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  1. The cold evening sun was setting in far-west, blessing the crowns of trees and towers for the last time as a horse-drawn carriage rolled down the well-beaten path between Okarn’thilln and the Whispering Crossroads. The white stallion sighed, for he had soon managed the journey. Comfortably napping between crates, attaché cases and empty bottles of wine was a Mali’aheral. Light blonde hair and the accompanying clear blue eyes made his bloodline seem obvious to the scholar; another Visaj had reached Haelun’or. The stallion suddenly halted. They had reached their final destination. The pause of the nursing rocking the moving carriage had offered the Elf disturbed his sleep and he soon woke up. Dimaethor Visaj had slept off some light intoxication; the bottle of wine he had opened as he left his Visaj residence had been too magnificent to have be exposed to the air polluted by the lesser settlements he passed on his way, and by consequence had to be finished. Dimaethor Visaj took shelter from the declining temperatures in a thick coat. Before entering the city, he made certain to prepare a bucket of fine hay for the stallion. Dimaethor was of the opinion that he couldn't just let his horse eat of grass anywhere. What did he know? Perhaps had a Halfling walked over it with their dirty hairy feet? He didn't even want to think about all that could have possibly happened; therefore had picked up the habit of bringing his own food to his travel companion. The Visajs had returned.
  2. Aythyinae

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Konungariket Sverige On a staircase leading up to Castle Tre Kronor in the heart of Stockholm, thousands of royalists had gathered. Under the watch of Swedish flags flying on half-mast, the men held their hats to their chests. In a mystic unison, the crowd broke out into song. Following the verse, King Gustaf V Adolf ascended upon the balcony of the castle. The royalists applaude and from different parts of the crowd occasional "Long live the King!"-chants could be heard. King Gustaf V Adolf raised his hands, calling for his people's attention. Silence quickly conquered the gathered Swedes. From the depth of Swedish hearts erupt a well concerted and powerful nation once more. From Österland, to Uppland into the wide forests of Småland, this spirit lives. Yet has the evil hordes of the east threatening our sovereign nordic state not been defeated; Honour to the volunteers who have come from the land and sea in the far west to our aid. They left home and motherland to sacrifice their lives here on Swedish soil, and for this we wish to express our warmest thanks in the name of the army and the Swedish people. We greet you, Norwegian brothers, who we have shared the honour of many victories with in the past; Today and for a long and prosperous future, we stand together in face of this threat. Gud bevare Norge! Gud bevare Sverige! Gud bevare Kalmar Unionen! The Swedish Armed Forces King Gustaf VI Adolf speaking to a crowd in Åbo, Österland. The King travels with a division to Åbo, the region capital of Österland, with the purpose of rooting out communist refugees. With his charismatic presence, he hopes to make the move a less unpopular one. The presence of more troops in Österland seems to have more reason than merely the extermination of communists; the strengthening of the presence on the eastern border. Both in an effort to keep russian immigrants out, and in an effort of making the defence more effective, should new fascist Russia move into Swedish soil. New fortifications are built on the border. While all young men in Sweden are conscribed into the army, few remained part of the active Swedish Armed Force. A campaign to recruit soldiers is launched. Well embedded into the King's many speeches are promises of successful careers for the men who stay after their service. The focus on the military and security of the nation is clear; Sweden is rebuilding it's long weakened military. New divisions, armoured and common infantry, are to be created. Industry and infrastructure Railway station in southern Sweden. The northern part of the proposed railway. The war-torn Sweden was in depression; but the people and it's leaders remained conscious. In an effort to strengthen Swedish industry, especially wood and mining, a new railway is proposed. It will modernise the already existing connections between Stockholm and the iron mines in the far north. Norway is asked to assist in the construction and in return the Norwegian harbor Narvik will be connected to the network as well. Research AB Landsverk's factory in Örnsköldsvik, Norrland. As it's partner in the west, Sweden also invests in the research of armoured cars and tanks. The heavy industry AB Landsverk had previously built agricultural machinery, but as it was on the verge of bankruptcy, the Swedish Crown confiscated the company and reformed it into a military industry. The construction of two new factories, one in Österland and one in Småland is in the work. The first light tank is to be named Stridsvagn Gustaf, after the King and his father. Foreign Policy Swedish diplomat engaged in discussions with foreign powers. The Swedish claims on Västra Götaland were no secret. The city of Gothenburg had always been assumed to be Swedish by the Crown and while the groundwork for the Kalmar Union were laid down, Swedish diplomats pushed for it's transfer into Swedish hands once more. Local personalities loyal to the Swedish crown are invited to the Swedish court in Stockholm for a meeting with the king himself. It is obvious that the dispute will not be put to rest for long, even by the creation of the Union. The Swedish Crown summons Norwegian diplomats, or King Haakon himself, to Castle Tre Kronor on these premises. The Swedish Crown sends word to the newly formed Russian regime; wishing to establish good relations. No concrete pact is proposed. - Sweden and Norway enter union; The Kalmar Union. [Norway] - New fortifications are built on the Russian border. [MOD] - A campaign for the recruitment of armoured and common infantry divisions has begin. [MOD] - The construction of a new railway connecting the great mines in the north with the rest of the network, built in cooperation with Norway, has begun. [Norway] [MOD] - AB Landsverk is confiscated and work on new armoured cars and light tanks begin. [MOD] - AB Landsverk builds two new factories. [MOD] - Sweden summon Norwegian representatives to Castle Tre Kronor to resolve their border dispute. [Norway] - Sweden sends diplomats to Russia in an effort to establish good relations. [Russia] Gud bevare Sverige!
  3. Aythyinae

