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  1. To the Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen missives arrive with courier.  MISSIVE OF THE MAHERAL: ON VIOLENCE, EXECUTIONS AND WAR The Mali’thill stance on Violence, Executions and War has previously changed with the seasons, a seemingly eternal cycle between purity crusades and absolute pacifism. For it’s negative or positive value and importance for the longevity of our people, Violence, Executions and War have since our birth caused great division. One Mali’thill claims all violence is impure, for the nature of it ruin, rather than progress. Another Mali’thill claims the opposite, for it intends to protect and advance our kind. This discourse makes it worth entertaining a discussion on the topic. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya however leaves little up for debate. If an action has the outcome of benefitting the Mali’thill – progress or health – the action is pure. If an action has the outcome of harming the Mali’thill – progress or health – the action is impure. Ever more commonly towards her end, The Silver State of Haelun’or disregarded the importance of assessing decisions and situations by this principle, blinded and dumbfounded by their delusional ambition to rule over others. I forbid and I will combat any indication of a Mali’thill aspiring to use maehr’sae hiylun’ehya to justify the sacrifice of blood to satisfy their own appetite for control. Violence, Executions and War is only justified if the Mali’thill can establish grounds on which the outcome of the execution or battle will benefit the Mali’thill beyond a reasonable doubt. Executing or harming a Mali’ata, a rude Valah or an Uruk Rex is impure, for it is likely that the Mali’thill will be harmed or halted in return. The discussion to establish a justification for war ought to involve the entire Silver Council and the Maheral based on the principle described above. I expect full cooperation from the Silver Council in the installation of this standard. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA The missive was issued by, Maheral Dimaethor Visaj
  2. Aythyinae

    The Governing Body of the Enclave

    “maehr’sae hiylun’ehya” Dimaethor Visaj said, reading the missive in his office, pondering on the meaning of Tarlach’s nickname.
  3. Dimaethor Visaj rose to the make-do podium in the square, addressing the Mali’thill gathered. A response in this trivial discourse has been requested of me. I hesitated, as it is not my place. But it seems as if my entanglement in this debate - sullied by all it’s dishonesty - cannot be avoided. Therefore; Mister Sullas, I called for the first gathering of Mali’thill following the fall of Haelun’or. The Mali’thill reunited. I called for the founding of our Enclave, granting the Mali’thill home anew. The Mali’thill rejoiced. I called for a return to an epoch of proper Silver and Tradition. The Mali’thill restored it. The politicization of the Maheralship and Mister Laurir’ante’s frivolous attempts of referring to tradition will fail. I rose to the Maheralship by natural succession, as Dio Astòre when the Mali'thill revived Elcihi'thilln in Asulon. I am Maheral and will remain such until a new Mali'thill eventually and naturally ascends to the responsibility. It is clear that mister Laurir’ante argues his case against The Silver Enclave and myself with speech drenched in bitterness. Just as the pure shame the impure and the mighty shame the weak, the successful shame the failed. Sohaer Laureh’onn and I have done what the Laurir’antean failed to; the Mali'thill and our state is of good health and progressing. I ask mister Sullas to withdraw his judgment, but I pledge to my people to continue our work regardless. No work will be undone with the resolution of this debate. We march onwards. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya
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  5. Dimaethor Visaj addressed the Elves gathered at the square, a faint reassuring smile on his face. “The march goes onwards, lliran. Haelun’or fell under the Fallen Council’s guidance and leadership. The Blessed Citizenry of The Silver Enclave carry the torch of Larihei now.”
  6. Aythyinae

    [Denied][I] Auriel_'s Game Moderator Application

    Your baseless accusation against my person left a bad taste in my mouth. I would have hoped that you would have responded to my message and explain what you meant. It feels out of place for a GM to act with said manner. I would happily be proven wrong. -1

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      @Lirrosay that one more time and I’m rigging the election against you

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  8. Aythyinae

    The Bloodline Archives

    Visaj “High standards lead to Purity.” Family Tree: Traits: Physical appearance: Personality/Beliefs: Etymology: [[ If you wish to join the family PM me. please come back @VL ]]
  9. We haven’t spoken much. I wrote you on Discord and we can clear out this misconception.
  10. Aythyinae

    The Madman atop the Peak (A poem)

    Dimaethor Visaj shook his head, a frown decorating his pale face, the poem giving him dear memories of his deceased relative. “We ought not to forget the heroic nature in dear Damasus’ action. Silver and Sovereignty must be kept intact – anything else would be an insult to his legacy.”
  11. IGN(s): Aythyinae Age 20+ Timezone GMT+1 Discord: Ankan#7215 What map did you join during?: Athera Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Depends on my work, but 4-5 hours daily in average is realistic. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I long moderated /r/SummonerSchool, a large subreddit (80k members at the time, 160k now) for League of Legends players wanting to learn or improve at their game. While most of the work were moderation of the actual subreddit, there was an active Discord community and in-game chat-rooms which fell under our responsibility as well. I was truly the workhorse of the moderation team, not uncommonly pulling off 20-40% of the moderation actions in our team of 10-15 members. Apart from enforcing the rules, we created new ones and constantly further developed or defined already standing rules. I am open and able to grant more examples of my IRL experience and history of moderating communities if so requested. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I am convinced that I have the skillset and experience that is needed to strengthen the standing GM Team. I consider myself as someone who has both feet on the ground and a genuine interest in supporting and assisting the community. With being accepted into the GM Team, I will be able to spend more of my productive hours on Lord of the Craft into healthy projects to protect and grow our community further. I believe some more German work ethic and effectiveness will do the server great things. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: N/A
  12. Dimaethor Visaj stirred his ice tea with a silver spoon, reading the thesis with an troubled expression on his face. “How far has the once so loyal adherents of Larihei fallen? Larihei guided them to their blessing -- This Aengul merely brought their curse upon them. May the Mali’fenn rid themselves of this sickness of their spirits and return to the path of Tradition and Silver.”
  13. Aythyinae

    A legitimate successor

    Missives were sent out to the Blessed Citizenry of The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen. MISSIVE OF THE MAHERAL: THE NEW PROMISE The meaningless catch words and slogans -- the advocacy of 'new purity’ by impure leeches. The slaughter of intellect in the intellectuals, the failure of the progressive to progress and the inability of the conservative to conserve. All these things indicated something more than some mental and, or, physical impurity; they indicated a widespread collective psychosis pestering the Haelun’or nation as a whole. It was the spirits’ sickness and the trumpet call for the dark. Never again shall this sickness taint the land of silver. In the Silver Enclave of Fi’halen we must never tire in our opposition. We people of celebrated seed may never depart from our pursuit of wisdom and preservation of our health in favour of bread and games again. The days of taking our superiority for granted has past -- the work to cement our place must never cease. We storm determined into the future, for rewarding is the path we follow, and we must continue for eternity. An age of silver is indeed dawning upon us. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA The missive was issued by Maheral Dimaethor Visaj
  14. Aythyinae

    Purity Regulations - Wave 1 Debates

    The recently ascended Maheral tapped a dry quill against the parchment he had been delivered by one of his Tilruiran. After a swift scan of its content, he sent the Tilruir off with a copy of the old Haelunorian Silver Law to Mister Pern’sew, a small note attached to the documents. Delos Pern’sew – The regulations shall be passed, I expect no less. Any and all dissident or opposing Mali shall be called to me. I will hear your suggestion for ‘Purity Trials’ with curiousity. Maheral Dimaethor Visaj