” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leopold.” He raised a hand slightly. “And I’d like to remind our Representatives that if you have something to argue or comment on before we move to voting you are free to ask to take the floor.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock pursed his lips for a moment before answering, “I vote in favor as well.” He nodded to both his answer and Fernand’s remake. Fernand de Lewes: “And Representative Mikhael?” Father Mikhael: “Aye.” He called out. Fernand de Lewes: “The City Assembly Minutes will now be made available to the public.” - “Any matters we should settle surrounding the proceedings of the assembly?” Leufroy Alexandre: “I have something to suggest, Lord Mayor, if I may take the floor?” Fernand de Lewes: “The floor is yours, Representative Leufroy.” He nod his head once at him. Leufroy Alexandre: stood from his seat, moving to the floor before turning to his fellow assemblymen and the crowd. Leufroy Alexandre: “I would like to argue that we as assemblymen, dedicated to our city of Whitespire, deserve to receive a modest pension for our service as civil servants upon our leave of office.” Leufroy Alexandre: “The amount of payment due can we discussed with the steward at a later date, if this vote goes through.” Fernand de Lewes raised a brow, looking to the assemblymen. “Has anyone any questions or comments for the Representative Leufroy?” Father Mikhael raised his palm skyward, brows furrowing some. Leufroy Alexandre turned to the priest, nodding his head, allowing him to speak. Leopold Alexander Haverlock brought a hand to his face, hiding the pleasant change in his countenance at Leufroy’s request. His hands would clasp one another afterward. With a glance over towards Mikhael he’d hold himself silent for a moment. Father Mikhael: “I shall find contention with this notion; as a priest of our Holy Mother Church, I eschew payment. It is contrary to our service; that of devotion to the people, wherein all our efforts are reserved for them.” He began. Father Mikhael: “Payment, whether great or small, removes funding from the state; funding which should be reserved for the improvement of Whitespire.” Father Mikhael: “Just as the farmer does not receive pension nor payment from the state, nor, too, should their representatives be given payment. It lies contrary to our purpose. If we are to raise the issues of the people, then we must be like them, in all capacities.” Father Mikhael: “That is all.” With such a conclusion, the priest’s head lowered momentarily. Leopold Alexander Haverlock: raised up a single hand, or at least his index finger, as he waited for his moment to comment. Fernand de Lewes: “Allow the Representative Leufroy to respond.” Leufroy Alexandre: “Serving as a representative is a demanding role that requires time, effort, and dedication. Offering compensation can help ensure that individuals can participate in the city governance without facing financial constraints.” Leufroy Alexandre: “Possible candidates may be facing financial troubles that hinder them from fully committing to their role as a civil servant.” Leufroy Alexandre: “By providing compensation to our assemblyman, we are tearing down a potential barrier to those candidates.” Leufroy Alexandre: “I am finished.” He’d say before turning to Leopold. Leopold Alexander Haverlock proposed his elbow along the table as he made his remark, “I’ll go ahead by stating that I am in agreeance with Representative Leufroy. Let’s just speak of the laborer of the field! Does he not deserve reward for his toil under the sun? Does the word of GOD not state that a man is worth his pay? If we’re to remain vigilant in this position some sort of compensation is required. If it is an issue of its source, we may speak to the High Seneschal or include new sources of income to fund such an ordinance.” Leufroy Alexandre turned to look betwist the two men. Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “In time we may discuss these new sources of income, but should at least set the precedence that we’re to be rewarded for our hard, diligent labor in the name of this city. This faithful government.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “I conclude.” Leufroy Alexandre: “I yield the floor, and motion to vote.” Fernand de Lewes: “Would anyone else like to take the floor?” Fernand de Lewes: “If not you may all second Representative Leufroy’s motion.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock stood from his seat for a moment, “I second his motion, Lord Mayor.” He’d take his seat once more. Fernand de Lewes turned to Father Mikhael, waiting patiently. Father Mikhael remained silent, for a fair while - the priest’s displeasure was immense - but, eventually, relented. “I second the motion.” Fernand de Lewes nodded once. “The motion passes, we begin voting on providing pension for representatives upon leaving office.” - “Representative Leufroy?” Leufroy Alexandre: “Aye.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leopold.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Ai.” Fernand de Lewes: “And Representative Mikhael?” Father Mikhael: “Nay.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock returned from oblivion. Fernand de Lewes: “The proposal passes. We shall hear from the steward regarding the matter next session.” He cleared his throat. “Have the Representatives any other proposals they’d like to present?” Julietta Laurelai Haverlock raised a shaky hand, the woman huddled in her wooly blanket. Leufroy Alexandre: “Nothing else from me.