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The Deep.

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The Firebelly Gecko.||Found||


A small reptilian species. Lives primarily in deep caverns and caves. Sharing their size with the domesticated house cat. 


The scales bare a dark hue and good natural strength. Making it tricky for blades or points to penetrate their scales. Along the back, upon fingertips, the bottom of limbs and underbelly. The lizards body becomes hard almost like a chitin. Holding a clear hue. As the blood circulates it gives these growths a faint glow looking akin to molten rock. 


These growths give off a spray of chemicals when the lizards are startled or want to defend themselves. The spray is produced from a reaction between two chemical compounds, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, which are stored in two reservoirs in the lizards abdomen. When the aqueous solution of hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide reaches the vestibules in the growths, catalysts facilitate the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and the oxidation of hydroquinone. Heat from the reaction brings the mixture to near the boiling point of water and produces gas that drives the ejection. The damage caused can be fatal to small attacking creatures. Upon skin or flesh, the mixture is irritating. Leaving burns akin to boiling water. Some Firebelly Geckos can direct the spray in a wide range of directions. 


The Geckos fat, muscle mass, and all organs but the reservoirs of chemicals and outer body growths, are safely edible. Eating the organic reservoirs or outer growth will make one sick. The fat, and muscle matter hold 500,000 SHU. Making its flavor to hot for many mouths. 





The Magma Crab.||Found||


Made of a hard fully sealed shell with dark stone like hues. This shell is able to withstand the molten temperature of magma pools, where these creatures dwell. 


 The mouth features a plate that slides up and down for feeding. The eyes are hidden beneath clear sections of the hard shell. 


These creatures range anywhere from the size of an apple to the size of a domestic dog. If given room to grow, these creatures will do just that.  


These Crabs have eight long legs, that can reach up to a meter in length. Equip with two pincers. The average Magma Crab will have a small and large claw. These smaller claws are used to grab hold of rock ledges when navigating their cave homes and for picking up small objects. The larger claw is used to crush prey and defend the crab. Though these Crabs can do little to leather, chain, or armor. These Crabs are able to crush weak sections of rocks to find food. Against smaller limbs covered in flesh or hide, these Crabs are able to break thin sections of bone. Such as the wrist, ankles. Joints.


These creatures are hard to cook normally as most Crabs. As the shell must be removed for heat to effect the insides of the Crab. 






The Molten Hound. ||Found||


This strange molten breed of canine dwell deep beneath the surface. Their size is similar to that of Norlandic shepherd dogs. With near similar running speeds, and jaw strength. What sets these canines apart are their diet and appearance.  


The canines hide is smooth, and lacks any fur. What makes them noticeable is their blood, and sections of the body that show blood flow. These sections of clear hide are hot to the touch, as the blood of a Molten Hound is constantly boiling. The hounds do not have normal veins, but instead large areas where blood pools and flows evenly through the body. The blood seeps into the muscle through small narrow pathways. The dark flesh of the Hound is toxic to most creatures, as when alive it produces the heat to boil it's bright blood. 


The eyes of this predator are adept  at navigating dark areas. Which see clearly about 13 meters from the head. 


These animals spend long periods of time in pacts. Roaming the bottom caves for their primary source of food. Metallic ores and gemstones. These creatures break and chip metallic ores and gems to feed themselves. Swallowing the materials whole. To melt them down in a strange wide stomach, which will convert the metallic ores and gems stones into their rich boiling blood. 


Soft ores and gems stones are a favorite. As these Molten Hounds would have to heat up the iron ore to make it easier to bite into. Through a slow process of licking the ore and salivating boiling liquids onto the hard ores. These hounds are able to walk or swim through pools of Magma, making often trips to pause and drink the molten pool of rocks. 


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Seems like a fun batch of cultural creatures to encounter

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