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Apohet (Daemon)

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Creator of the Spiritual Planes
Daemon of Faith and Ambition


(All credit to hellfiazz and a little bit to frottimer too)



Apohet, creator of a world unattainable by any regular mortal. The place where shamans visit, the three spiritual planes: elemental, ancestral, and immortal. He created the planes in hopes to gain a kingdom to himself. A kingdom unstoppable by any mortal. The kingdom isn’t any normal kingdom, however.

The original purpose of the spiritual plane was to create a new race of beings that could govern the world itself in the name of the inhabitants of the Seven Skies. Apohet had seen the effects of allowing Aengudaemons too much interaction with mortals, so he sought to eliminate the need to do so.


He first made two of these beings, one who had power over space, one who had power over time, both were interlinked. Then he made more, ones that would govern life and death, light and darkness, order and chaos, and the elements. They would act as the governing proxies for the Aenguls and Daemons.




However, as his project grew in power and scope, Apohet gradually came to hold this realm as a means to his own ends. After all, he was it's creator, so why should any other be allowed to abuse it while he was forgotten? With his creation, he could have power to rival any Aengul or Daemon, he needn't be beneath Aerial any longer. However, Aerial caught scent of this dangerous notion and hastefully made to deal with Apohet.  Aerial swiftly banished him to his newly created domain, where he could be of no threat to any other Daemon or Aengul.

Apohet's bitterness to the Archaengul hardened into a stone core of spite with this. He couldn't do much to challenge her now though, trapped as he was. He could no longer change the Seven Skies...but he could tamper with what Aeriel cared most for, the passage of souls. Apohet felt a sense of triumph as he attached his realm to the passage, the dead's spirits now flowing into a newly made plane within it.


But Apohet wasn't a malevolent being, or at least he didn't think of himself that way, and he didn't approve of those who were. And so he made it that only the good, the virtuous and the honourable souls would be able to come to him. So was his final insult to Aeriel; she would receive only the evil-doers, the apathetic standers-by, the greedy and the callous. Of course Aeriel was enraged at this, but she was almost powerless against such an action. Apohet's realm was as far from the Seven Skies as the mortal realm, so should she enter she would be vulnerable to one who had grown to despise her. Her only course of action was to allow the good a choice as to whether they go to Apohet's realm or not as they traversed the passage of souls.


Still satisfied that he had provoked such rage, despite his revenge not being complete, Apohet looked back to his children. Astoundingly, in his ethereal absence, they had propagated wildly. Whilst his first creations had represented essential aspects of the mortal world, these new beings represented abstract concepts and minor parts of it. There were ones for nature, for disease, for emotions like anger and concepts like truth. At first he was delighted that his realm grew in power rapidly, but as they continued to multiply in quantity and unpredictability his pleasure turned to panic. He tried confining the new ones into a plane of their own, but even then they continued to burgeon. It was inevitable. Soon, they would surpass him, and that wouldn’t even be the end of their expansion. In a moment of fight or flight, he sealed himself in a separate plane of his realm, impenetrable from without, but he would be utterly unable to interact with any realm outside his plane.

In his blind bitterness and ambition, Apohet had foredoomed himself. Aeriel felt only mirthful satisfaction as she watched Apohet hide in fear of his creations.

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