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Sweden Discord: Ankan#7215
  4. Who could have guessed that a thread would spiral off-topic when two out of four paragraphs in the initial post was off-topic? Bad thread for discussion. I hope someone else can manage to facilitate such discussion more objectively instead (admin team??).

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      You write a lot, but say very little.

  5. I very much agree. Let's hope that there is discussion in this thread going forward, rather than.. pee pee sucking.
  6. I don't necessarily consider his poor attitude harrassment, but it's extremely unsuitable for a RP server like LOTC is meant to be. When I am teaching two completely new players (less than 2 weeks both) the ropes of the server and RP in generally, it did NOT help to have iMattyz show up and start OOC bickering about who had defender default (or whatever I don't really do guard RP), and after GM verdict refusing to resume the RP. It of course led to one of his bans. That is not how new players should be introduced to the server. This thread has spiralled into a thread for people to praise iMattyz as some saint. He isn't. I am all for giving people the chance of reforming and changing their behavior, but only to a certain limit. I am however not as competent as our beloved staff members in deciding who is unreformable toxic and who isn't.
  7. Now, we can criticise the admins and staff all we want, but that just isn't true.
  8. I can't be the only one who thinks the cleansing of toxic people is good. Not saying that this GM team is capable of judging who is toxic and who isn't though.

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    2. Aythyinae


      I don't question that they became more effective and efficient. I question the consistency with the new definitions of the rules that you introduced. Perhaps that is the mere failure of the forum moderators you had in your team, rather than your way to direct them. You know very well what I mean. While I am sure that your way function too, I had extremely successful attempts at my strategy of very detailed rules in my moderation work on larger forums.

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      @Dewper They are ******* fragile snowflakes who think they know everything. They're so scared of confrontation that they hide like lil ******* whenever anyone calls them out or disagrees with them. They have no backbone. They sit around like little rats in their clique. They ridicule player concerns in their private discord like fragile little sheep. They water at the mouth at the thought of protecting their queens (Female GMs). What an absolute **** show. Although I disagree with some admin decisions, at least I can talk to them without feeling like I'm offending a 5 year old child.

      There I added more swearing than you used. Let's see if I get banned. 

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      ur amazing @dsdevil


      (Ur not wrong tho either lmfao)

