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  1. The Order of St. Emma From Ashes, From Rubble History “I do, truly, believe there is peace in our time.” -Paul I Varoche, Duke of Adria, prior to the burning of Ves. The Order of St. Emma can find its roots in the reign of John I Sarkozic of Adria (circa 1650), in which his Marshal, Count of Vilacz Vladan I Valic founded the aforementioned Knights with the assistance of Artyom Vladov. The Order, originally designed to be a knightly lodge of nobles, took up its role as the main military force of the Duchy upon the ascension of Josip I Sarkozic, serving as his own personal Bannermen. It was dissolved under Ratibor I Carrion, replaced by the City Watch of Belvitz. It is under our Duke, Adrian I, that we reinstitute these great gentry to their proper order. Charge of Belle’s Hill, The Battle of the Rolling Hills (1660) Ranking of the Order “You put the K in Chain of Command.” - Broos Wellis, to Vladan Valic Marshal of Adria: The Marshal of Adria serves as the commander and bearer of the Adrian sword. It is his pen stroke that accompanies the seal of St. Emma, and it is his will that sustains the Order and its expansion. He shall be tasked with leading the men of St. Emma in battle. Commandant of the Marshal: Second to the Marshal, the Commandant is the authority of the Marshal when he is not present. He is tasked with the sustenance of a well-regulated and well trained order of Knights within the Order of St. Emma. Training and skirmishing are under the jurisdiction of the Seneschal and Commandant, as well as the regulation of the finances of the Order. Knight of the Order: The final rank most Ordermen could achieve. A nobleman or gentry of the Holy Orenian Empire and the Duchy of Adria. Any man bearing proper titles may apply for this rank in the Duchy, and Sergeants at Arms of the Order are privy to a nomination for knighthood from the Marshal and Duke to the Holy Orenian Emperor and Grand Knight. Sergeant at Arms of the Order: The ultimate rank of non-gentry within the Order of St. Emma. Responsible for the day-to-day management of grunts and non-gentry inside the Order. Seen as the executive actor of the Marshal’s will within the rank and file, and tasked with the preservation of the well being of all men within the Order, from the lowliest recruit to the Marshal himself. Man at Arms of the Order: A rank displaying the seasoned nature of a non-gentryman within the order. Achieved after a Saint’s Month of service, or 4 years. Footman of the Order: A rank signifying a blooded member of the Order of St. Emma. 2 Years of service are required to achieve this rank. Recruit of the Order: The default starting rank of any member joining the Order of St. Emma. Not Blooded. Siege of Ruriksgrad, 1662 Honors “I’m an eggshell, protecting the yolk of Felsen.”- Halberdier Nathan Hawthorne The Grand Crow of Sigmund (200 Minas)- The highest honour available to members of the Order of St. Emma. Only officers are eligible to receive it. The Grand Crow is a golden medallion, affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Gold Cross of St. Emma (200 Minas) - The highest honour available to enlisted-men of the Order of St. Emma. Affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself, and each awarded cross contains a minor relic cast into the gold. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Silver Cross of Adria (100 Minas)- The Silver Cross of Adria is awarded to members of the Order responsible for saving the life of a member of the ducal family, a noble vassal family, or one of his duke’s councilors. The Silver Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Bronze Cross of Adria (50 Minas)- Given for valorous service in battle, the Bronze Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Crow’s Shield (50 Minas)- Given for saving the life of a citizen of Adria from threats at home or abroad. In the form of a bronze shield embossed with the arms of the Ducal family, given to the honored man by the Duke himself. Customs & Regulations: “Sometimes when I close my eyes I cannot see.” Customs of the Rank Adrian Salute- The right fist clasped, placed over heart, and held there until the salute is returned. Church- The Ordermen’s uniform should always be worn, clean and pressed, to service. No sins against the Creator are to be permitted in the House of God, under threat of corporal punishment. Nobles- Nobles of the realm should be addressed politely according to their rank and station. If you are not sure how to address a noble, at least use the courtesy address of “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Superiors- Any soldier or officer of higher rank than oneself should be addressed as “Sir”. Uniform regulations- The regulation helm is optional, but otherwise the regulation Orderman uniform is required to be worn at all times in public spaces in the Empire unless instructed otherwise. Criminal activity is of course prohibited for members of the Order, but Ordermen caught committing crimes against the duchy or empire in their uniform will, at least, lose a hand and be expelled from the guard. Duels- The conflict resolution of choice for most knights, two gentry in such a situation shall find themselves subject to any duel format of their choice, so long as it abides by the codex of Adrian duels, which offers a variety of options for what constitutes a win and loss, and what punishment or reward they receive upon the decision. Regulations and Bylaws The Charge of Whitepeak, 1668 Book of St. Emma’s Songs “The Pen is stronger than the sword, but not the torch.” --Timeo de la Baltas, upon The Burning of Ves ((OOC)) ENLISTMENT Contact Icarnus#7244 for questions. Form: https://forms.gle/WU2pfDAWLkyPf9Nx8
  2. Sir Leonard de Reuter hears of his Cousin’s ascension to Cardinal and praises God for the event.
  3. Free Mickael

  4. An hour and a half of Urguan owning all the roads around Oren. Not a single rally. Starting a war that no one wants to fight eh?

