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GENERAL: Lore Submission Info Hub

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Lore Submission Info Hub

If you wish to submit lore, please read the following. It will cover what you need to follow and how the lore voting process works. If something here or in the other criteria pages confuses you, please contact a story member or post on our FAQ, found here.


Lore Submission Guides

You can find information on each type of lore submission, along with its required formatting, in the links below. Please note if you do not follow the guidelines and/or formatting, your lore will be denied.


General Threads

The following threads are threads that apply to multiple pieces. 

  • General Lore Guide – This is a link to the first resource that you should read before pursuing specific submission types.
  • Ability Components + Ability Types – These are links to our threads on ability components (what an ability needs to have when designed) and ability types (categories of different ability types). Use these if your lore has some kind of ability (e.g. a technology piece or magic piece should use this).
  • Special Lore Locations/Artifacts  – Use this if your lore has a special location in it (e.g. a ritual room) or if it has artifacts/special items within it.
  • Combat/Summoned Pets & Mounts – Use this if your lore involves pets that can be used in combat, summoned creatures that you can control, or mounts of a combative nature.
  • Guides – This link covers guides, which are required for most playable submissions.


Magic Submissions

If you want to submit a new magic to LotC, you need to read the following:


Race/Creature Submissions

The following submission types are made for racial/creature submissions:


Deity Submissions

The following submission types are made for deific oriented submissions:


World Lore Submissions

The following submission types are made for world lore oriented submissions:


The Lore Process (Regular)

In the spoiler you can find the process for submitting lore and how lore is handled/reviewed.


Submitting Lore - 1

Once you’ve read the submission guide and other necessary resources left above and write up your lore, you will be able to submit it.


Waiting - 2

After you submit your lore, it will be open for people to comment on for a period of time. As this happens, your lore will also be slotted into a queue for the next loremag. The loremag is roughly ~10 pieces of lore that players submitted that some story members will review.


Loremag - 3

Once your piece is selected for the next loremag, it will receive a comment stating such that locks the thread. This prevents edits from being made to the lore mid-vote. If you wish to make changes, you will need to message Story Management and explain the situation.


After the lore is voted on, you will receive a verdict. Your lore will either be accepted or denied. If it is denied, you will receive a list of the issues raised by Story members during the vote on it. 


Acceptance - 4

Once your lore is accepted, it will be looked over to see if a guide is required. If you are submitting a magic, creature, or something else that is playable, you will likely need to write a guide (also covered in the aforementioned lore sub guides). Whether or not you need a guide will be told to you by the person who accepts your lore. You will be given a deadline to create the guide and if you fail to create it by the deadline, your lore will be moved to denied.


Activity Trial - 5

If you submit the guide and it is approved, your lore will then be placed on an activity trial. This lasts for two months and during this time you will be responsible for spreading your lore and building up activity. The Story Team will be on the lookout for potential issues that may arise during your activity trial and will notify you if anything occurs. If things do occur, we will likely need to rebalance sections of your lore that is giving rise to the issues or take a look at how you are teaching the lore. If it seems that your lore has too many issues in the execution phase or you’re incapable of spreading it properly, it will fail the activity trial and be denied.


Implementation - 6

Once your lore has passed the activity trial, it will be fully implemented as part of LotC’s canon. At this point, you will be allowed to write additions to flesh out your lore further. Just bear in mind that you will be required to maintain activity or pass it off to someone else who is capable of doing so. Implemented lore is capable of being shelved if activity dies off.


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