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Fear Not This Night

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Each day, the Tearstone Shard blackened and the nightmares worsened.

After a week, it had blackened completely and she could barely sleep.


The shard’s owner watched the floating shard from where she sat within the clock tower workshop. Her shoulders slumped while her lips formed into a straight line. It was a ghastly sight - completely black and void of all colour, its usual teal and red vanished completely. No light shined from it and those lacking knowledge of the Tearstone Shards could easily proclaim it to be of darkened nature. The calming aura it once radiated had vanished completely. Depressed and sorrowful, much like her.


The Ascended leaned back in her chair and sighed deeply. The nights for her had not been favourable, even when the moon lit up the skies. Only nightmares and terrors greeted her in her sleep, reminders of darker days and deep regrets. Memories flooding back to her, reminding her of crimes of old that she committed. Steven was there to ease her each time she awoke, yet the terrors remained clear in her mind as she leaned against him for comfort. Paranoia followed her wherever she went, unsure who she could trust or would betray her at the last moment. Her skin was pale and ill, while her eye was black and screamed for sleep. It had not been easy on her and she knew why they were reappearing.


The mental protection Aeriel once offered vanished along with their soulfire, no longer preventing them from feeling depression or any mental effects. It was what saved her from her own madness all those years ago, one of the reasons why she became an Ascended. The madness reminded to her it was still there, lingering in her mind but unable to harm her. Yet the protection was gone - vanishing away when they received the Tearstone Shards, and the madness could finally harm her again.


That what led to her harming Mayan. All the restless nights, all the torment and growing anger, all the stress from recent events. It all built up and burst with that one talk with her friend - she barely registered what happened until she found time to calm herself. By then, the damage was done, both physically and mentally. She blamed herself for allowing it to happen, for her to harm one of her own friends. She broke a covenant, allowing for her Tearstone Shard to blacken.  Even though she had apologised, the pain still lingered whenever she saw Mayan. The self-blaming and doubt only grew worse once Rickard found out, furious that she did not utter such to him.


She couldn’t take the Trial when the accident happened, given they had to destroy the one in Sutica due to news of folks aiming to destroy the sanctuary and rob the base. A risk they did not wish to take, given two ordinary people were in the Astral Dream. They couldn’t risk potential harm being brought forth to the two and the sanctuary being abused. Thus she waited, bearing a blackened Tearstone Shard from the eyes of many.


The Ascended closed her eye and sighed. Her waiting was over, however. A new Astral Sanctuary was built and she aimed to undergo the Trial of the Damned tomorrow, the first Ascended to undergo such. She knew what it involved and where she would go, though she couldn’t guess what she will face and do within there. After all, whoever enters the trial walks within the dream projection of the Desert of the Damned for a whole year, with only the corrupted souls to keep them company. Anything could happen, yet Elvira wasn’t afraid of her trial.


She was afraid of being alone with herself in the desert’s night.





The next day, she said her farewells and tended to any errands she had to finish. Paperwork was filed and finished. Each person close to her offered her words of comfort and hugs, wishing her the best and that they’ll see her soon. She managed to smile, her heart feeling better and at ease. They all asked her for the same thing, the one thing she would not do in this trial - don’t fail and let them all down. The Ascended did not intend on failing. Yet as she went about, she began to remember a song she once knew during her youth back in Athera. A song that she thought she had all but forgotten. Her grandfather, Dorian Naromis, sang it to her while she travelled with him throughout the Athera lands.


Fear not this night. You will not go astray.

Though shadows fall still the stars… find their way.

Awaken from a quiet sleep. Hear the whispering of the wind.

Awaken as the silence grows in the solitude of the night.


By the time evening fell, Elvira met with Arik within the Llyria square, in front of the Astaerel clock tower. The other Ascended did not offer any greetings or friendly remarks, only a simple nod of her head.

“It’s time,”

Elvira indicated him to follow and led him to where the Astral Sanctuary was. Her nerves were starting to rise up, her body trembling. She swallowed them down and kept on walking, one foot after the other. The moon above lit the path for them as if Aeriel herself was guiding them to their destination. In her head, she kept repeating the song, which grew louder in her ears. Her own footsteps growing stronger and she lifted her head up with each word.


Sunsets have forsaken all and must open their eyes now.

Nightmares come when shadows grow... Ice glows and heartbeats slow.

Fear not this night. You will not go astray. Though Shadows fall still the stars find their way.

And you can always be strong.

Lift your voice with the first light of dawn.


Once they reached the sanctuary, Elvira entered her armour and strapped her weapons to her - two sabres and a crossbow, with a quiver full of bolts. She told Arik how to initiate the trial and what to expect from an outsider’s point of view. Rickard came and joined them in the sanctuary, offering his own longsword for her to use. Arik did the same by offering his knife. Both of which she accepted with her lips forming a warm smile. A few jokes soared between them here and there, lighting up the moment. She watched them both carefully, wanting to pull them both into a tight hug. Yet she didn’t - they had lingered for too long.


Elvira slid her mask on and pulled her hood up. She paused then she slipped the wedding ring from her finger, placing it upon the runestone necklace Steven gave her. Her heart ached for a moment before she nodded to herself. With such done, the Ascended went to one of the pools and laid down within, allowing the Astra inside to surround her whole form but her head. She left the two her parting message and that she would see them in a year. Then, her head fell under the surface.  The Astra filled up her lungs, but she resisted the urge to break through the surface for aid. Instead, she grasped the runestone and ring close to her chest and closed her eye. She will return with the trial completed, for them and herself. She will not fear this night, and she kept repeating the song over and over in her head as the deep sleep came to claim her.


Dawn is just a heartbeat away. Hope is just a sunrise away.

Distant song of melody scoring through the night to your heart.

Auroras make…


Fear not this night. You will not go astray.


You will not go astray…

Not go astray…




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((Had to include my favourite song from Guild Wars 2. Don’t blame me for it, it’s a good song! But anyway, won’t be playing Elvira for a week due to her taking part in the Trial of the Damned, which Assassinofawsome will be dming for me. If you’re wondering what the Trial of the Damned is - read the lore:

So expect her back on the 25th of May.))

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Terrence paces the streets of Llyria, expression betraying the tension and unease in his body as he waits for the months to pass.

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