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  1. Otellia Maiheiuh reads the missive with a roll of her eyes as she commented to Ventys "This reads like a pre written missive. Displays of propaganda! LET THE MALINOR DREAM GO!" The elfess reading it through before seeing the signatures "Why. . .Why would our old neighbors be apart of this? Strange." The elfess ponder, then slowly recall the lies told within the crowd of the meeting with her widen eyes "THE SLANDER!"
  2. Otellia turned to her beloved wife with a purple billiard pipe in her hand. "They were always interestin'. I can never wrap my mind around them folks. . . Hope they can find their way around instead of this backwards progression." A giggle escape as she continue to puff on her green.
  3. MC Name: MokoCrystal RP Name: Otellia Maiheiuh Persona ID: 71088
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    Maiheiuh Clan

    [Forum Music] Maehr Mayhzidarians are those who seek knowledge as far as the wind carries, always in the best interest of their kin rather than the fictitious, ever-changing boundaries. May the wind under your wings bear you ี‰ยคษฎ ษ›ส… ษฑฮฑืฉษฆ ษฑยคืฉฮฑ สŠษฆส‹โ€™สŠืฉโ„œำ„ษฆีนษฆ ส‹ฮฑษ›ส… ส…ฮฑษฆศถ where the sun sails and the moon walks. ส‹ฮฑศถ ษ›ส… ษ›ำ„ฮฑโ„œืฉีผ ษฎสŠศถษ›ฮฑ ีนืฉ ษ›ส… ส‹ษ›ส…สŠส…aษ›ืฉa ส…ยคำ„ฮฑษ›. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ Origins To the lush island with abundant resources, a dream state of a place holding a scatter of mountains. A plentiful number of dark elven families supportive of Velulaei settled in these lands after the fall of Magaraโ€™lin. A true tragedy across Axios had forced the dark elves into their groups. In the village of Mayhzydar the dark elven groups were indeed at a loss with what happened, but with their newly dark ashen skin, they would praise the spirit of the moon that granted it all. However, due to the trauma, they slowly hid part of their history to keep everyone united rather than repeating another event. Nevertheless, a few conflicts arose, but within the island of Mayhra, nothing would break the kin apart as all had to undergo a coming-of-age task. As the 18th birth moon rises, a little Mayhrian would hear the wind chimes ring throughout the village for a celebration of a new chapterโ€”the journey to find oneself whether it be with the village or elsewhere new to them. Mayhzydar, translating from Velโ€™luah to Wind City, was given the name by the first generation of settlers due to the immense wind that blew through the village. Instead of seeing it as a problem the Mayhzydarzh embraced their circumstances and incorporated the element throughout their daily life. Another element highly sacred to the Mayhzydarzh was the water. The beautiful blue hues within the ocean, springs, and falls further the first-generation settlers with a certain sense of home. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ Appearance Missing a Maiheiuh A painting by Glorier (@Unibearse) Most of the Maiheiuh family line have amethyst or dark sapphire eyes, white wavy hair, and a colorful array of skin-ashen hues. However, there is a notable recessive trait of onyx eyes. Height range can be 5ft - 6โ€™4โ€™โ€™ft (152cm - 193cm). Fashion Their preferred clothing choice is light and airy as their native climate was hot and humid. They wear colorful attire, often shades of blue, green, and purple to compliment the sea and vibrant island. Many accessories can be seen adorning the Mayhrians especially when it comes to piercings and gems that are sacred to the Mayhra. Many jewels would attach to either the outfits or be worn as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Each represents a duty and trait of oneself. The placement of the piercings showcases oneโ€™s duty, making it easy for others to seek out the duty they need or wish to partake in a similar path by becoming their mentor. In the new realm, there have since been additions to these duties that include shamans as that was not practiced in Mayhra. Another indicator that the Mayhrians paid close attention to were the gems. It was a personality indicator that each Mayhrian received from their tribe leader at the age of 13. The importance however was rooted in the fall of Magara'lin; to mitigate any conflicts of conflicting personalities to be at a small minimum. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ Traditions Festivals During Malinโ€™s Welcome the Mayhlynn set up festivities all season long to give gifts and celebrate the land they occupy. These festivities still apply to wherever the Maiheiuh drift. No matter how small it may be, at any given opportunity the Maiheiuh will celebrate. One of the main events of the season is the theater in the skies. All the performers showcase their talents atop the highest mountain as a collective gift to the land. They would perform well into the night for Mother Moon. Now that the Maiheiuh has embraced the spirits by name, there are many festivals to be held for Luara and their Ancestors such as Helun-Velulaeya and Ythelhya. Coming of Age At the age of 16, a young Maiheiuh learns how to make a wind chime. This helps prepare the young Maiheiuh to construct their own wind chime as it tells their lifeโ€™s story. At the age of 18, since the Maiheiuh of Almaris is not as isolated, the primary ancestral trials do not fit as well in the new settings. However, it is still encouraged that a Maiheiuh is to travel wherever the wind may take them. But before doing so, the members of the Maiheiuh must complete the trials to honor their ancestors. Marriage Rites The couple creates an art piece dedicated to their significant other and has it on display or performed to the family as a sign to tell that a recent proposal has taken place. Before the wedding day, the couple is taken on a spirit walk to Isuz realm, the spirit of love. There they will meet two swans, the lessers Zur and Irlal. Zur the spirit of first love and Irlal the spirit of commitment. After the wedding has taken place, a symbol of each otherโ€™s love is crafted and then placed on the Maiheiuh Wind Chime. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ Faith ส…สŠษฎยคส… ศถยคษฑ ืฉส…ีนษ สŠส… The Spirits were reintroduced when the Maiheiuh left Mayhra and settled in the lands of Almaris, specifically within the city of Norโ€™asath. Although, respect and celebration for the ancestors always reign, especially for Helune Velulaei. With this understanding, the family holds this faith quite sacred in their practice and has discovered more spirits and ancestors to which they feel a close connection. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ The Spirits Luara - Spirit of the moon Brimztra - Spirit of Art, Music, and Creativity. Aztran - Spirit of The Sun, Stars, and Ethereal. Fiarza - Spirit of The Wind. Mozaria - Lesser of Fiarza, Spirit of The Sound of Wind. Betharuz - Spirit of Festivities, Booze, and Cactus Green Akezo - Spirit of health, vitality, and healing. Zagraath - Lesser of Akezo, Spirit of Maehrian Vitality Kor - Spirit of the Ancestors. โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆโ—†โ—ˆ Ancestor Ythelhya โ€œThe Hope Sowerโ€ One of the Pantheon Ancestors of the Maiheiuh, during the initial travels to Mayhra, she was the one with the serene voice to soothe tensions with her song.
  5. The forgotten von Theonus Audrina sits in her rocking chair head empty, no thoughts in an undisclosed location before hearing the news. A frown forms upon her face
  6. โ€œDONโ€™T WORRY,UREZD.โ€ The short Maehr pat her brother on the back, โ€œIโ€™ll help as well!โ€
  7. Otellia stretching in her stance. "Time for another festival!" Her smile bright as ever as she walked out of the room before considering the other occurrences saw within Atryak's realm.
  8. A maehr sitting at a lone tavern stares at a old bottle of dandelion wine with an early illustration of a young, joyful child. "Too soon my onny. But may wherever you head off, let it be eternal bliss." The elfess hugged the bottle closing her eyes. A wild mali'ame would be laughing under a tree. Not a thought in those eyes besides a voice in her head.
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