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Ivae'fenn Annual Tournaments

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Ivae’fenn Tournaments


Starting in the year 1707 [[This sunday]], and continuing annually hereon [[Every sunday, time determined on a weekly bases]], there will be tournaments hosted within the Ivae’fenn. Any and all non-magic weapons are allowed, armor is encouraged. Maiming is highly discouraged, and may result in disqualification.


These tournaments will take place in the Tahu’Lareh barracks, which are accessed through a staircase found near the square. Civilians are encouraged to come and spectate, although the tournament themselves are for Ivae’fenn only. Any roles may participate, starting at initiate.


Rewards will be given out to the winner, to be determined on a weekly basis. Possible rewards include a tax exemption of Fennic housing, hours subtracted from necessary gate hours for specializations, or small monetary prizes.


[[Tournaments will alternate between PvP and CRP each week. This Sunday will be  PvP.]]

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Aelthir prepares to legally beat up initiates.

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