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Rules of Lore/The Lore System

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Rules of Lore/Lore System

Main Rules

  1. These rules are the main rules set into place for utilizing accepted lore on the server. “Loopholing” or other attempts to skirt by the rules or abuse due to a rule missing will not be excusable. If you believe you have discovered a loophole, you can report it to the ST and we will patch it. Those found abusing it will be punished.

  2. Just because you have access to a lore piece OOCly does not mean your character has that information in-game. Do not RP having lore knowledge on something you have not been taught about in roleplay.

  3. One must adhere to the existing lore, any attempts to powergame or lorebreak is against the rules.

  4. Any lore roleplayed must have approved lore or a guide to back it up. If it is not written down in the lore or a guide, it is not valid.

  5. You may approach Story Team management or the Story Team admin if you have qualms with a Story Team member’s ruling. Alternatively, you can fill out an anonymous staff report found here: Click me.

  6. If you wish to submit lore, you must adhere to the following: Click me.

  7. If one wishes to post a guide to a lore piece, they must first have it verified by the ST.


Lore Permissions

  1. A player must wait one week after joining the server to apply for a lore application.

  2. An accepted Lore Application is required to use magic, play a creature, and/or utilize advanced alchemy on a character.

    1. A student application must be made for characters who are learning a magic from a teacher with an accepted TA. The teacher of this character must vouch on the application.

    2. Unless stated otherwise, a CA requires the creator to vouch on the application.

  3. Lore Applications are unique to one’s character, and do not apply to the entire account of a player.

  4. A character may typically learn a total of 5 magics (also known as “Slots”), unless some magics take more slots than others, or incompatibilities exist in lore. 

  5. Crafting lore items must adhere to existing lore. Magical Artifacts must be created for any magical item that slightly bends currently accepted lore. It must have been created using lore-abiding techniques/magics, though the end result may be different. All crafted lore items require an ST signature (more info here).

  6. By making a lore application (magic/creature/etc.), you are declaring that you are willing to adhere to the lore of what is being applied for, including any PK clauses or other types of clauses dictated in the lore. This overrides the main server rules in regards to the 7 day policy.

  7. If a player is dissatisfied with some aspect of a transformative creature or magic, they may revert their character back to the state they were before being made into the creature/picking up the magic.

    1. The player has a two week period to decide if they want to do this or not, starting from when their application is accepted.

    2. The player will lose any and all information gathered regarding the creature/magic during the two weeks, including its users, should they revert.

    3. Should the player have recorded information prior to reverting or give out information regarding the creature/magic that was previously unknown (e.g. ousting another player’s character as a creature/magic user), they lose the right to revert.

  8. Any venoms/poisons/things of that nature that animals/plants have in real life does not translate into LotC.


Teaching/Spreading CAs

  1. One may not teach any magics without an accepted Teacher Application. This Teacher Application is specific to the character, and do not apply to the entire account of the player.

  2. If you want to spread lore that is locked behind an application, you must adhere to the following:

    1. You must wait until Tier 5 (unless otherwise stated) before posting a Teacher Application + you need your teacher to vouch that you have been taught enough to spread the magic. Logs will also be searched to see if lessons have been taught (this also replaces the former requirement if your teacher no longer plays).

    2. Your character must be capable of spreading the CA if you wish to do so, whether it be advancing to a specific type of creature with the capability of doing so or being taught a ritual to spread it.

  3. A character may only teach up to 4 magics.

  4. A character may only teach 3 students a specific magic at once per TA (e.g. 3 for fire evo, 3 for mental, it doesn’t stack for one magic) and must guide them until all non-ritual lessons of Tier 4 are complete. Valid RP reason must be had for those attempting to drop a student and this must be verified with a Lore Sect member of the Story Team when dropping said student. Once the student is dropped, they approach another teacher, Tier 5 mage, or their original teacher, to complete any Tier 5 learning.

  5. A character may have ‘teach only’ magics, in which they do not practice the magic but they may teach it. These count towards the 4 teaching slots.



  1. The Lorebreaking Protocol can be found here: click me.

    1. The following are the primary examples of what will lead to punishments under the Lore System:

      1. Trolly RP or subpar RP done while utilizing lore elements, such as magic, can lead to having your application revoked. Repeated instances can lead to blacklisting.

      2. Powergaming or RP’ing non-approved lore will result in punishment, ranging from a warning to a blacklist, along with a moderation punishment (e.g. a ban if warranted).

      3. RP’ing things incorrectly due to ignorance or simply not understanding lore will result in a warning and afterwards, result in the application being used to be revoked. If found to be malicious it will fall under “21 b”.

  2. Lore punishments are account-bound, and affect all the player’s characters, including characters on alternate Minecraft accounts. 

  3. Any member of the Story Team may be approached if there is any concern of lorebreaking. Screenshots and other forms of proof are appreciated, but due to log searching capabilities, it is not required. Instead, we need a timeframe for when to search the logs of the person(s) potentially breaking lore.

  4. Should a person be found to be causing issues OOCly within a playerbase or breaking character to disrupt the playerbase in a negative fashion, they are liable to be stripped of any application that pertains to that playerbase and/or booted from the playerbase.

    1. This only applies to RP issues if they are breaking character to cause issues icly due to ooc motivation. If Sally’s character attacks David’s character and the conflict is kept IRP, no one is breaking rules. Conversely, if Bob is found to be breaking character and handing out magic to spite their group then bob would be punished.

    2. Some examples of a person causing issues OOCly within a playerbase are below:

      1. John offers to teach David magic which results in Bob harassing John due to a dislike for David, discouraging John from RP’ing the way he would normally RP.

      2. Bob attempts to disconnect John from his magic with no real RP reason, due to the fact that Bob hates John OOCly.

      3. Bob does an action that goes against his playerbase IRP and then dodges RP via combat logging or other OOC methods in order to avoid RP consequence.

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