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  1. Otellia is lucky to have supportive girlfriend and would cry tears of joy. The elfess goes back to making a multitude of blueprints of items to give to Ventys, secretly....
  2. Wanderess Wares Within the walls of Celia'nor, slightly hidden behind a statue, is a stall with handmade trinkets, jewelry, homemade food and drinks. Jewelry (10-25 mina): Wooden/Metal Necklaces Handflowers Clay/Wooden Bracelets Rings Food + Drinks (2-3 mina): Snow Brew Coffee Blizzard Brew Coffee The Blizzard Elixir Coffee Summer Breeze Elixir Magnolia Tea Cotton Candy Tea Garden Tea Leaves Berry Skies Trinkets (10-30 mina) Oracle Wood Incense Strawberry Dreams Tea Set Strawberry Dreams Glassware Or perhaps find a lovely robed stranger traveling along the roads for something more. Safe Travels. W.W
  3. A certain 'ker reads the missive under a tree in Celia'nor. A grin as she pockets the note and would pull out parchment paper to write on.
  4. Alona tending wheat to classics Meanwhile Otellia.. Little bit of everything while making items. Rose playing vibes on a Taglharpe or Lute Amlet in his feels
  5. Alona smiles "Ah my sister's new chapter in life- so happy to see." She turns on her heels planning a gift basket. "I wonder what that spice is like in a stew!" She raised an eyebrow as she purse her lips, an audible "Hm!" As the curious elfess went on her day.
  6. Alona reads the line it was decided that I be release over and over again, pondering who would let go Ehrendil. Yet a smiled form her face "In the end he would of still kept going, good thing someone put a break on him." The elfess giggles a bit folding the paper as she sat.
  7. Alona reads the missive and just pockets it to show Freyr. "A pity indeed- even after that one meeting." The elfess raises an eyebrow as she ponders many thoughts.
  8. Alona blinks at the signatures but slightly smiles "Absolon would be proud."
  9. Alona shrieks in happiness "ABOUT TIME! Oh how beautiful- truly a beautiful love story." The elfess reminiscence of when they first met "Who would of thought."
  10. OOC ((MC Name: MokoMochi )) ((Discord: moko#1988 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Otellia Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To garner knowledge of all things involving voidal to solidify my path. Also assisting anyone and my teacher if need be in research. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Sensory Illusion, Transfiguration What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus as I still have a lot to learn. When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime in the late of night, after dinner of course!
  11. Alona smiles as she read a pie eating contest. "Perhaps I still have it in me."
  12. Alona smiles reading the missive "A needed event, how lovely to see." Alona begins pulling out the Vanari robes.
  13. Alona catches a glimpse of the missive her eyes narrowing at a certain clause and would shrug it off. "A good day to not be involved with such politics. But-" She let's out a heavy sigh "Onward to the bigger things now."
  14. Otellia roams around as she gazes at the wonderous collection of knowledge. The 'ker would read any book that sparks her interest. Pondering if she should buy some for her own private selection.
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