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8th of Sigismund’s End, 1742:


By decree of THE SECRETARY OF WAR and the IMPERIAL STATE ARMY with blessing from HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY PETER III. The city of Helena now returns to normal procedures. The following effects of Marshal Law are NO LONGER enforced:


  • FORTIFICATION - All streets are to be fortified and property may be seized in eminent domain if it should serve such a purpose as to protect the citizens of Helena
  • CONSCRIPTION - Every able bodied man and woman above the age of 16 is directed to the WAR OFFICE in the Imperial Barracks to be assigned their Imperial duties
  • POLITICAL REGULATION - Implemented acts and administrative decisions executed within Helena are subject to revision and approval from the ISA Colonel and Secretary of War


However, these security measures are still in effect:


  • CURFEW - Citizens are required to be within their homes from sunset to sunrise. Subjects who appear in the street after dark legally may be searched or detained
  • FULL LOCKDOWN - The city is in full lockdown gates will remain closed and managed by the ISA. Confirmed unarmed citizens will be permitted use of the citizen doors
  • DRESS RESTRICTIONS - Hoods and other face-obscuring clothing are strictly forbidden; violators will be detained and searched


The city of Helena served its Empire with patriotism and will continue to be a bastion for humanity in the face of barbaric aggression. 



 Leonard II de Ruyter, Marshal of the Empire and Secretary of War





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Veikko Harjalainen, Imperial Solicitor General and man of good humour, circles the words ‘Marshal’ and ‘Martial’ in the missive in lashings of thick-nibbed red ink, filing it in his bureau with the rest of the funny governmental posts of this world and the previous. Truly if weather were to turn foul and he were stuck in the office with little work to do, he’ll take out the paper for a pedantic chuckle.

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