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  1. Aythyinae


    The Maheral of Haelun’or and High Silver Prince of Malinor wrote to Aegrothond and Vira’ker after he caught word of the news himself. “Let order and prosperity come to the Elves, as it has come to Mankind through the unity and stability of the Empire. We ask you, fellow ‘ame and ‘ker cousins, to lay down arms and agree to the terms demanded.”
  2. Aythyinae

    The Day Alderyn Burned

    “They didn’t even last an Elven day before declaring their surrender. .” The High Prince of Malinor replied after seeing the news.
  3. Aythyinae


    Maheral Dimaethor Visaj signs.
  4. Aythyinae


    “It is almost as if they didn’t think becoming a Fennic puppet would have consequences.” Dimaethor Visaj responds, uncorking a bottle of Sun-Raised Uradir Wine to share with the great company.
  5. Aythyinae


    “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.” The High Prince of Malinor stated in response to the news.
  6. The High Prince of Malinor watches the fire with the tax-slips pleased.
  7. Make me a sandwich

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    Very hurtful comments friend..
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      well what were u guys expecting tbh

  13. Aythyinae

    The Reclamation of Ancient Tradition; Reclamation of Malinor

    “Hail friends of Haelun’or.” The new High Prince said.
  14. EMPOWERED BY ANCIENT TRADITION, I, MAHERAL DIMAETHOR VISAJ, 12TH MAHERAL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR BY ANCIENT AND 27TH BY EXTENDED SUCCESSION, HAVE FOUND THE WAYS OF OUR LESSER COUSINS LACKING. LONG HAVE THE RELATIONS BETWEEN THE MALIATA’FENN AND BLESSED MALI’THILL OF HAELUN’OR BEEN SOURED; SUCH AN ACTION ON THEIR PART COULD ONLY BE EXPECTED. They are little more than dogs on the tundra, scraping out a meagre existence among frozen plains, birthing in droves and constantly scheming for greater influence. For a civilization that has survived like a roach countless purges, they are resilient in their ever-present need for validation. THE SOOT ELVES, WITH THEIR BLACKENED AND BLOODIED EYES, LACK IN ALL BUT ANIMALISTIC URGE. We understand their unending weakness, their inability to think for themselves, to be ruled by their own. We understand even that they would wish to call their ruler High Prince with no basis, no claim to Malinor, no history, no tradition. It is the way of barbarians and filth, and they are both. They are, in fact, only included on this list because a signature of one of their peoples made its way onto the document - we had been under the assumption that they had been ruled by Aegrothond, like they had been ruled by impures and dirt elves for the past three centuries. AEGROTHOND, A LAND OF PARANOIA CHALLENGING THAT OF EVEN OUR OWN CIHI. What do the impures, the refuse of society, have to fear other than their own misgivings? Do they believe, perhaps, that we will come attack them in the night, whisk away their Mali’aheral to be reeducated? Any High Elves they have were cast out by us, after we found them so far removed from intelligent thought that they were unsalvageable. They, too, we expected to commit to this grand event, to solidifying their vassalage underneath the boot of the ‘Grand Prince’. That they were able to sign, actually, shows great progress on their part - we thought they were leaderless, that their prince and princess had left for foreign lands, or had retired into seclusion. Congratulations, akal-lovers - you have impressed me for the first and last time. OF THE FOUR SIGNATORIES, THE ONLY ONE THAT CONTINUES TO BAFFLE ME IS ALDERYN. What went through the mind of their new prince, to sign a pact with their greatest rivals, with those that sap constantly their population to build their own? For every Mali’ame in Aegrothond, after all, there is one less in Alderyn. Perhaps they care no longer - perhaps they believe themselves dead to rights, and simply wish to cause dissonance. When the staunchest of allies betrays at a moment’s notice to side with their own enemies, we can only question their sanity, just as we could only question the sanity of Old Malinor. The fact that this union is not called the Fennic Empire, actually, confuses me. You have all the pieces in play, Tundrak - degeneracy, obfuscated leadership, weak, pliable vassals - you have achieved your dream. You know that the Motherland, after all, would never accept you, never welcome you back, never for a second consider aligning itself with you, and so you must convince yourself that we do not exist to create a union of Elves. We, then, shall also pretend your little union does not exist. AS SUCH, I HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE REFORMATION OF THE HIGH PRINCEDOM OF MALINOR IN LIEU OF THE NON-EXISTENCE OF OTHER ELVEN NATIONS. I DECLARE MYSELF HIGH PRINCE OF MALIN’S KINGDOM, AND EACH OF MY COUNCILLORS, THEIR MEDI’IR, AND THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS PRINCES AND PRINCESSES. I declare the pure bloodlines of centuries past, too, Princely Talonnii, that each member of every puerithn Talonnii’thilln is a Prince as well. Each of the currently serving Mali’thill on elheial’thilln shall furthermore receive the title of Royarch of a past capital of Malinor, and each of the Medi’iran shall receive the title Master or Lady of the city associated with their officer. In fact, whilst I am at it, I furthermore declare every royal of the Empire of Man a Prince or Princess of Malinor - they, after all, are far more deserving of the title Prince than the shortsighted vagabonds of the ‘Elven Union’. All Princes of Malinor are to, in writing, append the following title to their signatures. Any that are Princes or Princesses of Malinor but not on this list are to append “..., [Race if not Elven] Prince/Princess of Malinor” to their signature. INAUGURAL PRINCES OF THE REBORN HIGH PRINCEDOM OF MALINOR Dimaethor Visaj, High Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Laurelin Ardryll Morvael, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Elandriel Delos Telperion, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Normandor Erebus Tartarus, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Luminaire Nerithil Valarieth, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Sanctuary Darcassan Auceps, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Zion Alyrion Laureh’onn, Prince of Malinor, Master of Zion Nuala Dorberos, Soon-to-be High Princess of Malinor Uppori Haviryn, Princess of Malinor, Lady of Normandor Aurayin Telperion, Princess of Malinor Raewynn Visaj, Princess of Malinor Larihei, Eternal Princess of Malinor Kalenz Uradir, Eternal Prince of Malinor Native, Prince of Malinor Lucion Sullas, Prince of Malinor Dio Astore, Prince of Malinor Iatrilemar Elervathar, Prince of Malinor Lelien Lazul, Princess of Malinor Andria Fi’talareh, Princess of Malinor Delonna Aeleyelsa, Princess of Malinor Avern’dionne Adriane, Princess of Malinor Iaria Elervathar, Princess of Malinor Cenwall Maeyr’onn, Prince of Malinor Athedil Haler’thilln, Prince of Malinor Elrion Visaj, Prince of Malinor Antonius I Horen, First Human Prince of Malinor Antonius II Horen, Second Human Prince of Malinor Persus Horen, Third Human Prince of Malinor Amelia Philippa Horen, First Human Princess of Malinor Maria Viktoria Horen, Second Human Princess of Malinor Marton Horen, Fourth Human Prince of Malinor Alexander Horen, Sixth Human Prince of Malinor Charles Horen, Seventh Human Prince of Malinor Hadrian Leviticus Horen, Eighth Human Prince of Malinor Magdalena Horen, Third Human Princess of Malinor Vespira Horen, Fourth Human Princess of Malinor Octavia Horen, Fifth Human Princess of Malinor Theodosia Horen, Sixth Human Princess of Malinor Marius Barbanov, Ninth Human Prince of Malinor Jarrack Devereux, Tenth Human Prince of Malinor Abdullah Kharadeen, Eleventh Human Prince of Malinor Konstantin Ruthern, Twelfth Human Prince of Malinor Omar Grimmer’Lak, First Uruk Prince of Malinor