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Orc RP: Death and the Afterlife

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Death & Afterlife


"We are all born to die, brother. It is how we get there that determines our fate in Stargush'Stroh."




So, after following all of my brilliant Orc guides, your character has lived to become an important figure within the Uzg. He worked under the favour of the Spirits, broke the will (and faces) of his enemies, and became a respected figure among his peers. He now finds himself surrounded by his foes, with little chance of escape. A great battle is about to take place; His last stand.


But what happens to an Orc when they die? What are the cultural aspects to this inescapable fate?


Let's find out.


Death & Burial

Orcs are very much aware of their lingering fate, and as arrogant and stalwart as they are, they acknowledge that the end comes for all beings. In the Orcish culture, a prominent emphasis on appeasing both Krug and the Spirits is upheld at all times. This is because the Orcs of the Uzg believe that when they die, their spirits are transported to the Ancestral Realm; sometimes referred to as Stargush'Stroh.


It is here that they will meet with Krug, and spend out eternity in a paradise of endless hunting, fighting and all manner of Orcish activities. Generally, admittance to this realm is unavoidable if you are physically an Orc. However, if a spirit decides to worship another deity in it's lifetime, it will be transported to that realm. Likewise, honourary Orcs may pass into Stargush'Stroh if their will is strong enough.


It is believed in the Uzg that those who live a life of dishonourable acts and weakness will not make it to the Ancestral Realm, and will become lost on the way, neglected by Krug. For those that wish to enter the Ancestral Realm, they must act in accordance with the will of Krug. They must be above all, honourable and strong, and they must live in pursuit of the advancement of the Uzg. Glory and recognition drive all Orcs, and their deeds on the land result in their status within the Spirit realm.




(An Uruk, preparing for glory through Waaagh)


Generally, those that aspire to Stargush'Stroh will become one of two Spirits:

Lesser: These Spirits are basic, existential beings. They live within the Ancestral Realm and offer no powers to the likes of Mortals. 

Greater: These Spirits attain renowned status for the great deeds or traits of their mortal lives, and may bestow this relative power upon the Lutaumen that make contact with them.


But what should happen to the body of an Orc when they die?


Well, the answer is that it varies according to the beliefs of a clan. Every clan has its own specific idea of how an Orc should be buried. Some choose to cremate the dead, so that their spirit may be free to reach the Ancestral Realm. Others think that Orcs should be buried with their greatest weapons, so that they may bring them to Stargush'Stroh. Either way, it is very important to an Orc that he is buried in accordance to his wishes.


Even those that are killed in disagreement should be venerated for their life deeds and provided with a proper burial. For instance, despite Phaedrus'Yar being killed, he fought for what he believed to be right and followed the basic principles of Krug's will. He was brought back to the Uzg and received a respectful burial.


Which is all well and good, but what exactly IS the Ancestral Realm?







The Ancestral Realm, ruled over by the most powerful Ancestral Spirit to exist: Krug.


Those that are admitted into the Ancestral Realm begin their journey on what is referred to as "Olû Tiil Frautal" or "The Walk To Final Rest". From here, they take a long journey that leads them to the central land of Stargush'Stroh. It is known as Ruzob Ukûzrii, the Halls of Eternal Joy. This land is home to many halls, within which countless Orcs can be seen feasting with their revered Ancestor. From this central point, there are six surrounding realms that Spirits may visit in relation to their interests. They may travel between them all as they wish.


The Realms:


Turu Dobu Ziimarum (The Many Fields of Tranquility) - This realm is a sea of grass, and is where the Lutaumen may convene with the Spirits that venture there.


Skoiug Goiz (The Soaring Cities) - The Blargs (Homes) of the Spirits that inhabit the Ancestral Realm. They may display their endless surplus of trophies and achievements here, for all to see.


Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital (Forest of the Great Hunt) - This Forest contains every living creature that has ever existed, where the greatest hunts in the entire Universe are held.


Ruzob Ukûnûrlug (Halls of Endless Study) - This hall was created by the Spirit of Knowledge, and supplies the more studios of Orcs with an endless wealth of knowledge. Here they may follow pursuits of artistic and scientific endeavours, and is usually where the Goblins that pass on will spend the majority of their time. Where do the Ologs go? I'm sure you can figure that one out.


Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk (The Planes of Fearless War) - An enormous battlefield in which Spirits may partake in endless battle, if they so desire. Those that are "slain" rise again at the dawn of a new day to fight again.


Fîgûga Uzg (Dishonoured Lands) - A realm within which Fiends linger. For more information, refer to:



It is possible for deceased Orcs to communicate with their mortal friends through the abilities of a Lutaumen, who can talk with them on Turu Dobu Ziimarum and relay messages. Yes, this means your loved characters can continue to be RP on occasion, if a Shaman decides you are interesting enough to be worth the effort.


Which means, go out there and do something distinguished.

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