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The Fourth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night!

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[!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board

T’a Fourth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night!


~Chatting with a new halfling ‘n Brandybrook!~

Although somewhat delayed, the last Brandybrook Drinking Night was an amazing success that brought loads o’ fun and enjoyment ter our village nay doubt! Thus, we have no reason to not continue with this wonderful tradition! Let’s have another one!


However, ter mix things up this time, we ought to play DARTS and the ancient halfling game o’ SHOGGING as well as just drinking! Nay reason not ter ‘ave a variety of merrymaking!


What: A Drinking Night full of booze and all sorts of fun, with Shogging an’ Darts as well!

When: Close to the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ o’ the next! ((Saturday, 27th of July, 4 PM EST))

Where: In Brandybrook, o’ course! In the Toady Traveler Tavern!


Long Live GLORIOUS THAIN ROLLO APPLEFOOT, Praised be Brandybrook!

-Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook

[!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!



Images from the previous Brandybrook Drinking Nights:


1st Annual Drinking Night: 




2nd Annual Drinking Night (I arrived late to this one):




3rd Annual Drinking Night:




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