  9. Aythyinae

    par'elker div'eth

    In the heart of the Mali'aheral birch plantation on the western side of the crevice, three large crates have been placed. Covered in thick and expensive animal fur, ranging from large wolf pelts to hides from some animal from the deer family. Additionally found on, between and underneath the fur is fine porcelain, jewelry and a couple of mirrors made of seemingly expensive metals. All in all, these items reach the worth of about 8000 Minaan. Beneath the wolf pelt covering the smallest crate of the three, there is a sealed letter to be found. It's marked with a familiar seal; The Visaj Harp. ikur llum'ehya oem feta karin'eth dont nor'leh par'elker div'eth lye'leh andria igne'ehya lomi'an Yet lives the hope for a prosperous and strong civilisation along the teachings of the enlightened Larihei; The blessed citizenry put trust in it's Heial'thilln, yet it has disappointed in it's ability to unite and mobilise the blessed competent and hard working kin it serves. Arelion Laurir'ante, Vanya Damaer, Elrith and Dragaar Aldiraar are given a sphere of gold each. Cursed are they for this treachery. In light and memory of the recent deaths of Odessa and Damasus Visaj, the Visaj Talonnii donates part of it's vast wealth to make up for the Silver Council's failure. May our Silver City finally be finished -- and the Motherland be restored. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya Patriarch of the Visaj Talonnii D. Visaj [[The crates contain a full double-chest of cobblestone, a full double-chest of birch logs and 21 stacks of coal. Apart from the crates, 8000 Minaan will be donated to Vanya, Arelion or Kulin'oem (your choice).]]
  10. Aythyinae

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Konungariket Sverige The Kingdom of Sweden Åland. The Swedish island; yet politically Finnish territory. The response of it's Nordic neighbours did not discourage King Oscar III and he launched a large-scale propaganda campaign in Finland and Estonia, especially targeting the large minority of Swedish speaking Finns on the west-coast. The propaganda, aiming at seeping into the Finnish and Estonian political debate and media, intends to turn the public opinion on Sweden -- but especially King Oscar III personally. At the same time, talk of assisting and protecting 'our brothers and sisters in the east' seemed ever more popular amongst Swedish representatives and politicians, many looking towards Swedish-dominated areas in Finland. The island of Åland being one of them, where Swedish had remained a large majority. King Oscar III makes very clear that there will be no military intervention on it's allies in the Baltic Sea. "Our military presence is to benefit us all; for the protection, security and sovereignty of the North." - King Oscar III in a statement, adressing the neighbours' concerns. Crew of Swedish rescue operation. While the Kingdom of Sweden never officially denounce the anarchist revolution in Spain, the Swedish Armed Forces perform a rescue operation in order to try and save the Spanish king/queen and close relatives. Presumingly operating from a submarine close off the coast of Iberia, the details remains unclear. All relatives of the Spanish monarch are offered Swedish asylum. Word is sent to Germany, wishing to reestablish a good relationship. A non-aggression pact is offered, and a date for a joint military exercise later that year is suggested. In a gesture of good will, King Oscar III promises to cut the price of Köttbullar by half in every German IKEA.
  11. Aythyinae

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Konungariket Sverige The Kingdom of Sweden In the Kingdom reigned the welfare-state once again. Heavy nationalisation of industry and institutions had been backed by King Oscar III since his ascension and the Monarch's and The Social Democratic Party joint scheme had been a wide success. The increased quality of life for Sweden's working class, and the stability of the Kingdom made Sweden a role model for it's neighbours. A role model; but also an appealing country for immigrants in northern Europe, seeking a better life. Norwegians and Finns in tens of thousands apply for citizenship and Sweden welcome them. To meet this demand; modern apartments for thousands are built in the greater suburbs of Stockholm and Göteborg; the largest building-project since the 1970s. Countries invited to talks by King Oscar III. Left out from the talks between the United Kingdom, France and Germany, King Oscar III look to his fenno-scandinavian neighbours [Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland], as well as the former swedish state of Estonia for cooperation -- may it be economic, social or military cooperation. Sweden's historically closest neighbours and friends; Finland and Norway, are additionally called upon to enter first talks regarding a nordic union. "The strengthening of the North is imperative to meet the rising threats in Europe. We must stand united and find common ground in our roots." - King Oscar III in a public statement. Battery on Gotland prior to renovation. The Swedish Armed Forces' presence in the Baltic Sea had been on the rise ever since King Oscar III rose to power. The insecurity from where Russia and Germany would position itself after their respective power transitions gave reason for concern. The largest island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland, had been militarised with a wide network of batteries and airfields. Sweden had reinstated the long-standing policies of the Total-defence and made investments in the advancement of swedish weaponry. The producer of swedish trucks and airplanes, SAAB, has had great break-throughs after their nationalisation, and have begun the work on their new SAAB 66 Spiran. The first Swedish-produced stealth-aircraft. Sweden is to become costly to attack -- impossible to occupy. For King and Country!
  12. Aythyinae

