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  1. “Oh bright children of the night, I offer my eyes for thee, You blessed silver white, Let the light sweep over me.” Dimaethor Visaj stands within the courtyard of Haelun’or, around him the faces of mali’aheral from innumerable generations. For a brief moment the menacing cloud had diminished, its despotic cold left within past as the sun glistened down upon the eldritch crystal at the centre of the square. The Maheral would tread towards it, his steps lethargic as his expression wears one of apathy, yet the moment in which he speaks would be overcome with vigour and enthusiasm. “Mali’thill of Haelun’or! As I have spoken of prior, it is by the guidance of Larihei that we have came to our prosperous and blessed existence. Our society has been elevated beyond the practices of those lesser, our traditions holding more eloquent meaning and purpose. And even so, we arrive upon a crossroad of boundless paths, each with differing end and inference. It is moments like these, where it is my duty as your Maheral to guide you.” He pauses, looking around at the many faces to which now stand intrigued. His tone shifts upward, becoming spirited and zealous, his feet now pacing rapidly around the central platform. “However, in order to do so I must be capable of perceiving the correct path to take; to use my experience and involvement in allowing us triumph. But as things stand, I cannot do so. I must instead take action where others cannot, for the highest seat of our government remains occupied by a spectre of leadership. This desolation serves only as a beacon of weakness, an invitation for those that oppose us to strike. For how can we truly defend ourselves whilst being unable to settle the affairs of our own people? Hence why I must now act beyond the traditions of the Maheral. Such shall require you, the Mali’thill, to hold any conviction and instead find confidence within my words. Dimaethor would halt within his rampant pacing, looking downward with an almost sorrowful glare. The timbre of his voice becoming solemn, yet determined. “For what I am about to proclaim, many shall utter words of an opportunist, but instead I must repudiate with the understanding that it is only selflessness and compassion which I serve. For I will issue an ordinance that ABOLISHES the Sohaership and current Silver Council within its entirety, reigniting the ancient authority of the Maheral, allowing its sacred duty of guiding our people down the path of purity. This is the only means for me to deliver the promise I chose by taking up this mantle, and I hope you, the Mali’thill, shall stand beside me in returning us to the greatness we have fallen from. I shall now retire to my office, where in the coming nights I shall inaugurate a new council to which will succeed where the others have failed. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya! Upon the final words he would make swift pace further into the city, leaving the many gathered within a state of silence. After a few moments the stillness would fall, a wave of hushed discussions littering the square as the news settles among curious minds. To those not present, including to the favoured allies of Gladewynn, the following missive was sent: ELCIHI, ELMALI’EHYA AETAH’MAHERAL LOCUTIONS WRITTEN INTO THE LEGACY OF OUR PEOPLES ON THE CITY, THE CITIZENRY, AND THE AGE OF MOST REVERED From the beginning of Haelun’or, we have been guided by example. The first Maheral, our haelun, instilled in us the ideals of a perfect society. The second truly taught us the importance of cunning with his enigmatic riddles. The third with laws and books guided us with unmatched wisdom, building a state in which the meritorious became strong. Kalenz reminded us of the need to take care in the upkeep of our blessed society. Iatrilemar’s retirement and the subsequent vacancy brought to attention again the need to keep ourselves untainted. The following Maherals, those whom had declared themselves most pure, allowed their powers to be checked by various weaklings and impures, and, finally, allowed our state to be destroyed by those same ‘ata. A coalition of the pure has decided such a state, one of infidelity, tormented inactivity, and ultimately, of weakness, can no longer stand. In its place will come the furthering of knowledge, the building of an army of the willing and of the healthy, the beginning of our SOVEREIGN necessary diplomacy with other countries, the creation of a city and economy far more grand than the hovels of lesser folk. A state focused on our culture and our ways. A state focused on the pure. So I have spoken - so the founding generations of our people wished of our nation. So the people dreamed in the past, and so I and my compatriots now demand. WITH THIS MISSIVE. I HENCEFORTH ABOLISH THE TITLE OF ‘SOHAER’, TAKING IN HIS STEAD LEADERSHIP OF OUR BLESSED CITIZENRY, AND THE POWER TO DO WHAT WE MUST. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [[Thanks to @Haelunor and @Pandan for writing the post]]
  2. Missives arrive to the Blessed Citizenry of The Silver Enclave of Haelun’or with courier. THE IMPERATIVE OF REPRODUCTION III Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or, Haelun’or and the Mali’thill has risen from an era of decadence, of cultural malnourishment, through the effective practice of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The preservation of Tradition and Silver depend on the active application of the philosophy in all parts of our lives – the progression of sciences and skills – the protection of the Mali’thill and her Motherland. However, it appears to me as if the Blessed Citizenry has been neglecting an essential piece of Larihei’s teachings, which is imperative for both the progression and health of the Mali’thill, namely, reproduction. It has come to my attention that plenty of Mali’aheral disregard their duty of ensuring their offspring, but let it be known; there are no valid excuses for this. Follow the example and recognise the service of great producing mothers like Tuveh Visaj or Raewynn Ilmoriel, and conform accordingly. The Taeluir, the Telperion, the Morvael, the Miravaris – there will be no exceptions made. The Imperative of Reproduction-policy formed by Kalenz Uradir and reinstated under former Okarir’acaln Damasus Visaj will be reinstated in Fi’halen and it is expected of all Mali’thill to adhere to it. As Kalenz Uradir once said, go forth mali’aheral and produce crotch fruit. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya compells us. This missive was issued by, Maheral and proud father Dimaethor Visaj [[Happy Valentine’s Day! Make High Elven children and give more people the chance of playing pure!]]
  3. Aythyinae

