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  1. Alona turns as she hears her husband call out. She yells back to him, "That is what you and others have told me darling!". Alona rest her hand on her chin as she briefly thinks about the letter again. She shakes her head in disappointment and continues teaching their young son, Voldar, elvish.
  2. Alona paces throughout the Vanari house in excitement, she would bring the missive close to her heart. "I knew that boy would grow up to be a natural leader like his parents." She smiles recounting the time that Ellathor had taught Sofiele how to give a proper high five. She laughs to herself "He will do quite well, I'm proud to continue severing under great leadership." She says as she thought about Absolon de Astrea. She rolls the missive up and places it into her bag. Alona would walk outside to start her day, in a better mood.
  3. Alona, in her room, would jot a quick note in her journal near her pink mana orb in hand. She would be deep in thought, analyzing the news from some sort of missive that she finally heard about. She recalls an event earlier at the gates of Elysium and danced through those thoughts as she replay the details in her mind. Alona shakes her head, puts down the quill into the journal, and would begin to rub her head. She would dim out her pink aura light in hand as she closes it to a fist. She relaxes her hands putting them at her side as she let out a sigh "It feels there's never a moment for rest" She says with a yawn as her eyes begin to close a bit "So I will take this short one. And look more into this tomorrow." and would close her journal. She gets up and heads off to bed. She hugs her sheep plushie and her husband as she closes her eyes, and would sleep
  4. Alona would stop in her tracks upon seeing the poster, as she raise an eyebrow she begins to read the details further. Her eyes would widen as she see the description and the following drawing. She reaches into her bag and take out her journal and flip to the page of when Naexi went missing before. Alona slams her book shut and frowns "Not again!" She says to herself aloud sounding quite defeated. Alona gasps and would change her tone into a quiet one as she didn't want anyone to hear her panic. She looks back up at the poster and sighs "We will get you home soon, I hope you are safe out there." She says as she turns away while putting her journal in her bag and would make her way to the Vanari house.
  5. Alona walks by the poster, she would pause and take a read. Alona remembers the alchemist and of the conversation they had that day in Elysium about an upcoming store. She claps to herself in excitement "I've been waiting for this day! Looks like I will be traveling to Oren more frequently." She says to herself in a cheery tone.
  6. Alona's eyes would widen as she almost choke on her jasmine tea as she read one of the lines and would mouth the words his ex mistress to herself. She would finish reading through the missive and put it down on her desk and shake her head. "Oh deary, why such a personal matter so public?" She says sipping her tea "A family matter nevertheless. I hope it gets solve with ease." She would say with a frown as she pounder thinking of what is to come.
  7. Alona would read the note in passing. She takes out her journal and takes notes of the details. "I should show this to everyone in the Vanari house, maybe we can do some outings." She puts the note within the page of her journal and closes it as she rushes off back to the Vanari clan house.
  8. As Alona walks by with a basket of carrots in hand she smiles in delight of the thought of picking up a new instrument. "Maybe it's about time I get back into the arts."
  9. Tears stream down Alona's face as it fell onto the paper smudging the ink. Alona would place it down on her table as she laid back in her chair cradling her stomach as she was seven months pregnant. For not only the pressure of the baby growing inside but a pit of sadness that bear deep into her stomach, a great wave of emotions hit Alona all at once as reality set in. With Alona crying more louder "If only she were around a bit longer to say our final goodbyes. I will never forget the first mission I went on as you were an outstanding leader just as you were an outstanding person." Alona closes her eyes as she tries to control her heavy breathing the best she can, using her handkerchief to attempt to wipe away the endless tears "May you rest in pure blissful peace." She would say mid gasp as she continues to silently cry to herself.
  11. As Alona walks into the private estate after she is done reading the missive, she would look out to the city of Elysium and take a deep breath and sit on the docks. “Inui, what a brave and well spoken girl. A kind heart too." Alona looks up at her child Sofiele as she plays with the other Vanari children, Ellathor and Ellania, amongst the wheat fields. "She even knew that I had a little one on the way and had help me so much" She would say with a smile "Even with the smallest acts, she only has great intentions. Not to say it is on the similar scale to her wanting to bring an early peaceful end to the war, but that it speaks highly of her character. Only wanting good for the place that had sheltered many people, such as myself along with my husband, with open minds and hearts. It is indeed a shame that she were treated like this.” She would pause as a frown fall over her face thinking of the current ranger oath issue “Actually, how they are treating all of us really. All the things the rangers have done, how much has fallen upon not only us but the Elysian people. Yet they attempt to strip us of our pride. And even dare to disrespect us as if we do nothing” She would take off her ranger helm and admire it. “The Duke and Duchess has supplied so much for their people. The Headrangers have provided my husband and I a home. I felt a stronger connection and sense of family rather than my own family. And what has Norland done but besides let us lay on their land and be shields to absorb such attacks." She begins to tear a little as she recalls the events of the Elysium Massacre and countless raids she has partook in defending in. “Now they expect us to take an oath blindly to be consider one of them after all we have done! And if not we have to wait around for them to protect US? Yet we are always the one that have come to their aid!” She would throw her helm into the sand out of anger. She takes in a deep breath to keep calm as she looks at her ranger helm. She would bend down to dust it off as she turns to head back inside. “Norland needs to be better than this, if not for their very own people at least for the future. I hope they soon recognize all the damage they have caused.”
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  13. Alona smiles as she puts away her clean armor and custom made war axe. Being very proud of her fellow rangers and allies, she then sighs as frown falls upon her face. "This was for the innocents...May the bastard MRAs rot." She closes the door to her storage behind her and carries on her day in hopes that there will be no more MRA attacking her fellow innocent townspeople on the roads, or anywhere near, again.
  14. As Alona reads the note with baby Sofiele in hand a smile appears on her face "The two are finally getting to it." As she says this, her eyes widen realizing she needs to get a dress made, make sure Sofiele and Togrim are well put together, and look for a gift. Worried out of her mind, she looks down at sleeping Sofiele and all of worries escape for a brief moment in time.
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