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Application Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): Konungariket Sverige The Kingdom of Sweden Leader Name: King Oscar III Background, ensure it fits with game Background: While Sweden had long faced issues, the downfall of the European Union shook Sweden to it's core. The Riksdag, Sweden's parliament; had failed it's main objective in representing her people. It had lost it's trust and never before has there been more contempt for politicians. The rich had increased their wealth and the welfare-state had been destroyed; sold off to foreign companies. King Carl XVI Gustaf's long-awaited death added more salt to the injury; Sweden was badly bleeding. Queen Victoria and her first-born daughter; Estelle, both refused their duties and Sweden was left with a regency council, representing young prince Oscar. King Oscar III, merely 17 years old, rose to his task and obligation as monarch short after the demise of the European Union, 2033. He called upon Livgardet [The Life Guards], the regiment located at his castle in the heat of Stockholm. By his command, the regiment walked upon the parliament; "To heal what has been torn apart, and to build something that may not." The absolute Monarchy had been restored. In his name, the Socialdemocrats, who had long built the Swedish welfare-state during the 20th Century, were allowed to form government under his tight surveillance. King Oscar III and the new prime minister: Gabriel Sparre, began the restoration and renovation of the public services long provided to the citizenry. Pharmacies, schools and hospitals who had all been sold to companies were nationalised once more. Folkhemmet [The home of the people], the welfare-state had been restored. Do you Praise Pok: Yes.
  13. Aythyinae

    eltaelulin'Mali - The Elven Academy

    Eledar Haler'thilln removes the vandalised flyers and replace them with new, clean notices. He mutters under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief. "The academy in Holm doesn't teach Elven. This one must be horribly confused." Eledar sighs, returning to his humble residence. "I truly miss the days with proper gate policy. The lessers, with their arrogant ignorance, are a plague on Haelun'or."
  14. Notices are spread around the provisional city center of Okarn'thilln. Eltaelulin'Mali The Elven Academy - ☾☼☽ - "elkarinah'thilln - The Silver Sunrise" Haler'thilln, Eledar. 1660, Okarn'thilln. ay'elthill ceru'ehya lye'leh maparonn sanan maehr'ehya For the purity and strength of our ancient language and wisdom. - ☾☼☽ - In the pursuit and struggle to protect her traditions, the Mali'thill establish Eltaelulin'Mali. By Mali'thill of notable heritage or experience; the ancient culture, language and philosophy is brought on to the next generation. Education is preservation, protection and strengthening. Nae, Malii'thilln, young or newly reunited with your people, seek guidance in Eltaelulin'Mali. Study Elven and be part of the resistance against the degeneration of Mali culture. CURRENT SCHEDULE: - An introduction to Elven - taught by Eledar Haler'thilln, The Silver Sun Tavern [[Thursday (31st of May) 21:00 CET / 4:00 PM EST]] - 'Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya' - taught by Eledar Haler'thilln, Mali'thill Coral Peak Outpost [[Saturday (2nd of June) 23:00 CET / 6:00 PM EST]] Give word to Director Eledar Haler'thilln [[Aythyinae]] by bird or mail for private lessons, should the times for the public lessons below not suit you. More public lessons are to be announced soon. ay'elthill ceru'ehya lye'leh maparonn sanan maehr'ehya Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya 14th of The Deep Cold, 1665. Eledar Haler'thilln
  15. Aythyinae

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    A small group of clear white sanderlings ascend to the sky from a small outpost on the gloomy shoreline of the Coral Peak. Upon their ascent, the creatures are met with wet rough wind. The group purely survived through experienced gliding and taught resilience, soon finding calmer winds at sea. The birds soon arrive to the captains of the Naval Guild, two sanderlings of the group carrying addressed letters. To Vahryu Daluon -- To Julia Abernathy Name: Eledar Haler'thilln Age: 347 Race: Mali'thill Hometown: The Silver City of Asulon, most recently Okarn'thilln. Possible Goals to achieve: I hold research and exploration very dearly. It is imperative for the progression and survival of the Descendants to learn all there is about their land. Wanted Role/Job: Sailor. I hunt, fish and cook if necessary. I currently reside at a Mali'thill outpost along the western coastline of the Coral Peak. You can reach me with bird, should the weather allow it.