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The Spicy Shrimp Ship!

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[!] An advertisement is spread throughout Arcas, pinned to taverns and sent flying through the wind!

Join t’a Spicy Shrimp Crew!


~The mighty Spicy Shrimp in all her glory!~

Due to the official capt’n of the Spicy Shrimp, Deek Driftwood, losing interest ‘n managing the ship, the crew of the Spicy Shrimp has mostly left t’a do other things ‘n other lands. However, this beautiful ship still lays in her Brandybrook harbor ready to be put to good use! Thus I, Pervinca Driftwood, the wife o’ Deek, will be trying to bring the ol’ crew back together and get ‘em sailing again, hopefully with plenty o’ fresh blood t’a man the sails as well!


Features o’ t’a Spicy Shrimp!

Fully stocked kitchen!

Sick bay!

Luxurious dining hall!

Multiple balistae!

Crew quarters!

And o’ course, the on-board egg supply!


If ye wish to join the Spicy Shrimp’s crew, contact Deek ‘r I via bird. ((NotEvilAtAll#2321, Bonehead#4321))


Sign up terday! Adventure awaits ye!

-Pervinca Driftwood, wife of Deek Driftwood.

[!] The advertisement ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!




Yeah. It’s a real shame that the Spicy Shrimp crew stopped being active. They were a really fun group of people, and I wish I spent more time with them before Deek lost interest in sending them off to do events.

I’m hoping to revive the Spicy Shrimp crew with a few player-made events (and perhaps events by Mystery if he wishes to do so), for I have plenty of ideas that I could put to use for a good ol’ sailing time!

The Spicy Shrimp is an amazing ship and I’d hate to see it not put to use!

-jumperhand3, aka NotEvilAtAll.

Edited by NotEvilAtAll

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Horren ‘Rosebush’ Bogbelly smiles upon reading the advertisement ”Oie be glad we ere back sailin’ and ‘untin’ again” he mumbles some smoke coming from the wooden pipe in his mouth

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