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River Festival Reminder!

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[!] A simple sheet of paper can be found flying through the wind.

T’a River Festival!


~The waters outside of Brandybrook and Aegrothond~

T’is just be ah friendly reminder that the Brandybrook River Festival be beginnin’ soon! In but a month from now, the first ever Halfling Festival of Arcas shall take place! So please try ter attend if ya can!

What: Ah massive party in the Village o’ Brandybrook, all themed around the nearby Dinkle River and t’a Sea!

Where: In Brandybrook, of course! Just take the side path on yer way to Aegrothond!

When: Just a month frem now! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 24th of March, which is TOMORROW!))


New Activity, SURFING!


~Odo Stronfoot surfin’ some rad waves dude!~

Instead of doing Bumper Boats (Which proved to have technical difficul’ies!), we’ll beh doin’ SURFIN’ instead! In order to surf properly, just do what you’d normally do for a boat except try to move ‘t while standing up instead of sitting down! The person who can ride waves the longest distance without falling off wins!


Long Live Brandybrook! Lord Knox bless us all!

-Daisy Applefoot.

[!] The paper ends with the Official Seal of Brandybrook


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*gallahand looks over the paper, nods a few times then underlines the lpcation and time with a peice of charcoal, soon after he folds up the notice and stashes it away*

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