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Nation & Charter Information

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The tile map pictures can be viewed in the spoiler below. Note: The “Cloud Temple Ring” is highlighted in blue.

For assistance with charters please contact @Zacho, @Deer__ , or @Keening.



[Credit to Amk for the map above]







    Charters that demonstrate a high level of player engagement can achieve Nation Status. LotC rewards Nations that strive for the best with unique benefits that help maintain their streak of rich roleplay.



    Becoming A Nation

    Gain Nation Status

    You can apply for Nation Status as long as the following is true,

    1)      You have a full non-probation tier 3 charter.

    2)      You have met the activity requirements for at least one month.

    3)      You are not a Dependant charter.


Apply to become a nation <here>


    If your submission is acceptable then you will enter a two-month probation period. You must maintain Nation-level activity for the entire two months. If we deny your application you may re-apply in two-weeks.


    Maintaining and Losing Nation Status

    If your Nation has passed the probation period yet falls below minimum activity for three consecutive weeks we will issue a warning. If you fail two weeks more we will downgrade your Nation to a tier 4 charter.


    Benefits of Nation Status

1)      200 x 200 protected area with the ability to expand further into your home tile

2)      A free green soulstone pillar

3)      A free mine

4)      A free banker

5)      A free auctioneer

6)      Road signage at spawn to your nation

7)      High-speed road connection (Aka fast roads)

😎    Ability to have dependent status group

9)      Access to Nation Leader Discord

10)    Access to purchase land within their nation tile at a cost of 0.1 Mina per block of space. (Example: 10x10 plot of land would cost 10 minas)


    Controlling Tiles

    Tiles have three possible states. An uncontrolled tile has no Nation or Nation-dependent group on that tile. A contested tile has more than one charter not under the same allegiance. Finally, a tile is controlled when one owning party has full control over the charter regions within.


    In order to convert a contest tile to controlled, all other groups must either convert into dependants, leave, or collapse.





    A Dependent is described as a group whom for various reasons belongs to and is an apart of a nation statused group and meets a few criteria.




    The Information & Process for gaining Dependent Status

    Gain Dependent Status

    You can apply for Dependent Status as long as the following is true,

    1)      You have a charter (Probationary Period does not prohibit this).

    2)      You have a willing Nation who will sponsor you.

    3)      The charter must be in an adjacent tile that is controlled by the Sponsoring Nation


Apply to be a dependent charter <here>


    If your submission is acceptable then you will finish out whatever remains of your charters probationary period if applicable and you will be granted the benefits associated with being a dependent.


    Losing Dependent Status

    There are only two ways to lose your dependent status, Either have it revoked by your sponsoring nation above in which case you go back to your original chartered status or you fail to meet the continuing requirements of your charter and are thus no longer eligible for your Dependent status either. This also revokes the nation’s influence into that tile if no other dependent charter of theirs is present.


    Benefits of Dependant Status

    1)      Grants Tile Access for Sponsor

    2)      Paid Access to a soulstone pillar

    3)      Paid Access to a mine.



    Tile Access,

                   When a dependent group is formed inside of a tile and is the first of its nature there it expands that nations influence into that tile. Allowing for that tile to now become a contested tile for the sponsoring nation. A dependent can only give full control of a tile once the regular criteria for a controlled tile are met and the dependent is no longer in charter probation.


Charters in Nation Tiles,

                  Sub-region settlements of a nation may convert to dependant charters with NL’s permission. They will be placed on the standard probation period and will not have full charter perks until this probation period is passed. If the dependent charter passes activity requirements it may become an independent charter with the permission of the NL and drop their dependency status.




    A Charter is defined as regioned parcel of land granted to an individual who completes the requirements for the selected tier of charter.



    The Information & Process for gaining a Charter


    Application Process:

                   1) Submit a Charter Application for the land you desire.

        2) Begin the two week wait. Use this time to collect signatures and submit minas.

                       a) If everything is in order there is a chance it will be reviewed before the two week waiting period is over.

                   3) Finally, a staff member claims, evaluates, and processes your application.

                                   a) When Accepted you enter the probation period.

                                   b) When Denied, the charter is archived. You may retry.


Apply to be a charter <here>


    We wish to upgrade our charter. (NO: remove this, YES: provide link to charter)


    We wish to relocate our charter. (NO: remove this, YES: provide link to charter)


    Charter Probation

    Excellent, your charter is accepted! We now flag your region and monitor it for one months and verify you meet the criteria for activity. If you succeed, we remove your probation status. Though, if you fail, we must delete your region. Though even after probation you will continue to be monitored but more flexibility will be offered.


    Where can I place my Charter?

    Got a place you’re interested in? Compare it to the conditions below.

    ●        No other Charter already claimed that spot.

    ●        You’re at least 125 blocks away from any other Charter or Nation Region or Resource pit.

    ●        You’re not inside the Cloud Temple Ring. (Shown in the blue highlight on image two and three in the spoiler above)

    ●        You’re not in a tile owned by a nation or in contested territory.

    ●        You are not in the Freebuild Wilds.

    ●        You do not own any other land.


    * If you are relocating, then you may only do so if you are not at war.

    * Keep in mind when you choose your location, your Charter can only be dependent on Nations adjacent to your tile.

    I want to upgrade or relocate my Charter.

    First of all, your Charter must pass the probation period. Then, choose a location that is the same or smaller tier and be ready to pay half the price of that land.


    If you wish to upgrade—you must gather all the signatures. However, you only pay the difference for the cost in minas. Your Charter will re-enter the probationary period for two months. If you fail your land will only revert to the original size—however, you will need to pass another two-month probation to keep the land altogether.


    Can I use the land of a former Charter that went inactive?

    Absolutely. In fact, you can purchase or relocate to abandoned land at a 35% discount! After a charter is abandoned the build and all its facilities will be kept for at least two weeks if others express interest in the build or staff would like to repurpose it for events and such. The same charter can reapply, but will not receive the discount if accepted.


    We would like to declare dependency on a Nation.

    You may apply at any time for Dependant status—even during probation.


    We would like to ascend to Nation status.

    You must reach Nation-level activity. Then, you may apply for Nation status and enter a two month probationary period. You must maintain Nation-level activity for the entire two months.


    Charter Tier’s

                   Tier 1 - Hamlet 50 x 50 block region 

                                   Seven signatures

                                   Three-thousand Five-hundred minas

                    Benefits: Dedicated sub-forum

                                              Access to charter discord

                   Tier 2 - Village 100x 100 block region

                                   Fifteen signatures

                                   Twelve-thousand minas

                    Benefits: Road connection with signage and access to a dedicated sub-forum. No soulstone pillar.

                                             Access to charter discord

                   Tier 3 - City 150x150 block region

                                   Thirty signatures

                                   Twenty-four-thousand five-hundred minas

                                              Access to charter discord

Benefits: Road connection with signage, access to a dedicated sub-forum, and a green soulstone pillar.

                   Tier 4 - Special 200x200 block region

                                   Only granted under specific circumstances not applicable for new or upgrading charters. 

    Such as Nations who lose their Nation status as to not cut up their city with a shrinking region.

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Nation List:

Agnarum - tile_42

Aegrothond - tile_22

Sutica - tile_16

Druids - tile_14

Alderyn - tile_18

Fenn - tile_29

Curon - tile_52

Adria - tile_54

Haense - tile_59

Renatus - tile_56

Charter Tier 3 List:




Charter Tier 2 List:



Charter Tier 1 List:







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