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Tayl (Daemon)

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Daemon Of Companionship




Tayl is rarely visually depicted, but on the occasion that he is, it is usually under the guise of a wise, old, humble looking man.


Tayl is one of the more reclusive Daemons, considering himself a being of calculation and rational thought. He excludes himself from other Aenguls and Daemons to the point where his existence is but mere rumour in the Seven Skies itself. Millennia ago, Tayl was the first to abandon his brothers and sisters due to Tayl believing the other Aengudaemons to each be blind fanatics, consumed entirely by their own desires. He looked upon his brethren with disappointment, but all attempts to convince them of the error of their ways was met with a reply of ignorance. And thus, disappointment slowly festered to hate, but Tayl being a calculative being, knew that to directly take an offensive stance towards his more powerful brothers and sisters would ultimately end in his downfall and demise.


This is when Tayl’s great plan began to form - he would wipe himself from existence, for centuries going into hiding, allowing his name to be forgotten with time. And after a significant amount of time had passed, Tayl sought to work against his brethren’s actions on the mortal world without them ever knowing of his interference. For you see, Tayl is a thinker, and being a particularly philosophical Daemon he had deduced that the mortals of the world exist for each other - companionship is in itself the meaning of life. By joining alongside others in cooperation, it was evident to Tayl that even the mortals of the world could achieve mighty and wondrous things. So with his own ‘purpose’ in mind, to protect and invoke companionship, his hatred for the Aengudaemons deepened.


To Tayl, Aengudaemons interfered not for the greater good of mortal kind, but instead for their own selfish beliefs. He saw the effects of Iblees, the conflict brought by Xan, the fanatical killers of Metztli, and he was disgusted. Conflict and war seemed to almost always stem from Aengudaemonic interaction. If companionship amongst the mortals were to thrive, then the responsible Aengudaemons would need to perish. Tayl’s depicted as a Daemon not for his good intention of companionship, but instead for his methods of achieving it - Tayl would take the lives of the wicked, the good and everything in between if it meant rallying mortals together.


But Tayl was no fool, and did not consider himself to be a fanatic. He purposely performs each action with careful intent and precision, calculating the risks and outcomes. Tayl understands the variety of circumstances in which mortals rally together, but unfortunately for the mortals, most of these circumstances are instigated through fear of a common enemy. Tayl whispers in the ear of influential figures, often recruiting mortals as ‘Patrons’ onto his cause with the intent of both establishing companionship and destroying the works of Aengudaemons. He is known to bargain power, wealth and knowledge with mortals that align with his careful mind or arguably extreme beliefs, but unlike other Aengudaemons, under great secrecy.


Tayl looks upon the concept of ‘morals’ as a means of manipulation to achieve his own ends. He would not favour a group of innocent people co-operating as companions over a hive of cannibals - as long as companionship exists, he views all mortals under the same light. A moral compass is irrelevant to his work ethic, although being the calculated thinker he is, Tayl understands what it means to own one. He understands that people with a similar compass tend to align together to oppose those of a differing one. The Daemon selects individuals as Patrons with various moral opinions, and even those with no moral compass at all in attempt to rally as many people together as possible. Naturally when such groups appear, conflict would occur. To remedy this, the Daemon is prone to betraying or favouring certain Patrons in order to entirely wipe out a group by supporting another, removing the conflict and leaving the companionship of the victors intact.

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Patron: Alistaer





“... It is well known that the gods of our realm hold an affinity for stirring trouble and in a realm stricken with an endless State of War, and it is not unheard of when an AenguDaemon begins to intervene in mortal affairs. Alas, in this day and age such abuse on the part of the gods runs rampant and only the Dark Flame repels them; their zealous aptitude for violence having long distorted the Grand Council of the Seven Skies.”



The gist of this lore is that an AenguDaemon under an alias is responsible for the powers of the Covenant.


