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The Knoxist Reformation!

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[!] A Knoxist propaganda leaflet is spread through the wind.

The Knoxist Reformation!



"Blessed be Knoxism, the faith of the Halflings!

Ever since it's true return by the prophet Daisy Applefoot, Knoxism as flourished through the Halfling community,

and thus the Halfling community has thrived, even entering a Golden Age in it's history.

However, Knoxism has lost it's tenants, and it's prophet.

Knox has annointed High Pumplar Bucca, first of his name, to bring the Halflings together so they may reform the religion to their likings.

The Halflings as a whole must decide what Knoxism is, what to believe, what rules to follow, and how to worship the Pumpkin Lord.

We need YOU to help us in this holy effort, and to help the Halfling community decide where our faith is going!"

-High Pumplar Bucca

[!] The leaflet ends with the official seal of Brandybrook




((The Halfling faith has always been something I want to see expanded, or at least RP'd a bit more. However, we've tried to shake it up a few times and we never got it off the ground, and I think the real reason why is because it's usually one person writing it. I want all the Halflings to be involved this time, so everyone is able to contribute their own ideas, and everyone has a part in it, so it feels more like a community project instead of a piece of lore/history that I or someone else wrote. If you want to help, and I'd appreciate it, please PM me suggestions for the faith. Anything from prayer rituals, to what you think the religious tenants should be, to if you think we should be polytheistic with a pantheon or a monotheism, or anything at all. No idea is a bad idea. We'll eventually schedule a meeting so we can RP the ideas out, kind of like a council of Nicea. Thanks guys!))

((post created entirely by @Kaiser, I am merely putting it on the forums for him.))

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