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Summer Birds (Toyatomi pk post)

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Frost on a summer day;

All I leave behind water

That has washed my brush




A warm summer day, Toyatomi Ashigawa walks down the path, strolling along he’d cross a bridge, Looking over the water flowing down the stream, He’d see a man approaching, After meeting the man whom was his father, Toyatomi Soon found himself down by the river a few moments later, the time passing by almost instantly seeing his father, the lake, the bridge, all a blur or even an illusion. 

Toyatomi tried to keep his head clear of all thoughts, but the guilt for that awful day he left untold his whole life. It’s too much, He was filled with Grief for his father from that traumatic event, he looked down from where he was to look at the river, he’d slowly sit down, somehow before him sat a quill and a few other inks, he saw two birds in the tree in the distance and thought to himself he wanted to picture that forever, within him he had to preserve what he couldn’t that dreadful day.


he began to paint.


after his painting was finished he admired it, and wrote his little note to his family, he only left a three elaborate lines he wished to share

Frost on a summer day;

All I leave behind water

That has washed my brush




Sooner that day he admired the painting, before he noticed a sharp pain in his stomach. like a long thrust into his lower torso, It was him, he stabbed himself.

Later he covered the wound with his clothing, and lay down and closed his eyes, never to open again.


The painting sat beside him all tightly wrapped up in a leather case, with the note inside.


Soon to be found by his family and clan


Forever Ashigawa


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