The First, Second, and Third Sins

Long had the man stared at the night sky to wonder what lurked above in the heavens, and long had the answer remained barred from them. In days of yore a simple Seer had wandered the earth with a scrying orb in hand. Kaer’gi, the supposed wrath of the sun; Aerk’iath’s tenets, he taught, must be upheld lest the world dissolve into endless war and as he went on to gradually explain the sins of the deific and how all godliness must be expunged as to prevent cataclysmic conflicts such as the First Sin and the wars against both the Undead and the Scourge in more recent days.
To make matters simple, the Seer claimed that the First Sin was Iblees whereas the Second was both Undead resurgences and the Third the direct intervention of AenguDaemon in mortal affairs. With this revelation, Kaer’gi’s followers basked in his wisdom and so the Seers of Aerk’iath were born and to this day they have wreaked havoc on the Brotherhood of Sacred Light and its various incarnations.


The Mark of the Viper
It is said that Kaer’gi was bestowed with eldritch powers by Alistaer, known simply in the Cyniine tongue as ‘the Helper.’ Crimson, the aura of dominance had long been established as a symbol of power and through his runic abilities Kaer’gi bestowed the aura upon his acolytes, it was no gruesome power but instead a simple boon that gave them an identity.

It is said that when Kaer’gi was bestowed with eldritch powers by the Alistaer, he poured some of the energy into the first branding. The Mark simply shifts magic to a red color, as well as a variety of other cosmetic effects that do not strengthen or weaken the Seer or Templar’s arts whether it be Dark or Arcane in origin.

The supposed AenguDaemon manifests as a viper, cobra, or eye. It is incredibly rare for Tayl to manifest as Alistaer but it is known to have happened at least twice in the past three centuries. On the first occasion, he is said to have manifested as a suit of pseudo-Orenian platemail with the crest of both an eye and cobra emblazoned on the tabard.




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Patron: Lord Knox


“The blight that shall pass many.”



Lord Knox is a patron to Tayl, one of the first patrons and continues to live on to this day - spanning many centuries and lifetimes.



Lord knox is a creature of evil being - he seeks to create a mass of pure destruction within the world and bring it to it’s knees. The goal is to create an ultimate war, pure anger and descend the world into anarchy.

Often this is achieved by manipulation, trickery and deceit. Two sides can be paired against each other through these methods to create a small conflict which can often lead to bigger and greater means. He seeks not company - but others to achieve these aims for him.



Lord knox is an unusual being. His powers allow him to tap into the mundane world and fill it with his desire. Possessing the ability to pass people into a sleep-driven state, he is able to trick the mind to produce anything of his will. He will often confuse beings into thinking that these illusions are real - leading the effects of the illusion to become mentally temporary as well. The illusions are often so life-like that the subject would pass them off as absolute anyways.

Lord Knox also possess the ability to to transform into a cloud of smoke - this allows him to travel far and wide to carry out his aims, and also prevents his body from becoming damaged when coming into tight situations.



Lord Knox will often be seen wearing a pumpkin atop his head, as is such the infamous signature. However he can also be seen without the pumpkin on - mostly when within close acquaintances. The actual being of Lord Knox is not man, nor spirit - he can be thought of as a mind set. Knox will choose a potential suitor, a potential body. However this ‘suitor’ must be willing to accept Lord Knox upon himself. Lord Knox will take hold of the body. Lord Knox will become the body. The once soul bound to the frame will become buried so deep it will be forgotten. Standing in front of you would be Lord Knox.


Sometimes Lord Knox’s body will become incapable of filling out Knox’s duties, he will then seek a new being to live on with. Usually this happens due to age; however other circumstances can become apparent.



Although yes, Lord Knox’s aim is the destruction of the mundane world - Tayl has placed some restrictions upon Lord Knox to make sure that Tayl’s aim is carried out.

Lord Knox is unable to kill another being. He would experience great pain if this were to happen by his hand.

Lord Knox is never able to deviate from the path of destruction - his mind will always be set upon the torn world.

Lord Knox has the insatiable desire to wear suits.

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Patron: Irel'an



Abdication and Surrender



The weights that balance life itself are cruel in their machination, such apathy can only be parried with empathy. In selflessness, no matter the cause, we find true virtue. Benevolences true nature is the purging of selfish endeavors and the promotion of betterment for the overall.




Sacrifice to Serenity


The unspoken isle and all of its inherent dangers sooner pierce the veil of serenity than add onto it. Within this unfathomable darkness lay an Elven civilization, partially led by a Scion named Irel'an. The one counselor truly built upon the morals of their sanctuary. Each beam supporting their city was a vein to Irel'an’s livelihood, every brick a piece of himself and the dedication he had given to the Elven kind inhabiting their forgotten island.


