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The Fennic Grand Council

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The Fennic Grand Council




Aelthos Tundrak III


Grand Prince

As the Grand Prince, his duty is to lead the Princedom of Fenn as their Leader. He is sworn to maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Wyrvun’fiyem and the worship, discipline and government thereof, as by law established in the Princedom. And to solemnly promise and swear to the people of the Princedom, to lend his hand and generosity at all costs.



Hadolph Tundrak II


Grand Chancellor

The Grand Chancellor is responsible for the Grand Council of Fenn and the Treasury. The Grand Chancellor’s duties are to maintain order within the Council and to make sure that every Councillor are doing their work. The Grand Chancellor is also by default the leader of Fenn when the Grand Prince is not present. Lastly, the Grand Chancellor is also responsible for all trade within the Princedom’s territory.



Alenia Tundrak


Arch Vigilant of the Wyrvun’fiyem

The Arch Vigilant is the head of religion. They are also known to be the real leader of the Temple of Wyrvun, for it is they that own the lands under the control of Wyrvun’fiyem - they are in charge of induction, promotion, and conversion, and run the day of the Temple. They are the only ones qualified to occupy the Wyrvun’fiyem seat on the Grand Council of Fenn.



Aesilnoth Annungilben



The Commander holds their own position within the Grand Council itself and leads the Ivae’fenn. Their duty is to oversee all defenses of the Princedom and maintain internal functions within the Ivae’fenn.




Chrom’ilvya Atmorice



The Diplomat’s duty is to be conducting negotiations between representative nations and to form and maintain international relations with regards to the issue of peace and war, as well as trade and economics. The Diplomat also has the ongoing responsibility of collecting and reporting information that could affect national interests.



Airebys Sylric


Grand Exchequer

The Grand Exchequer is the leader of the Bilok’thuln. The Grand Exchequer is in charge of accepting and promoting members. He also is in charge of resource management, inventory and the distribution center as well as fulfilling any citizen or government requests for materials.



Emeline Tathvir


Grand Steward

The Grand Steward is responsible for all the housing within the Princedom of Fenn.



Hadolph Tundrak II


Grand Treasurer

The Grand Treasurer is responsible for the treasury of the Princedom and for all trade operations within Fenn.




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Council Updates:


Hadolph Tundrak steps down from Grand Chancellor. (1722) -


Arevthor Tathvir is the new Grand Chancellor. (1722) +


Aesilnoth Annungilben is the new Grand Marshal (1724) +

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