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[Aengul] Zecharael

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Zecharael, Once-Aengul of Justice



Image credit to Snodsnow


Sigil -- Closed Gauntlet


Long forgotten to the aeons and only whispered of in the most archaic and ancient of celestial repositories, the Aengul Zecharael once stood among the heavens as a paragon of justice; his was a station demanding of respect, righteous and impartial. From his gilded court, he presided over the material and divine planes and doled out judgment upon all. Yet there were those who sought to rise above the rule of law and it was their undoing that Zecharael relished in, for no being was above justice - not even the Aengudaemon whose majesty was born of celestial grace and this would prove to be his bane. When Iblees reared his head in defiance of the Heavens, he made it his purpose to seek out and pass judgment upon all those who saw fit to join in the Betrayer’s folly, and many did face retribution at the hands of Justice. So engrossed did Zecharael become in this single-minded pursuit that he neglected his duties and would no longer preside over the judgment of the many, rendering his celestial court desolate and untended. It was during this era of strife that he came to an impasse with the Lord of Sunlight, who brazenly committed sacrilege with his intervention into the material realm and the siring of an abomination born of a mortal. Justice would have raised a hand to strike him down were it not for their ongoing conflict with Iblees and his subsequent death at the Betrayer's hands.


The Gilded Court of Zecharael




Before he was slain doing battle with Iblees, Zecharael ruled from his domain - known simply as the Gilded Court. It was an expansive chamber of gilded stone lined with statues of marble and motifs of heavenly design. Always was Zecharael’s domain bright with the incandescent light of the heavens, and from atop his lofty throne did Justice damn those guilty to punishment for their transgressions. However, it has fallen into disuse with the absence of its lord. What were once bright halls that were host to constant tribunals are now desolate, silent and empty of life and utterly devoid of light. Untouched, the Court remains as a fragment of the Aengul’s power and persists in the celestial plane.




Zecharael was once heralded as a champion among the rank of the Aenguls. His name was Justice and thus did he preside over the righteous and brought suffering to those who did not bask in the light of the Heavens. The Aengul Zecharael was closely aligned to two others- Xan, for through order there was law, and through law, justice; and Eshtael, who brought balance in her wake and served as warden to many of those found guilty of his arbitrations. When the Betrayer revealed his nature and cast his siblings aside in his mad quest, Zecharael was among the first to heed the call of the Archaengul and bring glorious battle to Iblees and those who stood with him. As the conflict dragged on, the Aengul came to a realization - that the divine were not above justice, and that they too had to be tried for their crimes were the natural order to be maintained. He became obsessed with this singular purpose which would inevitably drive him to turn on the beloved Lord of Sunlight - Xan, who he so loved and cherished. When Order made his descent into the mortal plane and sired children with a mortal woman, Zecharael was among the few who would openly challenge their brother, and in this discourse animosity was fostered between the two. However, his wrath would not come to pass for the Aengul of Justice was slain in the war against the Betrayer - killed doing battle with the Archdaemon himself. His mantle was taken on by Tahariae and his name faded into obscurity.



Concept and Writing
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