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock raised a hand above himself after his sister did, so it was up to the Lord Mayor as to whoever went first. Fernand de Lewes looked to Julietta with a furrowed brow. “We will take questions after the assembly meeting has concluded.” He then bobbed his head at the Haverlock. “Representative Leopold, you may take the floor.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock brought himself up to the floor to begin… Julietta Laurelai Haverlock: “I am the steward representative, in case you weren’t aware.” Fernand de Lewes: “I was not made aware of this and I’m not sure what that is, apologies Representative Leopold, continue.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “If I may…” He’d go to clear his throat before continuing, “Guilds, traders, and organizations hold an important place in the proper functioning of the society. It is through our cooperative work that we were able to develop and assist our people. That is why I believe this Assembly should focus on the implementation of an official charter system. One revised for our current age. We, along with the Stewards & High Seneschal, can offer land grants to deserving guilds along with rights that benefit our society.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “As an assembly, we’d vote on which guilds & organizations are deserving of such a special place along with the criteria behind it. We could also implement a special tax specifically to fund city initiatives.” Leufroy Alexandre rose a hand. Leopold Alexander Haverlock clasped his hands together, looking to the other representatives. “I open the floor for comments and questions. Ai.” Leufroy Alexandre: “Are we not an assembly for Whitespire? The land we were give these guilds would be outside of the city and therefore outside of our jurisdiction would they not?” Father Mikhael raised his palm, then, as well. Leufroy Alexandre: “That is all.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock offered a gentle hum before his response, “It would be a fair assumption that the land proper, that surrounding the city immediate, is a piece of Whitespire. If this is not the case then such things as the Mines and Docks are not included.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “That’d would be rather inconsistent.” Leufroy Alexandre: “I have no disagreements with those pieces you mentioned being part of the city proper.” Leufroy Alexandre: “I just imagined we wouldn’t blight our city’s natural beauty with guild halls stationed all about.” Leufroy Alexandre: “That is all.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock did nod towards Mikhael to make sure he knew he wasn’t forgotten. He’d continue, “We have ruins outside of our city. We’re to leave them desolate? I wish to also comment that we’re currently… Out of shops… That will surely subdue the growth of guilds in this city.” Father Mikhael’s hand remained held aloft. Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Anyhow, do speak Representative Mikhael.” He’d silence himself for the moment. Leufroy Alexandre remained silent, allowing Mikhael to speak. Father Mikhael: “I should concur with Representative Leufroy; when many buildings within the city remain unoccupied. I find issue that we grant land outside of its bounds; guilds needn’t merely occupy those buildings along the main avenue.” Father Mikhael: “I do not find issue with the principle of granting aid toward the growth of guilds, merely that it needn’t culminate in distribution of additional land, when the capital itself has many a buildings absent of occupants.” Father Mikhael: “That is all, then.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock nodded along with his words, “I see… If the primary issue presented is that of land grants then it may be readdressed in the future when availability becomes a further issue. I instead…” He’d go to continue. Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Wish to scratch that from this proposal and remain focused on creating a system to help deliver aid, rights, and development to these guilds. If that so pleases my fellow representatives.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “I conclude my proposal,” he’d simply state whilst going back to his seat unless something else were to come up. Father Mikhael: “I shall present a motion to proceed to the vote, then.” Leufroy Alexandre: “I second the motion.” Fernand de Lewes: “If no comments are to be made we may motion to voting on the proposal, I’d like to remind representatives that a bill outlining the specifics of each proposal is required before being put into effect.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leopold, do you second the motion?” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Ai! That I do…” Fernand de Lewes: “We move onto voting on the proposal to create a system to develop guilds within Whitespire.” - “Representative Leufroy?” Leufroy Alexandre: “Aye.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leopold?” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Ai.” Fernand de Lewes: “And Representative Mikhael?” Father Mikhael: “Ai.” Fernand de Lewes: “The proposal passes, we expect a written bill by next session. Any other proposals before we move onto the next item on the agenda?” Leufroy Alexandre: “I motion that we conclude this assembly meeting.” Fernand de Lewes shrugged at Leufroy. “I suppose this sitting has gone on for a while.” He scanned the empty benches. “Does anyone second this motion?” Father Mikhael: “I second this motion - though, I ask that we arrange a second session sooner than the conclusion of the next Saint’s Week; that the proposals presented might have their bills looked over and concluded, with some haste.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “I second the motion as well,” He’d remark before going back to benign quiet, listening to Mikhael’s words. Leufroy Alexandre remained silent, allowing the priest to speak. Father Mikhael: “Ah… that is all.” Fernand de Lewes nodded once at the Father. “Representative Leufroy?” Leufroy Alexandre: “Aye.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Leopold.” Leopold Alexander Haverlock: “Ai.” Fernand de Lewes: “Representative Mikhael?” Father Mikhael: “Aye.” Fernand de Lewes: “I declare the first sitting of the Whitespire City Council Meeting adjourned. Our next meeting will be held on the tenth of Horen’s Calling, nineteen thirty one, if our Representatives agree to that time?” Leufroy Alexandre: “Aye.” Father Mikhael: “Aye.” TRANSCRIBED BY: Myrilla Petrov