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    2. Haseroth


      shitposting is against the good clause agreement @Telanir please arrest this pvp flay troll

    3. Telanir


      true, also, i’ve been getting pings that some sides may be showing up in large numbers, this is just a warning in advance not to do that at settlements or you risk penalties, other places are okay

    4. Kanadensare


      we were just on the roads big man no worries


      sad that ves didnt want to skirm us tho 😞

  5. Naj

    The Response

    I was at the fight and felt it was pretty unique and fun. Only people who got killed in that trap were the ones who were too dumb or afk to hear me shouting at them to move. We cannot set a precedent with these new rules that players who do not fit a certain kind of RP play style deserve to be ostracized. TrendE has provided evidence that his blacklist was not only unjustified, but done with il-intent. Additionally, I feel that players should be free to interact in whatever sufficient Roleplay they come into contact with. The “Divine curses” are a shortcut for staff to slap restrictions on players they can’t ban and it needs to go.
  6. Jorik signs onto the Grudge
  7. The sheer tension bois

  8. Naj

    [Your View] Costs and Raids

    Never really been a fan of big restrictions on raiding. With proper RP, I feel like cool downs are a pain and unneccesary unless it’s become toxic. If it’s good RP let it be. Some the most fun wars were in the Fringe when players could actually fight it out without getting threatened a ban for breaking one of the million rules surrounding conflict.
  9. Seems familiar bs tbh, but back before in other wars with the same certain people, the shilling didn’t work. Guess it did now. Completely appalling lmao


  10. A letter would be sent back to the man "Veris is always looking for aspiring business owners to take host within our walls. Should you be interested, come to our newly built city and return this bird." Lord Marshal Dardanus Valmaron ((joenaj))
  11. There was no need to respond to that app and try to provoke me


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      Master Baiter

      I didn't see any whales in that picture


    2. iMattyz


      Im actually very proud : )

  13. Warclaim: Siege of Cantal “This Changes Nothing.” - Grand King Algoda Frostbeard As crows stood pecking on the corpses of the fallen warriors, following the coalition's victory at the Battle of Goldfield, the dwedmar descended down from the Evraal Mountains, marching into the heart of the Orenian Imperium. Their aim was simple; They would strike hard and fast, delivering a decisive blow that would set them on a direct course to lay siege to the Orenian capital of Johannesburg. Their recent victories had filled their hearts with defiance and hope that the Imperial menace would soon meet its end. So they marched on fearlessly, ready to cut the head from the Orenian snake once and for all. No longer were the dwedmar the only defense against tyranny. For in their march, they were joined by forces originating from all corners of Axios. Orcs from the east, Snow Elves from the north, High Elves from the west, and Human houses from all corners of the crumbling empire. A fire had been reignited, that gave hope to all those who the Horens had done wrong. No longer would the descendent races stand by as tyranny prevailed. No longer would they stand silent. “Velak yoth othok kraviil kronul!” roared Bastion Ireheart, the newly crowned Grand King of Urguan, following the brutal murder of his predecessor at the hands of Philip Frederick. Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe, joined by coalition commanders, stood at the forefront of the immense force, barking orders at their soldiers. They were old, and proven commanders, some having fought in war for most of their adult lives. At long last, victory was close in sight. ________________________________________________________________________ WARCLAIM Tier Chosen: 1 Type of battle: Siege Date And Time: Saturday, 21st of January, 3 PM EST Side A: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies Side B: Holy Orenian Empire and Allies Location: Dwarven route to Cantal Close up of the Barony Terms of Victory VICTORY FOR ATTACKERS- If the defenders are killed or driven from the field of battle. VICTORY FOR DEFENDERS- Attacking forces are killed or driven from the field of battle. Upon Victory For... Side A: Dwarves claims control of the Barony of Cantal and a new region is created for it and may immediately move on to siege Johannesburg the following weekend. Side B: A counter-attack can be declared, Oren can skirmish for lands inside The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Rules: - No additional defenses to the settlement from time of post -No status switching. -No golden apples. -If the defenders do not show to their side of the warclaim, they implicitly forfeit and attackers are allowed to determine the next battle on a time of their sole preference.
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