    An Indictment For Indolence

    Dimaethor Visaj sweats, reading the missive.
  4. To the Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen missives arrive with courier. PURITY TRIBUNAL: FILANIR ILMORIEL & IHN’SIL AVILUM EMPOWERED BY ANCIENT TRADITION, I DO, AS MAHERAL AND FIRST CITIZEN OF THE BLESSED PEOPLE; SUMMON FILANIR ILMORIEL AND IHN’SIL AVILUM BEFORE THE PURITY TRIBUNAL. With the divided Blessed Citizenry as witness, Filanir Ilmoriel and Ihn’sil Avilum are to be brought before a tribunal in the Enclave’s Citadel, an effort to reunify the Mali’thill and bring proper justice to our peoples. To shield tradition and silver, philistine attitudes and unprincipled peace ought to be fought when they sprout. The Purity Tribunal is our weapon in shining light on the events and indicated impurity which unfolded following the Union of the Ilmoriel. Accusations of Mister Ilmoriel threatening and endangering the Sohaer remain prevalent, whilst the equally serious claims around the aptitude of Ihn’sil Avilum in upholding the mantle of peace continue to threaten his position. The trial of Mister Ilmoriel shall take priority, taking place before the eventual conclusion of events with the judgement of Ihn’sil Avilum. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA! [[THE TRIBUNAL WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SILVER CITADEL MONDAY + TUESDAY (18/19-2). ALL CITIZENS ARE WELCOME AS AUDIENCE.]]
  5. Aythyinae

    February Community Newsletter

    We are allied. Curon is allied with Gladewynn too, no? We have proved ourselves already, we can stand on our own feet with GOOD activity. If we are going to be stuck in the Gladewynn plot for half a year to begin with, we will DEFINITELY lose our unique flair and shine. We have been pushing for a Haelun’or with roleplay to facilitate MORE culture and created concepts made to generate MORE distinction between the High Elves and the rest of the Elves and it has been received incredibly well by our community. If we have abandon this new approach and water down our culture to live with Dark Elves, Wood Elves or basic elves (???) again, all progression will be lost. Gladewynn continues to offer us support and help both OOCly and ICly, and we are happy and appreciate it, but living on their plot is not the way for the High Elves going forward.
  6. Aythyinae

    February Community Newsletter

    I had hoped that this newsletter would have brought some clarity to us, which haven’t been provided by @SeventhCircle and others before, but I have to say, this only causes more reason to worry. How are non-nation communities supposed to compete in 7.0, with the 200x200 pasting of nations in plots with prime positioning and representation everywhere? All while we are expected to now walk around the entire map to grind resources, on top of having to gather 140 000 Minas for the charter and Soulstone. I hope appropriate staff decides to reach out to us and discuss our concerns. I am really really discouraged about the launch of Arcas. I hope the file gets corrupted or something so we can continue roleplaying in Atlas instead of having to grind.
  7. Aythyinae

    Conjurationist Ecosystem Crystal Catalog.