  8. TWICE CURSED A POV post by the young Lady Viktoria of Stran. Viktoria wondered if she was twice cursed. She never thought much of the first, her family's curse, even as it did tend to affect her day to day life but now.. Now, she stood by her youngest sister as her heart ached and her stomach churned. She explained what wardship was, but did not explain its reasoning. War. The child had wished she could say the war never affected her, but she knew of it as long as she could remember. One of her first memories was herself at the mere age of three, toddling along behind her eldest brother within the refugee camps of Aaun as they chased after a Goat. She beamed and laughed, not knowing any better as threats were made upon her family's livelihood. And so it continued. One moment after another. Her mothers title stripped away, and thus her heirship in turn. She had become simply the Lady Viktoria then, and it took her time to find her bearings. And then the end of the world, or that of the land of the Almaris as she knew it came and a whole new war began. It was different, it took away what she knew as a ‘home’, if you can call a refugee camp home and simply sent her into another refugee camp, one in Savoy. Time passed, and she found herself in a new land and this time, in a true to GODANI home. Vaska. --- Things were looking up, or so it had seemed. She went from place to place, all kept succinctly within the Kingdom of Aaun. Vaska, Minitz, Whitespire. Repeat. But it became her new life and one she came to enjoy. She did not live in a tent but instead had a room. One she could call her own, with paintings decorating the walls, and embroidered pillows of her own making strewn everywhere. A day came, though, in which she visited Whitespire with her eldest brother. Viktoria prattled on, as she often did, about the interview she did for the mayoral candidate just earlier that day. She was excited to be a field reporter for the Aaunic Herald! Istvan listened, and poked fun as siblings often did, as the duo paused by the candidates booth. That excitement soon faded. First a man, then multiple came to them, claiming she had committed a crime! Viktoria had no idea what crime she could have committed, and the men did not wear the armor of any of the places of Aaun. In fact, she did not recognize their armor from anywhere. She tugged on her brother's hand, some anxiety there, as the small girl of thirteen wished to get away. Her heart pounded, frantic and not sure what to expect. They grabbed at her, yanking her from her brother who soon pulled her back and a fight broke loose. It was all such a blur and it all happened so fast. A sharp pain came, having taken something sharp, she couldn’t even be sure what sort of weapon it was; straight to her gut. Viktoria collapsed upon the floor, and she cried for her brother, bony hands pressed over the injury at her waist. The pain was debilitating, and the last thing she could remember was one of her fathers men stepping in front of her prone form, standing before her. The next she’d awoken, everything had hurt and blurry faces were seen before her. Her brother, and her family were not among them. She was in the Minitz clinic. Her brother in the Whitespire clinic. The siblings were separated, unsure if the other were alright. --- It took some time to heal fully. Her movements were careful, and she was not allowed to step foot outside of her home during then. Vaska had become Stran sometime before her injury. A great pride that made her beam, further so when the King so graciously accepted her petitioned gift, as she’d improved in her embroidery. And finally, some time later, she was healed. She didn’t go anywhere without her guard anymore, even if she were with one of her family members and things seemed to be getting back to something better. The bandits, though, they kept coming back. Always causing trouble, and always seemingly running the moment things had gone bad, attempting to entrap those back in their homeland; Adria. And so the day of the royal wedding came, and the Lady Viktoria made way for the basilica with her guard - and soon afterwards the palace. She took note of her dear friend, Leutwin who seemed to be nowhere to be seen after that of the wedding and she went in search of him about the palace as the feast took place. There was no sign of him, the young girl of now fourteen unaware of her friend being tortured by those who sought to take her previously. And so she explored, and she spoke to others, until she came to a standstill within the palace gardens. Her father and the Princess Adeline spoke and a deal was made. She is to be warded. She would move to the palace. She would see her family less and less. Why? War. Viktoria wondered if she was twice cursed.
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