Though solitary, flames are born flickering, and eventually the slightest wind will erode at its heat. Their sanctuary was no exception, and as darkness encroached over their land, the only one truly aware was Irel'an; each tower another eye to survey the city’s interests. As the cults encroached over them, Irel'an took what life he could into an ark, bringing the seedlings to the mainland. Life was lost and the weights of balance were appeased for the time being.




Foretold Incumbency


Desperation took hold over the migrants; their tears filled with reflections of their loved ones, only to be broken against their cupped hands and cold ground of the North. They landed in the deep cold, where falling snow could cover their tracks in hope of losing their offenders. Prosecuted in truth, they sought refuge where a small enclave would be made. Their cheeks were always stained, caught in a flurry of emotion. Irel'an was the only one to touch another cheek to brush away tears, the only pair of arms protecting another’s vulnerability in a tight embrace. All were devoured with self-pity and loathing, aside from their last standing Scion.


Nonetheless everyone knew that their fate was simply prolonged, unaware of the dangers this new land would present. Irel'an knew as well, but refused to let such corrupting thoughts eat away at any remaining sanity that remained in his freezing people’s minds. One by one they fell to disease, hunger and the very cold they thought would cover their departure. In their weakest state animals picked at them, seeing no reason to let the falling numbers go to waste. Wolves and unforeseen beasts ate at the thin lining of flesh on the bone of their civilization wherever they could and left them in a state of paranoia and masochism.




Irel'an the Fallen


As the once-proud citizens fell around him, Irel'an cared for what was left. A grimace always laid imprinted on his features, but his intentions never faltered. As per history of their land, their even further weakened people were hunted. When Dwarven-kind invaded the land of Vailor, it only took a small regiment of their warriors to take care of the emaciated population of their nigh-abandoned enclave.


Irel'an went forth to stop them and was able to keep half of the force away from the town for a moment, but was battered and captured. His own scrawny form was bound in thick links of chain, a lead ball hanging off his left ankle. Soon after he was thrown in the nearest river, tossing and turning throughout the waters like a ragdoll to it's eroding tendencies. It did not take long for the bound Irel'an to drown, face taut in disappointment in himself, unable to keep his brethren living, the seed dead.




Ascendency, Rejuvenation


The selfless martyr lay at the bottom of an ocean for centuries before Tayl’s sight lay over him and his past. With enough power surged forth he became rejuvenated, able to drag himself to shore. Chains hung from Irel'an’s arms and the ball tore across the sand, the martyr’s strength renewed and thus turning his appearance to represent such. And so he rose, hair bent in knots and matted, chains rusted. From thereon he fell to his knees into the sand, swearing vengeance upon those very first forces who brought ruin to his family.


Irel'an has since awoken, empowered and remembering. A host of mixed men and women with chains wrapped around their arms moves behind him, beset by his tale and the reclaiming of ‘their’ land. His will is forever unbroken, harder than diamond, able to pass this trait to others in select instances. His willing flesh regenerates when wounded, and it is so willing that he may take the wounds of others upon himself and relinquish their pain to himself. Though the shackle that once bound the lead ball to his foot remains, the weight is released, and his agility has grown ten-fold.


The weights that balance life itself are cruel in their machination, such apathy can only be parried with empathy. In selflessness, no matter the cause, we find true virtue. Benevolences true nature is the purging of selfish endeavors and the promotion of betterment for the overall. So their host repeats to themselves, a hive mind focused on the renewal of their people and solely their rejuvenation; rather than the thought that the darkness that once ate at their land will do so again.




Sacrifice Incarnate


It is under his follower’s belief that self-sacrifice is the most necessary of traits. Irel'an is no exception, and he frequently shows himself to both his people and their opponents. He often shows as he did prior to his death; cloaked in chains, a single broken shackle hanging loosely off his left ankle, though strengthened from his ascendency. He is not one to allow his boundless followers give all of themselves for him and will thus often help them, whether it is taking on their pain, or preventing it through defense or offense.


Though vengeful, he is merciful, and will not bring unnecessary pain. Though a firm believer of justice, it is only that which someone deserves, and is expectant of them to fully accept their punishment responsibly. He will enforce these expectations heavily if need be, he is not a pacifist.



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