    MC Name: Aythyinae RP Name: Dimaethor Visaj Link to creature lore(Wiki and Creature Index if applicable): Dion'diraar in the Creature Index Screenshot Evidence(Of applying it to crystal and possibly knowledge):
  8. Aythyinae

    Seeking High Elf RPer

    Long live the dear leader and his potent Visaj seed!!
  9. Aythyinae


  10. The gossip of a union between Raewynn Visaj and Filanir Ilmoriel spread from Mali’thill to Mali’thill like fire in the forests of Laurelin. Dozens of enchanted letters, crisp as the day of their writing, fly throughout elcihi to their intended recipients, their sender surely aware of the SPYING DRUIDIC birdfolk that would not hesitate to send such news to their evil masters. The Blessed Citizenry is invited to attend the much-anticipated union of the beloved Miss Raewynn Visaj and Filanir Ilmoriel. To see the great and bountiful gifts Filanir is sure to present to the beautiful Miss Raewynn Visaj’s family, friends, and acquaintances for the opportunity to wed a woman of the great and just Talonnii Visaj, and the numerous feasts, celebrations, and ceremonies he has surely planned for the occasion, we gather in elcihi’s grand Eternal Library, built partially by our majestic Maheral’s own hands, two Elven days from now. Raewynn Visaj’s beloved uncle Maheral Dimaethor Visaj has been appointed speaker of the ceremony, wherein he shall praise his wonderful niece’s purity, and of Filanir as well. Upon the requisite speaker procedures, the Blessed Citizenry are expected to grant adulations to the delightful Raewynn and her newly appointed husband. Following the ceremony, the Blessed Citizenry will proceed to celebrations prepared in the tavern. [[SATURDAY, 4 PM EST / 21:00 GMT +1.]] [[Thanks to @Haelunor for writing this with me.]]
  11. Aythyinae

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    The Maheral popped a big fat grape into his mouth as a courier read him the news out loud. Not a tear was wept for the impures and dark magicians who died that day.
  12. Aythyinae

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Aythyinae Screenshot of the item: https://i.gyazo.com/e57c8f9c4c7695a7d3e9f96f10ab8af7.png How you got it: Wedding gift. Username: Aythyinae Screenshot of the item: https://i.gyazo.com/86111d3a8ff2b6f23288e0448acea6cf.png How you got it: Wedding gift.
  13. The purity trial against the maidmancer Khel’laurir Siil’crux in Haelun’or will be happening 4 hours earlier than planned. 10 AM EST / 16:00 GMT! 

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      What is a maidmancer? Sounds hot

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      New Haelun’or is located on the old Norland islands. We got a road not far from where old Haelun’or was located. @Flamelynx

    4. Flamelynx


      ok thanks, i’ll be there

  14. To the Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen missives arrive with courier. PURITY TRIBUNAL: KHEL’LAURIR SIIL’CRUX EMPOWERED BY ANCIENT TRADITION, I DO, AS MAHERAL AND FIRST CITIZEN OF THE BLESSED PEOPLE; SUMMON KHEL’LAURIR SIIL’CRUX TO THE PURITY TRIBUNAL. With the Blessed Citizenry as witness, Khel’laurir Siil’crux is to be brought before justice in marble Citadel in the heart of the Enclave. To shield tradition and silver, philistine attitudes and unprincipled peace ought to be fought when they sprout. Khel’laurir Siil’crux is accused of having targeted a foreign guest of the Enclave with a most indecent illusion, making the Valah be perceived wearing a maid dress. Khel’laurir Siil’crux will be summoned to answer for the accused violation of following General Laws; Banih | The Physical Fraternization Regulation Vailu | The Common Sense Regulation @Hydra [[THE TRIBUNAL WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SILVER CITADEL SUNDAY AT 10 AM EST / 16:00 GMT. ALL CITIZENS ARE WELCOME AS AUDIENCE.]]
  15. Aythyinae

    Silver into the Seventeen-hundreds

    Dimaethor Visaj choked on his wine at the beauty of the TRUTH expressed in the poetry as Timeo de la Baltas performed it live in the Haelun’or tavern.