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  1. A certain farseer would awaken on top of a hill once relaxing would now feel the fluttering heart. Analyzing what she witness as she lay back down once more puffing on her pipe to calm down.
  2. Audrina von Theonus look out the window of her home humming with two little ones in arms. In that moment a missive flew from under the cracks of her door. She put each child in their respective crib picking up the missive. Audrina reads and smiles "Ich liebe Minitz."
  3. Otellia reading the missive hummed "Looks like the hunter's lounge has a new mission" She folded the paper to pin later at the Wanderers guild hall.
  4. The Crackling Emerald Paladin held her aura true as she stood within a certain chancery. She exhaled deeply as she held her gaze towards the ground. "May his memories live on for love one's and generations to come. As this warrior of the sunlit lord start anew, may it truly be glorious in Xan's realm." A Waldenian Woman holds her calico cat in hand as she cried at the news of her golden uncle's death. "Gott mitt du Onkle. May du finally be at peace!"
  5. [!] A well decorated invitation was sent out after reviewing the list once more! "Isavella ich need du to zend zhis vone. It ist zpecial!" She smiled making sure it was prepared neatly.
  6. A request of presence from family members to friends alike come together in the celebration of As the two unite forever in holy matrimony Itinerary I. Ceremony The special day will be held in the bride’s hometown within the Rozenfields of Reinmar on the 15th of Tobias' Bounty. II. Tavern Feast A feast will be provided in the tavern for those who stay after. Along with many games and fun amenities throughout the town that the guests are welcome to use. Special invitations were sent out in no particular order: My Dearest Father and Mother, Chieftain Karl von Theonus and Annette von Theonus along with their noble pedigree Her Grace Princess Edith Klaire Alstion, Lady of Alba and her royal pedigree Herald Eloisee Viele von Minitz His Highness Sir Ottomar II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and his royal pedigree His Princely Grace Wilheim Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree Her Royal Highness, Rosalind Katya Freysson Ruric of Norland Daerine and her pedigree His Grace Brandt Wilheim Barclay Herzog Von Minitz, Duke of Minitz and his noble pedigree His Excellency, Yvian Ritter Galken and his noble pedigree Zyn’ira Terin and her pedigree Dame Alexandra Barclay and her noble pedigree Knight Paramount Conrad Barclay and his noble pedigree Juilette Malenos Zofia Jazloviecki Finn The entirety Order of Saint Tylos
  7. Raell hums a lowly tune as she lean on her staff "Proud of my oem'ii sister. A leader and all yet it was just yesterday she was running around with a plant" She continue back weaving flower crowns for a certain occasion.
  8. Audrina von Theonus shakes the paper towards her calico cat name Honey in a exciting manner. "Look Kat du are ein noble nov! Behave or nicht ein treat for du!"
  9. "Gutte job Vater. Ich prod uff ihr zignature." Audrina high fives her father! @Deets
  10. The Wanderers are a traveling merchant guild founded by The Wanderess in S.A 77. As she acquired new skills to intertwine with the traditional arts she held to her family expertise, The Wanderess wished to share this with others striving for the arts, adventures, fortune, and knowledge. The Wanderers Guild is composed of artisans from various backgrounds. Members travel together or on their own to sell wares and trade to all. As the guild follows a very important rule; always provide for the fortunes of good and bad. Background Before creating the guild, The Wanderess travel with the now-lost merchant group, The Florist, who taught her a fair amount of knowledge about goods such as brews, food, trinkets, and most importantly, attention to fine detail. When she awoke to an empty camp with no evidence of a trail, she continued to travel with a hopeful heart that one day she will find her close companions once more. All the while, she sold her creations and came across something new called Celia’nor. The Wanderess grew curious about their existence and ended up making a sale of her jewelry and brews to an important member of society. This helped establish her first official stall, Wanderess Wares. Slowly expanding its branches to different areas across Alamaris as the guild continues down its path, not holding any affiliation to a nation. Core Creations While the guild harbors a vast amount of skills and continues to pursue other tricks of the trade. There’s a core set of items that provided the soil for the guild to flourish. Clay Goods The sun and moon bracelet were the first items that The Wanderess created and have been quite the special product that set the Wanderess Wares on its course. The true hidden gem for the guild lies within the sparkle, clay amulet upon ribbon. Forest Brew, Snow Brew, Blizzard Brew, and Blizzard Elixir Within the eastern travels, specifically after the fall of Ando Alur, The Wanderess traveled to the outskirts of what once was known as the old Empire of Oren. Beyond the capital lie the wetlands that held many rich resources. Otellia spotted the Coffea arabica, a plant adorned with cherry-like fruit that holds a delicious pit, a bean. The Wanderess struck luck when finding new herbs to turn into tea after a gruesome hunt. But, unbeknownst to her this was far from tea leaves. After trial and error in preparing the drink, it led to different varieties of techniques for growing the plant and delicious brews of coffee. Tea, Herb, and Plant Drinks The other times when The Wanderess was not looking for Coffea, it was otherwise spent locating tea leaves. Not wanting to only consume coffee or alcohol. The Wanderess experimented with a variety of plants, flora, and herb leaves to see what tasted wonderful and what yielded positive effects. Wanderers Whisky A staple Wanderess’ brews after countless travels to the nearest tavern in town. From the second Ando Alur to the second placement of Nor’asath, no matter where she was, the brews were the main topic of The Wanderess research. Within the purple glass bottle is the most delicious, potent whisky. And The Wanderess will continue to test and try new brews to ensure the quality and taste will remain not only for the whisky, but for other alcoholic base drinks as well. To join the guild, one must receive an invitation from an Elder Wanderer or The Wanderess. A series of trials will take place to deduce which sector of the guild is fitting.
  11. Otellia widening her eyes as she read aloud within the middle of the forest "Gotrin. . ." She frown as she remembers meeting the mali'ker long ago at the tavern. Astonished at how much has happen since then.
  12. Otellia smiled as she pinned the invitation to the guild hall board for all other members to see. “I should really think of a gift but I think I met this Medea person once” She laughed aloud with her pipe in hand Raell would be hopping up and down and stop “Oh no I need Aerin to finish his trials quick!”
  13. Audrina von Theonus finally reads the tome in the midst of her trials. A smile forms as she read the name Irid. The Waldenian women took time to study all the ritters before her and would feel motivated more than ever.
  14. Reading the missive, Otellia formed a smile and slam it down upon her desk within her private office. Leaning back in her chair as she puff on her special pipe. "What beautiful timing!"
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