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  1. We gave you all a week of time to create your own High Elf for the gathering! 🙂

  2. Aythyinae

    The High Elves Gather

    The missive is spread to the many High Elven refugee camps in Atlas, to the Dominion, and placed on a pole down the path towards the tainted lands which once were Haelunorian. The High Elves Gather Oh, adherents of Larihei, blessed scholars, mages and veteran guards. These dubious times have left us without state and self-respect. The responsibility and duty to carry on the tradition of silver falls upon us, as it did on the successful Mali'aheral visionaries in Asulon. Bond, blood and tradition united us for long, and will so in the future. This open gathering of Mali'aheral serves the purpose of deciding on what conditions we will found our harmonious cohesion, further how silver and sovereignty may last to protect our progressive tradition. The open gathering and discussion will be administrated and opened by Dimaethor Visaj, with all Mali'aheral silver-intentioned be granted time to speak. The physical downfall of Haelun'or is not the ruin of tradition and purity, consequently Elves rejecting tradition will be asked to remove themselves. The High Elves are to convene in the heart of the grand auditorium, located in the ruin of the great ancient Atlasian Elven civilisation, not far beyond the walls of Caras Eldar. A map of Dominion lands are attached to the missive for all to be able to find it. The gathering will take place exactly one Elven week from now. [[18:00 EST Thursday, 18th October]] Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya.
  3. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    Thanks for the great points, Sporadic! The Asulon-'thill are still role models. When we have gotten things settled, I would love to invite Ellir to come host another Elven lesson!
  4. Aythyinae

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Am I maniac to suspect the admins, the former NL and ROs had the event programmed to be a loss for Haelun'or?
  5. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    We have had many discussions internally on the approach going forward. Bringing in more input doesn't make the input given by other community members less worth. Just as the thread show, there are a lot of people who personally dislike Haelun'or and the High Elves for whatever reason they might have, but there is also a lot of support for the culture. I have gotten a lot of great contacts, people who have given advice on maintaining communities, people offering their writing skills and a lot of other players wanting to create High Elves of their own. The general consensus in the High Elven community has been to NOT change our unique culture, but improve and add things to make it even more interesting, and hence that is most likely what the approach will be. I have dreamt wet about a properly seperated and organised greater Elven Federal State, but that time is probably not now. Sorry to disappoint all you Dominionites and 'fenns!
  6. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    I didn't say they were alike at all, just that their purpose was similar. Both serve different niches, but the weight of their lore is the same.
  7. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    Just going off of lore, High Elves and Snow Elves are extremely similar in purpose, don't you think?
  8. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    Thanks for the long response, Narthok. I think you have very well described how I feel as well. After DustyDune left we wanted to address some of those issues too, especially the issue with our settlement. We began working on a rebuild -- an Okarn'thilln 2.0, which would be much better suitable for the size had and culture that we were trying to embrace. Talias had an EXCELLENT build of a centralised small island with a smaller amount of houses. It is true eye candy. When Talias and I lost the election after DustyDune left, Aviers and Countessem had a different vision of the rebuild and we ended up with what we have now. Should you wish so, I would love to share the screenshots of our proposed build in private. I always found hardline purity super fun to RP myself, but it is, like Jaeden pointed out above, it forces characters to exclude themselves from a lot of other RP and a lot of other RP hubs. Athera was great. I truly miss my boy VL and our struggles against the Orenian pigs. Make the helves great again, I agree.
  9. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    I argued the same thing in Axios when we had OOC discussions on reforming the culture. If the idea of purity was softened, or the culture was watered out to attract a larger audience, you lose what was so unique with High Elven RP, and instead I suggested MORE culture and MORE purity. We took many bad decisions with the direction of Haelun'or, I personally see the primary one as how we failed to make High Elven RP offer something unique, even with the good framework there is for it. I don't think High Elven RP or culture warrants a major settlement slot again, but as one of three (four if you want to count the filthy Snow Elves) properly fleshed out Elven cultures, I hope to make sure it doesn't go extinct.
  10. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    I always saw it as if the High Elves should have filled a unique niche of Lord of the Craft RP. The feeling of rationality and an age of reason/enlightenment hasn't properly been conveyed in High Elven RP for long though, so I don't blame you for seeing it like that. MRGH... We all remember that High Elven Summit still. I will add you and we can have a chat.
  11. Aythyinae

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    Haelun’or is in ruin. With almost 6 years of ‘nation status’, the Silver State was one of the most persevering settlements and communities we have had on Lord of the Craft. Haelun’or began as a community project in late Aegis, taking form in early Asulon thanks to intelligent, mature and hard-working High Elves. The lore and culture they created forged an extremely strong foundation for future generations of High Elves to build their version of Haelun’or on. This is a thank you to the High Elven vanguardists creating the lore and building the first Silver City. This is also a thank you to the High Elves who successfully built and kept Haelun’or alive the following 8 (!!!) maps. It is however very obvious that Haelun’or lost its sparkle down the path. Issues with stability and activity has long existed (which is true for all nations and settlements), but it’s downfall has somehow always been able to be saved by nostalgic and passionate High Elves. This time, it didn’t work. There are many threads truly worth giving a read for a feeling of High Elven RP, but no thread more than our beloved (dead) Tradition and Silver thread. Hopefully it will be updated soon (!). Tradition and Silver What happens next? The death of the nation Haelun’or is a fact. We have lost nation status and our plot. For many High Elves, this was for the better. Like I said above, Haelun’or had for long lost its sparkle and a proper restart would perhaps be beneficial. I personally think the pugsy-ing of the nation was a bit too far, but being put in this situation forces us to re-think, re-structure and improve some inefficient parts of the settlement. Haelun'or is gone, but High Elven RP is not. Before anything else is announced or started, we have some thinking to do. Many of you have certainly come into contact with High Elven RP and from you, I ask for genuine feedback on what we have had going. We have had many discussions internally, but I think we need additional inputs from other sources. I welcome responses on the thread, but also discussion and inputs over Discord (Ankan#7215). How can High Elven RP be made more interesting and unique, while still not having too high of a threshold for new players to engage in it? How do you think High Elven RP should be structured in the future? Guild? Freebuild settlement? Part of another nation? Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.
  12. Aythyinae

    A Missive to the Haelunorian refugees, circa 1684

    oh wait it's irrelevant now when nation was killed off :^)
  13. Aythyinae

    A Missive to the Haelunorian refugees, circa 1684

    can we just agree to write haelunorian and not haelun'orian?
  14. Aythyinae

    A Missive to the Haelun'orian Refugees, 1684

    Dimaethor Visaj sighed loudly, a visible feeling of disgust showering over him as he noticed that his white boots had gotten dirty again. He had been in Nordengrad for a time, only leaving to see Haelun'or for important matters. While their shelter in Nordengrad was decent, Dimaethor had never learn to read, sleep and eat here. The stench of human excrement burned in his throat. He would not be able to endure this torture much longer... perhaps is that the reason why Dimaethor's pale face regained colour after receiving word of the Mali'fenn missive. He reached for his fine white handkerchief before opening the door, making sure not to catch the 'Valah'-cooties. He muttered to himself while looking through his coffers for some document. "The future must be Elven -- oh most certainly. Yet, 'fenn..? The 'thill youth are liberal enough as it is.." We will endure."
  15. Aythyinae

    The Tarnishes To Be Purged

    Dimaethor Visaj stumble forth through the pitch-black capital of the High Elves, careful not to trip and dive into the liquid mana river cutting through city. He whispers to himself, reading the notice in the light of a small candle burning by the board. They stole the lights? That explains the darkness...